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  1. Tracker would need to be covertly embedded into the tailpiece, button, or chin rest.
  2. this device is hidden in my daughter’s backpack at all times. It tracks location and we can communicate through it as well if need be. $50 plus $10/month. There are probably other things made specifically for tracking people/objects.
  3. Just a I suspected, this published lifted images from What country was this published in? It seems the “author” is the one who is violating copyrights.
  4. Unresponsive in high positions? You’ll get your vote in November.
  5. I met the original Plowden instrument about 2 years ago. The owner agreed to go upstairs in his apartment, get it, and show it to me. Very cool.
  6. I have seen 1/32 sized old violins that sort of resemble that.
  7. What photo is shown for Joann Josef Stadlmann? Can you post it here?
  8. My grandpa’s Stadmlann violin turned out to be legit. There’s an inappropriately long thread about it.
  9. Like jacob said, the center parchment writing is likely random from another document but who knows maybe the maker wrote something on it. This sort of looks like 1886, can you add a photo that is clear in this part of the strip?
  10. To be up front, there is some black to this varnish but not the unforgivable amount that I am keen for. The dark black instruments of ancient Viennese origin that tickle my fancy are more of a deep red pigment Combined with black ash and not the brown one seen here.
  11. Ahaha ha thanks. Nothing against hippies of course, glad you got the reference.
  12. If you post images of the violin, someone will likely confirm that this company imported violins from the German area trade, put its stamp inside, and resold it to American consumers, perhaps circa 1880-1920.
  13. This violin also has a rather obvious case of epholian hypertelorism, which is distracting at best.
  14. A strad stripped of its varnish is still not crap, let’s hear from the experts.
  15. Another patchwork stripped and revarnished fiddle. This confused one piece back violin desperately wanted to transition to a two piece back to be like its friends, but couldn’t quite get the look down. Matters were made worse when some peace loving hippy tried his/her hand at the button repair.
  16. Stripped and revarnished, robbed of its original dark black splendor. The after work of a possible violin bigot. Tragic and sad.
  17. Nice catch, look further and you can see I have an alarm set for when it hits 4 bars! Party time!!!
  18. I, for one, vote that Burgess and his team of luthiers fly to India for two weeks to repair 100 cheap student violins. Documentary worthy.
  19. Anyone else seeing what I’m seeing here?
  20. Irreversibly and unnecessarily altering an historical object.
  21. For your consideration and comment, comes this eBay violin which is claimed to be a probable M I Stadlmann master violin from the 1700s. Obviously this hits very close to home so my flag is at full mast should I say... Listing also has a creative offer to persuade buyer to avoid PAYPAL insurance. Old Austrian baroque violin attributed to M.I.Stadlmann c1770,VIDEO! This very nice and attractive violin is Austrian, from the second half of 18th century, attributed to Michael Ignatius Stadlmann. There is a repair label by Reginald Whittaker, attributing violin as probably Stadlmann's work. This particular violin is a typical example of earlier violinmaking tradition of Austrian/Bohemian area. Size of back is also typical for that tradition, it is old "italian" one - 35.4 cm, which makes it as perfect instrument for a player with smaller hands. The violin is set as baroque, having period fingerboard and tailpiece, setup is in very good state. It is in fully playable condition, probably fresh set of strings will even improve the sound of violin, was in possession of professional baroque violinist, recently upgraded to better instrument. There are some very old professional repairs(see photos), but nothing close to critical areas of soundpost and bass bar. There is some every day wear of intensive playing to the varnish, it was recently checked by our luthier, so there is no need to check by luthier again in a nearest future. The sound is sweet and dark, quite powerful, responsive and solistic through all registers with good amount of darkness for G string. Comes with new case and bow as bonus, if reasonable offer is made. Video : This is a part from advanced students made shop where they are selling/exchanging things between themselves. Usually prices are double or triple higher by luthiers. SHIPPING TO EU FREE, contact me before buying. For more fine violins or bows from collection - please ask for a info. Do not hesitate to ask more info/photos or suggest a better price. Serious offers are welcomed. OFFER: ANYONE WHO WILL WIRE MONEY INSTEAD OF PAYPAL WILL GET FREE SHIPPING AND ADDITIONAL 5% OFF PRICE WE AGREED.
  22. LOL @ "Is this 17th century?" "NO, Try New Jersey."
  23. Honestly you have to question the loyalty that this friend has to your mother. What kind of person would try to rip off their friend's kid like this? It's unacceptable for this friend to ask this price of you without getting a proper appraisal. Cut ties with this individual, who knows what other shady business they have planned for you or your mother. Massive red flag of you ask me.