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  1. I am horrified with the outline of this instrument, sorry I can not be of more help.
  2. It should be clear at this point that old unusable pernambuco (and carbon fiber) bows need to be repurposed as fence posts for dollhouses.
  3. Those standard “wolf eliminator” rubber and plastic clamp things that we cellists put on the g string below the bridge… those usually don’t eliminate the wolf at all but are primarily in my experience used to manipulate a wolf note up or down so you can position the wolf to be between notes in order to avoid the worst of it.
  4. Lifelong cellist here, I think bows are way overrated in terms of importance.
  5. The contour lines of the violas frame this man with an ultra-sexy torso outline of a disney princess. So perfect that I imagine the photographer having naughty thoughts at the time. Thank you for posting this gem.
  6. I am so happy that many of you appreciate these. Next time I'm there I will do more odd angles of the Amatis and the Steiner. And if there are any angles or details you want to see for any specific instrument, post it here and I will deliver next time I go.
  7. I can't help but notice that the price was 1,500 and someone changed it to 4,500. I mean, put on a new label so the customers doesn't see the jacking up right before their eyes. Or maybe, as it seems, the seller did try to remove the label and it started stripping off the varnish so they left it on, something to take note of.
  8. And here are more from that room before it was remodeled and when it hosted the Sau-Wing Lam violin collection on temporary display. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/329111-are-these-violins-as-good-as-claimed-photos/ including my other favorite instrument, the reddish Bergonzi Violin Here: https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/329111-are-these-violins-as-good-as-claimed-photos/&do=findComment&comment=598334
  9. I posted a bunch of photos a few years ago here when the musical instrument room had its grand reopening: https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/340032-photos-met-museum-music-room-grand-reopening-32218/
  10. And a random bonus shot of one of my favorite paintings of a bunch of paintings.
  11. I unexpectedly found myself at the Met Museum yesterday morning and decided to pop off some odd angle iPhone photos of the strads for your viewing. Nothing professional here but I figured someone might get something out of these so here they are. My apologies to the Amati instruments that got no love this visit, I was in a little bit of a rush to leave by then. I adore the Amatis on display. The large viola is my favorite instrument. please also point out any noteworthy tool marks that you see.
  12. I am happy to report that my 4-year old son has started violin lessons and looks forward to one day playing his great-grandfather's old dark violin, a dream of mine.
  13. Just return them, seller will have to pay return shipping as mentioned since the items are not the ones pictured. If you like them enough to still keep them don’t complain here, if not return them for a full refund. When you exercise this option, select may offer you a discount in order to avoid losing two shipping fees. Good luck.
  14. I did contact Beare violins as you suggested someone do and my response was that extensive research has been done and nothing has come to light.
  15. BassClef

    Smashed Cello

    You could also salvage the endpin and the entire neck/fingerboard,head/pegs.
  16. Louis, can you please post a close-up photo of the button at the back side of the base of the neck?
  17. Edit: after reading the auction scroll and seeing violins OP claimed to have in his shop still on eBay offered by 2 different sellers, I would say the misinformation is at best bad form and at worst breaks some forum rules. Mods take note.
  18. I considered that but the marks seem too sharp in my experience to have come from a bow hitting it.
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