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  1. Currently on eBay: Made me think of this thread. (I am not bidding)
  2. Be still, my beating heart. Thanks a lot for this wonderful post! Much appreciated. So beautiful!
  3. Pics of black stadlmann? The last one sold for a few thousand, so your life is safe... for now!
  4. I emailed him over a week back and never got a response. I’m here now and have connected with a local snake expert who will take me and my daughter into the jungle looking for snakes. And I might still make it to the heritage museum to see the Bruce Lee collection. Thanks for trying.
  5. OK, I'll stick to seeing the Bruce Lee collection at the Heritage Museum then.
  6. If you see anything you like I can get closer images next time I visit. Doesn't seem to be much interest, but just in case.
  7. I will be in Hong Kong later this month and would like to see any instruments on display at museums or other institutions. Anyone know of anything instrument-related to do while I’m there other than attend a concert?
  8. Not sure. I do know that Julie Reed-Yeboah has some connection to the instruments, I believe she works on them in some capacity.