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  1. If you want to, badly want to...

    Haha, I missed the original post and I’m guessing someone was holding a violin very..... romantically. Happy New Year.
  2. Do you build Bergonzi?

    Thank you Christopher for your reply.
  3. Do you build Bergonzi?

    Amazing, best thing I've read in a while. Thanks a lot Roger. ( I know, a few years late to the party...)
  4. Thoughts on Unlabeled Violin

    Good thread. Merry Christmas.
  5. Strad’s Last Violin (video)

    December 20, 2017 - local video spot on David Segal Violins in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NYC (my neighborhood). It’s a short piece but you get to see Strad’s final violin.
  6. French JTL Labels

    Here’s a list from Wikipedia regarding the JTL violin labels. Did JTL pump out 1/4 sized violins with each and every one of these many labels? —————— List of names used in Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy trade instruments.[4] Alfred Acoulon Joseph Aubrey Geronimo Barnabetti Emile Blondelet Brenton Charles Buthod Compagnon Nicolas Duchêne Médio-Fino Louis Fricot Michel Ange Garini Mansuy Salzard Thiéry Le célèbre vosgien
  7. French JTL Labels

    I am adding this content from an unrelated thread to this one because the topic is on point. I am interested in learning about the history of Violins produced bearing an original JTL-produced label. I own a Michael Ange-Garini as well as a Celebre Vosgien 1/8 violin (Mirecourt 1/4). What other labels did JTL produce and which were generally better or worse quality?
  8. French JTL Labels

  9. old violin for ID

    Thank you. Were there specific labels associated with the higher quality JTL violins that apprentices were rumored to graduate to upon completion of a fine MF? I would be interested in a chart of all of he JTL labels and how they changed over time, and also a chart ordering the various JTL labels by quality. If this exists or if someone can write one up quickly it would be most helpful, thanks! Where did you apprentice?
  10. old violin for ID

    Can you predict the quality of the JTL MF based on the label (dates of production range) or do different violins with the exact same MF label differ noticing your in quality?
  11. old violin for ID

    Thanks. Do the mirecourt 1/4 violins produced under the variety of medio fino labels differ in quality? I plan on adding one to my collection when possible.
  12. Show stopper - the brick

    The purflung design at the button reminds me of the Rezvani brothers’ design, just upside down. Are there other examples of non-standard purflung design at the button?