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  1. gabi

    I'm back

    well well ...I'm back after a ten years or so hiatus , only to notice that there's hardly anyone left from the old guard where is everybody ??
  2. they are both self described Amateur players as for the bulk of "Professional" players involved in the study they are here
  3. this is absolutely amazing, for those of you that didnt open the link, go now and read a few pages it'll make you wonder what's next hundred years gonna bring in the violin world...
  4. well..your example has nothing to do with physics
  5. What makes you believe dedamping by playing is not real?
  6. Don is right about the freq of the wings,they are around 1700 hz also,Don, im glad you changed your mind about damping,and you see it now as a quality, at least for the low freq Anders,all this 'data' has to be read carefully because in real life the violin is constantly subject to dedamping by the player,by playing, and also damping by holding. it will be really interesting to collect data after several players play the same violin and see where those values are after each player you'll be surprised!!!
  7. in my experience higher Q's are detrimental to vibrato, it makes it sound like woa woa amplitude modulated, frequency modulated vibrato sound is more desirable,and thats where you need low Q's all this is really easy to see on a real time analyser
  8. thanks Anders, maybe you can persuade the author to start posting on MN. this subject is very important because thats where the violin sound it all begins,in the bow/string interaction,
  9. gabi

    spider strings
  10. dont forget the rentals, i constantly see rentals worth less than 5 bucks rented out for 30 bucks a month,for the whole season just about every shop in my area has a few hundred instruments out on a rental you do the math
  12. the ear perceives sounds with rich higher partials as lower in pitch , and sounds with strong fundamentals and less partials as higher in pitch , for the same given frequency. play a note on a piano and listen all the way until the sound decay complatly; towards the end when only the fundamental remains the pitch will seam to go higher
  13. for me this is the most interesting part from Laurie's blog "I was then presented with 10 pairs of violins. For each pair, I had a minute to play whatever I wanted on the first violin, then a minute to play whatever I wanted on the second, without switching back and forth. After playing each for one minute, I was asked to choose which of the two I preferred. Then on to the next pair -- 10 times altogether. I thought I was testing 20 violins! As it turns out, I was testing 6 violins, just paired up differently each time. One always was an old violin, the other was a modern, and they used different combinations against each other." i sounds like she didnt realize there were repeating violins into play, i wonder if any other testers notice or not the repeats. im pasting this from the locked tread cause nobody picked up on it yet maybe Arriane will give us her insight since she posts here