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  1. (ulterior motive in posting: must bring this back to 1st page of board)
  2. Thanks for the response. GlennYorkPA, do you know the names of makers litke taht in Beijing? Thanks!
  3. Hi, could someone please explain what sniping is and why it is good? Thanks
  4. Thanks sweetmusic! I have relatives who travel to the violin factories in china, however they are not right in the city, I think they are a few hours drive away from beijing. Do the factories sell good quality handmade violins? Or is it better to go to an individual maker in beijing and get on their waiting list? If you do that can you still bargain? And what percentage of their asking price can you expect to pay? Thanks
  5. I would go to Beijing because I have people there to stay with and I'm looking to spend around 20,000rmb.Those violins that you mention, is that price in china less than it is in america or australia? I think maybe I'd like a master maker who is not yet well known and so quite underpriced, do you know any? I asked one of my old violin teachers a while ago about buying a violin in china and he said he knew nothing about it except there is some sort of violin making competition in beijing run by a conservatorium and that violins from there are usually good? Do you know anything about this? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. "Many 150- years old German violins are available for sale in USA about $900-$1200. (Advanced student-professional) you do not have to look very hard to find one you like. For example, I bought a fake Schweitzer a year ago." The thing is i'm in australia, not the US and I think it is harder here to get a good advanced student - professional violin for a good price as the only options are to go to a good violin shop where they'll sell the violins at market price or higher. And I don't know anywhere here where advanced student-professional old violins can be purchased for that price.
  7. Hi! I am in the market for buying a violin, and was recommended to purchase violins from a local shop which sells higher level violins. These violins could probably be described as advanced student models and were handmade but were from china under a random labelled name. The most expensive was around 2000usd, and since they were imported from China I began to wonder whether actually buying the instrument in china would be a lot cheaper? Obviously the shop was selling them to make a profit so wouldn't it be better just to go straight to the maker in china? I have family over there and when I visited everything was cheaper, and according to them, violins are also. There is also the currency factor of 1 dollar being worth around 8rmb, and the bargaining in China. I would appreciate any information from anyone in china or who travels there. Do you know the names of any very good makers who are not so well known as scott cao or zheng quan so their violins are still underpriced? Glennyorkpa? Thanks Perhaps items of the same quality when purchased in China are much cheaper? Or for the same amount of money better quality can be bought?
  8. Thank you very much for your responses! I guess I won't be bidding on any of his items then lol. So you've probably saved me alot of time and money! Thanks!
  9. The violins are Francesco Guadagnini, Enzo Bertelli and Carl Ferdinand Landolfi, and the cello is Annibale Fagnole. I don't really know much about instruments, but the claims in the listings certainly make the instrument very good. What do people think? Do you think the instruments are being trumped up, or are they a bargain? Thanks
  10. Does anyone know anything about the seller premiereviolin on ebay now? atm there are 3 violins and 1 cello for sale. Can anyone please check these out and give their opinion? any advice would be greatly aprreciated!
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