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  1. Gorgeous cello from JS and violin from BF, thanks both for sharing.
  2. Speaking for everyone on this forum, we all need some closure here.
  3. Beautiful, thanks for sharing these wonderful images.
  4. Is the Buzz still nagging you or have you worked it out?
  5. Are there any features that would definitely rule in or out your “Chinese copy” theory?
  6. Thanks Martin! Who is an authority on these instruments if you wanted to push this further?
  7. Perhaps there’s a skilled copiest that you suspect?
  8. What are your thoughts? Legit? too rare to tell? Chinese copy of reference example?
  9. Thank you. Is there any question about the matter or is this matter put to rest? Here are images of the label:
  10. Dear respected members of the Maestronet community, and MaestroNuts alike, what have we here? This is owned by a friend of mine who is looking for more information. There are images of the label that I could add as well but I didn’t want to muddy the waters right up front. Post the label or not yet? Cheers and thanks in advance.
  11. This violin reminds me of the horror-inducing fraction “frankentiddle” that is the unfortunate subject of this very long thread (apologies in advance):
  12. Although this example is about 12x bigger than yours, you may be able to contact the maker to get some tips. Hopefully yours sounds 12x better too.
  13. Who made the one that was selling for hundreds of thousands?
  14. Does your phone or computer have a camera? If so you can record a clip for us this way, I cannot wait to see and hear the violin! Congrats.
  15. Wonderful, can you post a video of it being played so we can hear the very good sound?
  16. Wonderful thread. I can't stop thinking that the back of the head is most certainly high on craque. Can we see a photo of the tailpiece that you were originally excited about until you realized that it too was totalled?
  17. I am horrified with the outline of this instrument, sorry I can not be of more help.
  18. It should be clear at this point that old unusable pernambuco (and carbon fiber) bows need to be repurposed as fence posts for dollhouses.
  19. Those standard “wolf eliminator” rubber and plastic clamp things that we cellists put on the g string below the bridge… those usually don’t eliminate the wolf at all but are primarily in my experience used to manipulate a wolf note up or down so you can position the wolf to be between notes in order to avoid the worst of it.
  20. Lifelong cellist here, I think bows are way overrated in terms of importance.
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