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  1. Hello! I miss posting here, trying to get back into it. But if I can't as much as get a post out of Martin Swan after making a tribute video for him... I shrink a little. With the OP violin, I heated up hide glue, painted it on, held the pieces together firmly for 20 long seconds, then left it overnight, as once recommended my Professor Saunders. Other than that I put on an E string that I had lying around from a 25-year-old set of cheap strings. That's it, haha. How have you been? Any local or other violin scores in the past six months? Any work with antlers?
  2. Cool, if you message me your number I'll try texting you the sound sample I recorded.
  3. If you message me your phone number I'll try texting it, whatsapp is even better if you have it.
  4. Always have fun, I tried all of the cellos with strings and some violins. I liked the look and sound of lot 166 but I'm not to be trusted when it comes to sound quality and aesthetics. I have a couple of lots in mind to bid on depending on how high they go.
  5. You're welcome, hope they help, did the video arrive as well?
  6. I tried it out. What's your interest in the instrument if you're not in the position to buy it? It sounded ok to me.
  7. I sent you 18 pics and a video to your email as requested! Hope they help.
  8. Will do, I will be there in roughly an hour and fifteen minutes from now. Let me know exactly what photos you want. Offer open to anyone reading, I'll check my phone when I arrive.
  9. If anyone wants some extra photos or possibly a sound sample or something, let me know in the next 3-4 hours. Hope all is will with you Maestronuts.
  10. Hi Rue, yes, my hobbies took a back seat once he was born. Now with my little girl starting school I have a tad but more free time but still not much. Hope you all are doing great.
  11. Silverwork, yes. wire, maybe not if it's dangerous to use. What do you think? What are your plans for the one you will produce? Thanks for responding. It will be used on a modernized old Viennese instrument. It should be functional, with option for fine tuners, but have the look of an 18th century Viennese style tailpiece.
  12. If you decide to make a similar tailpiece, for a violin, consider making two and mailing one to me. Message me if this might be a reality and we can talk. Your consideration is much appreciated. Anyone else reading this that can make me a replica of the tailpiece style in the OP, please post or message me. Thank you.
  13. OP Violin update! The "The Heidegger" was repaired yesterday by master luthier Ed Heidegger himself and he has uploaded another sound sample to show his fine work and unparalleled playing. My son is now 8 months old so he will need something to bang around just like my daughter had. This is what prompted me to pay big bucks to have the repair done. And for reference, below is the original, when the instrument was still held hostage by a Portuguese madman and his captive:
  14. This bench worth it?

    Nice wood, now this looks like a bench to me
  15. This bench worth it?

    Let me get this strait... by bench, you guys mean table? Let's see more photos of these wooden tables.