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  1. LOL So it might be a Chinese violin with a "real" Italian label. :-)
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/263559798953?_trksid=p2471758.m4704 This violin was labeled as Italian, but it somehow looks like one of my Chinese-made violins. Am I mistaken?
  3. Thank you all very much, Violadamore, Blank Face, Martin and lwl, in particular, for invaluable insights and advice. It clears up my confusions greatly. Rue, Recently, my daughter was selected from her YO to play in their chamber music. Since her ensemble is of full symphony orchestra, most of the string players are in high school (in fact, my daughter is the youngest, a 3rd grader) playing full size violins. She plays the first violin in the chamber music with a larger 1/4 violin, and has to work hard to be heard clearly. So we upgraded her to a 1/2 violin. Since she s
  4. Josh, Martin and sospiri touched upon the topic. Martin's answer is exactly what I was looking for when I posed this question.
  5. Hi palousian, I actually did not miss the size, which is I was looking for. Conceptually, I can understand your statement, "I am pretty certain that there isn't a 3/4-sized instrument on the planet that could do a decent job as a soloist instrument." On the other hand, I am wondering what size of violins those prodigies were playing when they played with world-class orchestras. That is, there must be some darn good fractional violins out there that can be used to perform with symphony orchestras. Yes, I know the chances to find such instruments on eBay are as good as winning a lottery.
  6. It is an auction, and the market determines the price. No? I remember years back some people thought Jess's violins were expensive although they were auctioned on eBay (I think the statement was meant to be complimentary). Rue, I am looking for a good fractional violin, but the term, mass production, confuses me. I don't know whether the meaning of "mass production" back in the old days is the same as "mass production" today. Is mass production is the same in the old days the same as workshop or factory. I have not followed the violin world for a while, and in dire need of educationa
  7. Thank you all very much. I saw this listing on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fine-Old-French-Labeled-Violin-Vuillaume-A-Paris-3-4-Size-in-Case-NR/263537974584?hash=item3d5c165d38:g:ctIAAOSwSz1aoLgk It looks so pretty and I tempted to get it. What stopped me from doing so is it was mass produced. Your expert comments just save me a few bucks! Thank you!
  8. I understand that violins labeled Vuillaume a Paris Rue Croix Des Petits Champs 46 were mass produced. Can a mass-produced violin be good enough to be used as a soloist instrument? Thanks.
  9. I, too, really appreciate your photos, and am not under any impression of being "commercialized" while reading your posts.
  10. Nice! My kittens might be interested in visiting it.
  11. Thank you, puckfandan and Jacob. After I submitted the post, I did and just finished reading a wonderful article by R. Ward. Again, thank you so much for the education!
  12. Thank you very much, Jacob. Sorry, I was sure how the new rule worked and have been putting different photos up. I just upload the original ones. By the Markneukirchen cottage industry, do you mean factory or workshop? How about the wood used in the first violin (the first three photos)? Thanks again, miles
  13. I am in search of a good 3/4 violin. These two look good to me. Can you help me ID them? Many thanks in advance. Miles
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