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  1. Some real lowlifes posting to this thread. Most likely people who have been accused of and committed sexual misconduct themselves. If you think I’m taking about you, ask yourself why.
  2. “Did you make a garden?” Is a very unusual thing to say, I’d call it poor English actually. One says “plant a garden” if they have been to school.
  3. I would contact Jacob Saunders in Vienna and see I he has any 18ty century Viennese master violins that sound really nice. They seem to be undervalued, particularly the dark colored ones.
  4. Please post photos of the severely damaged cello. There's a thread topic pinned at the top of this forum which will help you regarding which photos to supply.
  5. Can't read it. Can you post photos of the instrument?
  6. Can anyone identify any instruments in the lot that were copies of other specific historic instruments?
  7. This one seems legit to me and the price tag reflects the same, your thoughts? Fine historic Viennese violin by Johann Christoph Leidolff, 1756 Fine historic Viennese violin by Johann Christoph Leidolff, 1756 Traces of Viennese classicism: This violin by Johann Christoph Leidolff came from the collection of a historic ensemble and opens up a window into musical history With its historic seal, this Austrian violin dating back to the year 1756 – a late piece by Johann Christoph Leidolff – offers a rare and dynamic glace at the musical world of Viennese classicism. Your Corilon violins benefits: - 30 days returns - trade guarantee - guarantee of authenticity - professionally worked over and ready to play Find an audio sound sample, an all details description and a wide selection of antique and contemporary violins and bows with audio samples on the Corilon violins website.
  8. My closet is now filling up with vintage 1/8 sized violins and the smaller ones are taking center stage on the wall. Here's the current display, sized 1/8 - 1/128 all over 100 years old.
  9. What have we here? Doesn't look quite right to me. Varnish seems off for Viennese black beauty. Your thoughts? Fits quite nicely into the case, is that a custom job or luck? Viennese violin (ca. 1860) Old Viennese violin, ca. 1860. Old Roman label indicative of modeling. Length of back is 35.5 cm. Very good age-appropriate condition, with no cracks. Local violin maker, Anton Krutz, claims it is an instrument he would put a $5k price on. Includes the well-crafted wooden violin case photographed. Soundpost and bridge removed for shipment. Sold as-is. Questions or additional pictures? Feel free to ask. Free shipping within the US. Calculated shipping for international shipment. Seller is not responsible for any customs duties, taxes or additional costs.
  10. Enjoy the Mendelssohn! Just saw Kavakos perform Brahms at Carnegie last week with Munich so will skip this one. That might have been the best solo performance I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s on in case you want to check it out.
  11. Here’s a Preuss back I photographed in 2013. One of the most memorable modern backs for me.
  12. What camera and lens are you using to get these excellent closeups? Thanks for sharing your experience. How much money and how many hours do you estimate you have spent trying to sharpen the original knife to your satisfaction?
  13. Does the maker himself have a photo to share of this height variation from flames? I’d like to see that.
  14. In all seriousness, it would be a true and lasting value to the violin world if one day you did publish something somewhat comprehensive on Viennese or German "school" violins with proper documentation. So if you have thousands of free hours and no plans to profit, there's a project for you to take on.
  15. Frankly I'm surprised that you are still posting on the internet after having the time to, yet severely failing to, provide documented evidence of these motorcycle trophies you claim to have displayed (won? purchased? collected? stolen? faked?). How can we update this fine reference book if you won't even set the record strait on your own entry?
  16. For posterity: The top of the 7up can has seen similar abuse at the hands of Pierre. Photo of seller says it all haha.
  17. Also nice is how it is left to the imagination exactly how long that bow is. Could be 5-10 feet.
  18. Ryan, since you are new here, if Jacob says this, it can be taken as fact. No further inquiry needed.
  19. To clarify, the miniature violin posted by respected forum brother Nick Allen is not made by Tatar. Here are images I found online of a mini violin that was alleged to be made by Tatar. Can anyone with a good eye for these things see anything similar between these images and the ones that I have acquired?
  20. Fabienne Gauchet Violin Maker (pictured with her Viola that was not in the exhibition)