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  1. I don't know how, but I forgot to post this one. And check out the orange numbering that is directly on the Strad! Any info on that?! "The Antonius" violin Antonio Stradivari Italy, Cremona, 1711
  2. The last two shots are the view of the arms and armor section that can be seen from the balcony entrance of the music room. That's all of the photos from this trip.
  3. Viola d'Amore (Viola of love) Johannes Florenus Guidantus Italy, Bologna, 18th century
  4. Mute Viola d'Amore Daniel Achatius Stadlmann Austria, Vienna, mid-18th century
  5. The Pochette 1. Germany, Augsburg, 17th century 2. France, 18th century 3. France (?), 18th century