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  1. BassClef

    Violin ID please

    Both new corner/purfling images are not in focus, can you try again please? If you push the camera or phone too close it will not focus, you need to hold your phone a little further back and zoom in on the area with your fingers. You can probably lock the focus on the area by touching that part of then screen for a second. After it’s locked you can swipe up and down to raise and lower the lighting. That’s how it works on iPhone anyway. And please choose areas that are the cleanest, that have the least amount of black stuff.
  2. BassClef

    Violin ID please

    Even so, I would appreciate closeups which would be far clearer and which themselves could be zoomed if need be. I am not trying to diagnose this violin, I don’t have the knowledge base, I just like seeing the details.
  3. BassClef

    Violin ID please

    can we see a closeup of the purfling back and front?
  4. Sue whoever told you it was special. Sue everyone.
  5. Free beer to anyone who sends me a free 1/8 or smaller old violin (pre ww2) in any condition.
  6. By bad, I value your posts and like you. Just feeling a little excitable today. Your eventual suggestion of compromise was good albeit late. Cheers.
  7. If OP can show in court that the House knew or should have known their condition report was false or misleading then his case could have teeth. I think he should file a claim just to get it out of his system, to test the waters, and for our entertainment and education, whether or not anyone here thinks he will win or lose.
  8. If this is tiring for you, nobody is making you read and respond. Get some rest my friend. I think both parties are at fault and like you said, a compromise would seem appropriate (this is the first you mention of compromise, even after your "all I would say" comment), but after 6 months, forum brother keyboardclass has been blown off without any satisfactory result. You're often in town, maybe he can call you as an expert witness in his trial since you are now (so late in the game) suggesting a compromise.
  9. Doesn't matter to me which person did what work, a lot of work went into listing this item and clearly there are qualified people at the auction house to make an accurate damage assessment. This seems to me to have purposefully understated. It doesn't pass the smell test to me regardless of the disclaimers. I agree that OP should have sen the damage and was not entirely forthcoming when he posted this thread, yet I still find a huge problem with the condition report. And with respect, you've said a lot on this thread and cannot simply put the hypothetical "All I Would Say" near the end and have that mean what you think it means.
  10. Is this one as old as claimed? I'm not a buyer, just curious.!10023!US!-1 Antique 1600's 1700's Wood and Brass Violin case Coffin 32" x 9+" use as display Antique 1600's 1700's Wood and Brass Violin case Coffin 32" x 9.5" or use as display. Incredible aged patina, no key or open it up, add shelves or use as a magnificent wall-hung display case, as shown.
  11. I for one think it's outlandish they would describe it as minor repairs. I also cannot imagine how you also missed this from the images and from seeing it in person and having been a former antiques dealer. Nevertheless,I think it's an interesting case and if you're feeling really wronged from this, take them to court as you mentioned. It would provide some valuable feedback as to if they can get away with writing a clearly misleading statement and then putting in a disclaimer. I think it was purposefully misleading, not some simple oversight due to handling a lot of goods. They took the time to accept it, handle it, examine it, list it, photograph it, edit the photograph etc. Mentioning the obvious major repair does not seem like such a burden under the circumstances. They are blowing you off. Please keep us up to date regarding the specifics of the trial and the outcome.
  12. Hopefully we can get a restoration thread detailing the process of bringing it back to life.