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  1. Compared to the auction violin violinsRus posted. Wonder what it sold for?
  2. Cheers! I've been away from fractional collecting for a bit now. Much appreciated. Reminded me a bit of this one that's been for sale for years now:
  3. When will the bigger story be published? Do you have a ballpark range?
  4. I’m into “black” violins, but not this abomination.
  5. This one looks cross-eyed like the frankentiddle. What gives?
  6. did you keep anything at all for yourself? If so, please share reasons etc. was this difficult for you emotionally?
  8. Remember, this is a 1/4-1/2 sized thing, so he cannot start on this, it's too big. Is there no chance this can sound decent if fixed up? haha, come one, someone here must have put something like this into playing condition. It's so grotesque that it's almost cool. Imagine it sounded nice, the inside of the body is clean enough...
  9. Would anyone reading go so far as to set this up and bring it into playing condition? The fingerboard has so much craquelure that it would have to surely be planed or replaced for this instrument to "work" and I would be hesitant to alter it since a new fingerboard on this rustic object might just be too out of place. Forever alone as a wallhanger or fix it and bring it into playing condition, that's the question. My son, now 3.5, has just started violin lessons so it might have a chance to be played if I can get it up and running. I can just see the look on his teacher's face if he shows up w
  10. Getting the arching out might be easy, but getting out of Archieri's is even easier. He knows Italian violins but not as much German/Austrian ones. He looked at my grandfather's genuine Viennese with a correct label and said it's a fake label and is a "Bohemian" violin. His son, however, was more astute and told me it could very well be legit.
  11. ***sigh*** fine, where is the museum of violin rosin and I’ll also need a link to the expensive hardcover edition of the world’s finest vintage violin rosin collection.
  12. Respected forum sister Rue, I was genuinely disturbed by this video. It brought back so many traumatic feelings and pent up rage that I have been harboring for this LuLu(tm) (Lunatic Luthier) and his little bald slave. Forgetting about the love triangle between the LuLu, the Little Bald Slave, and Martin Swan, that was the least of my worries... I ended up with this toilet plunger of a violin, remember!!! I was slingshat(tm) into this fine community with the stink of this LuLu and his personal Golum all over my good screen name. I had real-life registered lunatics like "Lucitano" (I ran
  13. Tracker would need to be covertly embedded into the tailpiece, button, or chin rest.