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  1. As part of my project to produce a book of Koen Padding's varnish expertise, I have been helping the family to sell the contents of his workshop.  Amongst the varnish materials was this container.  Its contents look like this on maple.
    I can possibly explain the first two ingredients.  "Cremonese" could be the dried bark of Cortex Frangulae, (Rhamnus Frangula, Alder Buckthorn) which yields a strong yellow dye in water; Koen stored this in a plastic container labelled "Cremonese".  He also had a packet of cola nuts, the "Cola Noten".  What KGN or KQN is I have no idea.
    What this mixture might be for is unclear.  My best guess is as the colour component of a lake, though in that case I don't understand why Koen would have bottled it separately rather than finishing the procedure.
    If anyone has any suggestions, or can suggest what KGN is, please respond!
    Incidentally, I still have some varnish ingredients for sale, principally sandarac, fused sandarac, aluminium hydroxide and Magister siccative.  If anyone is interested, I can provide a full list and prices.





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  2. Please contact us if you can help with this new project.

    We are putting together a book of Koen Padding's varnish expertise.  This will include the articles he wrote, transcripts of the talks he gave and most importantly, we are gathering up all the information he passed on so generously to customers and colleagues.

    We are looking for any material you might have from Koen do do with varnishing.  This might include information such as how to apply varnishes and grounds, wood preparation, pigments, use of solvents, how to avoid varnish faults etc.  It's particularly useful to have information about why a process should be done in a certain way.  A good source of information so far has been emails that Koen wrote in response to queries from customers.

    So far the response to the project has been great - information and offers of help have come in from many makers in Europe and North America.  The publications that printed his articles - the VSA journal, the Strad, BVMA Newsletter and The Conservation, Restoration and Repair of Stringed Instruments and their Bows have all agreed to allow inclusion in the new book.

    There is full information about this project on the website www.violinvarnishbook.net.  Please visit the site and contribute  anything you can, however small.

    The project has the full approval of Koen's family, and we hope that the book might be available in around 18 months time.