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    "Black" Viennese Master Instruments & 100+ Year Old fractional violins of 1/8 size or smaller. Also Anything Bergonzi.

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  1. If anything, Martin, you are an expert at writing quite interesting and well-worded posts. I appreciate it, cheers.
  2. Cheers Jacob! What would a violin like this retail for in your neck of the woods?
  3. Cheers, I appreciate your post, it was substantive and interesting.
  4. Be careful when you make assumptions and then take the unsolicited and unnecessary opportunity to correct people. Here you were wrong and your tradition of using this forum dates back for all of one year, nobody cares what you think about this. Jeffrey can move this on his own if that's what he deems appropriate. You should however consider how useless your posts are to the topic at hand. False assumptions, poorly interpreted reading of the rules, lack of any substantive response to the questions, and a lazy accusation of fraud that you'd prefer someone else did something about rather than reporting the listing yourself. Just a huge swing and a miss on every point. And furthermore, as a warning to you online and in life, I don't know where you sit, but in the USA, accusing someone of fraud is defamation per se unless you can back up your allegations with supportive facts in court. This type of statement could get you in legal trouble if the seller should want to pursue the matter. Defamation Per Se and Untrue Statements Traditionally, there have been four general categories of untrue statements presumed to be harmful to one's reputation and therefore actionable as an injury claim. Typically, if the statements don't fall into one of these categories, the plaintiff is required to prove their damages. If it does fall into one of these categories, damages are usually presumed. The four general categories are: Indications that a person was involved in criminal activity Indications that a person had a "loathsome," contagious or infectious disease Indications that a person was unchaste or engaged in sexual misconduct Indications that a person was involved in behavior incompatible with the proper conduct of his business, trade or profession
  5. Thank you! Was the final price a reasonable range for such instruments? Your sage experience, judgment, and opinion are always valuable to me and the forum.
  6. You have no authority here. I will quote the auction scroll description for your disappointment. It actually doesn’t fit the bill and by the language should not be included there. This is not an upcoming auction, or a current eBay listing. No instrument is listed for sale and I have no involvement in this auction. For contrast, see Brad’s accurate assessment and Blank Face’s helpful and highly educated response. ”The Auction Scroll Scroll through this forum to discuss upcoming instrument auctions, both on and off line. A great place to discuss current Ebay instrument listings. BUT NOT TO LIST INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE"
  7. Title says it all. What is this and how much is it "worth?" 67 bids, $21,500 selling price. Was this cut down at some point or are the f-holes just that close to the edge? https://www.ebay.com/itm/154390478525 Alte Geige old Italian violin 18th century ...master sound, phenomenon sound! Old Italian violin circa 1750 (Repair label: Repaired Mathias Heinicke 1909 ...) Body: 35.1 cm Back: 16 cm 10.8 cm 20.2 cm The violin has no cracks on the top and none on the back. No vocal cracks no repaired cracks. Rarely in good condition for the age. There is a single, delicate, closed crack on the side right frame. The head has repairs. The sensation of this violin is its sound: The violin sounds breathtakingly mature and full, dark, with excellent carrying capacity. Italian, noble and self-confident in all situations. An enormously good concert instrument, a violin full of charm, expression and convincing grace. The sound of this violin cannot be described otherwise than ... fantastic. Despite expert help, no builder could be identified. The violin is also inside well and neatly built, with blocks and hoops. It is original in all parts. It is stored in a safe and can be tested in the Saarbrücken State Theater or the music academy by appointment. Worldwide, insured shipping is possible if high insurance is offered to this country. Shipped in a violin case.
  8. Rue for the win! This was in the Tibet display in the Asian Peoples wing of the American Museum of Natural History.
  9. Wonderful responses so far. Any more takers?
  10. I have. They were fair with me. Got one great tiny fractional and one other fractional - that listing had a mistake in the size and I Ended up keeping it anyway, they offered full return and refund. Good solid outfit from my experience.
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