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  1. For your consideration and comment, comes this eBay violin which is claimed to be a probable M I Stadlmann master violin from the 1700s. Obviously this hits very close to home so my flag is at full mast should I say... Listing also has a creative offer to persuade buyer to avoid PAYPAL insurance. Old Austrian baroque violin attributed to M.I.Stadlmann c1770,VIDEO! This very nice and attractive violin is Austrian, from the second half of 18th century, attributed to Michael Ignatius Stadlmann. There is a repair label by Reginald Whittaker, attributing violin as probably Stadlmann's work. This particular violin is a typical example of earlier violinmaking tradition of Austrian/Bohemian area. Size of back is also typical for that tradition, it is old "italian" one - 35.4 cm, which makes it as perfect instrument for a player with smaller hands. The violin is set as baroque, having period fingerboard and tailpiece, setup is in very good state. It is in fully playable condition, probably fresh set of strings will even improve the sound of violin, was in possession of professional baroque violinist, recently upgraded to better instrument. There are some very old professional repairs(see photos), but nothing close to critical areas of soundpost and bass bar. There is some every day wear of intensive playing to the varnish, it was recently checked by our luthier, so there is no need to check by luthier again in a nearest future. The sound is sweet and dark, quite powerful, responsive and solistic through all registers with good amount of darkness for G string. Comes with new case and bow as bonus, if reasonable offer is made. Video : This is a part from advanced students made shop where they are selling/exchanging things between themselves. Usually prices are double or triple higher by luthiers. SHIPPING TO EU FREE, contact me before buying. For more fine violins or bows from collection - please ask for a info. Do not hesitate to ask more info/photos or suggest a better price. Serious offers are welcomed. OFFER: ANYONE WHO WILL WIRE MONEY INSTEAD OF PAYPAL WILL GET FREE SHIPPING AND ADDITIONAL 5% OFF PRICE WE AGREED.
  2. LOL @ "Is this 17th century?" "NO, Try New Jersey."
  3. Honestly you have to question the loyalty that this friend has to your mother. What kind of person would try to rip off their friend's kid like this? It's unacceptable for this friend to ask this price of you without getting a proper appraisal. Cut ties with this individual, who knows what other shady business they have planned for you or your mother. Massive red flag of you ask me.
  4. I could be wrong, but it appears that some goonish cultural heretic has entirely stripped the varnish from this historic violin rendering it less than worthless (it costs you time and a little energy to throw it out). I recommend dropping it where you stand, leaving it on the floor, and never considering it again. This is how to cut your losses immediately.
  5. For a commercial proposition, it's not worth restoring like others have mentioned. If you want to hear it sing again and have your fiance play on it, it shouldn't be too costly, as deans mentioned. Leave the sound holes as they are. It's mostly a visual problem, it could still sound quite nice. Plus if your fingers are ever so dainty, you could simply place the sound post into position without the need for and skills of using a tool. I say get it set up: fingerboard, nut, new strings, bridge, etc. The money you spend on this setup will not likely be recooperable if you ever sell, but if it has meaning, then get it set up and playing.
  6. Yes I’ll try this, I was following your earlier instruction about sticking them on after the larger repair, as well as when you wrote "the joint, should he get it together straight, will be reinforced with whatever fingerboard he glues to it."
  7. Those two little bits will be harder to glue in once the neck and fingerboard are in place. I suppose Incould shove them under the fingerboard after the neck is glued and dry?
  8. So I guess the fingerboard should come off to do this correctly?
  9. Glue has been cleaned off. I left it for around 24 hours and that little piece had come loose and is in 2 pieces. Rather than make my own I will repair the old one. I will leave everything to dry now for 24 hours.
  10. How long is too long to leave it like this? I still haven’t had a chance to do the next step. I’m not so worried about this violin since the varnish has been mostly stripped already.
  11. Step 1, applying damp paper towel to the surfaces that need to be cleaned of glue. And yes, that’s the top of the shelf that the Plunge violin precariously balanced on for quite some time before taking a 6 foot plunge to the hard floor, breaking it. I documented that repair on the plunge thread.
  12. Floating on a saucer of water: does this mean the bridge is placed into a bowl of water to be soaked? Put directly into the water?
  13. Please post photos so we can enjoy the visual pleasure that you experienced.