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  1. Anybody got a picture of this infamous beast ?
  2. Jalovec (Not my favorite reference) listed him as 'little known', and 'place unknown'. c.1896. I find no other listing.
  3. Nothing for sure - (1)There was a August Albin Renz working c.1908-1928, in Markneukirchen...not listed as a bowmaker, however. (2)The silver mounted bows of Walter Gerhart Renz were stamped "W. Renz". He is known to have worked in Wohlhausen and Erlbach.
  4. With all their caveats at the bottom, I think they forgot one: WINNING BIDDER: You're getting a piece of junque. Don't blame us, we told you so.
  5. Well then, you're right. I don't have an entry for this 'Guadagunia' person. Perhaps I need a special section for 'Famous eBay Personalities'. Guadagunia could have a favored place along with Stradivari's wife: Faciabat Anna
  6. My German not being good, perhaps I don't get the joke ? ------------------- Nachtrag: In der Geige befindet sich ein Schild auf dem steht: VINCENZO CARCASSI In Firenze Nell´ Anno 1820 -------------- Vincenzo Carcassi is certainly listed...
  7. If you're interested in purchasing sacrifice material...there's plenty available on ...you guessed it...eBay ! Welcome to the ranks of the enlightened.
  8. fubbi2


    I have one of those 'Which One?' Kloz's that suffers from the restoration blues. The table is riddled with repaired cracks. I only paid 2K for it - probably because it had no papers, and had multiple table repairs. An oral opinion from a reputable dealer said it was 'probably' a Matthias Kloz. The combinination of the really high arch, and the repairs made it affordable - it plays very sweetly, but I'm careful to keep a support under the fingerboard to help fend off any further pressure cracks.
  9. fubbi2


    Assuming you mean Sebastian (1), recent auction sales have run from $2,300 to $40,000. (I suspect the $40K instrument must have been extraordinary, or the buyer was too determined?) In the 90's, average retail was $12,500. -------------- You'll probably get more recent opinion from Jeffrey or Michael... ----------------
  10. fubbi2

    Paolo Fiorini

    Paolo Fiorini - Not an Italian master, but a tradename used by Beare and son, London for commercial-grade instruments, c. 1923. They've brought from 1-2000$ at auction.
  11. I've got a c.1915 Gibson Pumpkin "A". I'm afraid the 'vintage' value is pretty worn away, but it's got a great mellow tone. (You can research your mandolin at Gibson's website - they have a record of serial numbers from way back.)
  12. Contact wedding planners and Bride's shops.
  13. Andreas Thir (Thirr) (Their) b. 1765, d. 1798 Worked in Vienna and Pressburg, Austria Good maker - valued (retail) $10-15,000 in the 70's This short bio of Andreas Thir does not, however, validate that your instrument is genuine. You should see an expert.
  14. Sorry to tell you that no one here is wondering. The odds are 999999999999 to 1 that's it's German 1920's copy. That doesn't mean it's not a decent fiddle, but it's no strad. Any other markings...like 'made in Germany' ?
  15. I tried all kinds of variations of firstname, lastname, country...etc. The closest name was Ludwig Glosner, but he was born in 1904, and worked in Munich.
  16. Sorry - I've got most of the books, and he remains a mystery man.
  17. He DID go to China, on an alternate business research trip. He was thinking of going into the pasta business, but fortunately for all of us, the supplier he went to wanted too much for his noodles, so Antonio returned home and concentrated on violins.
  18. Nice carving work... Dragon Violin
  19. I find that mandolin strings are a real finger killer. I play both, but I lay off the mandolin if my practise time is limited. As a violinist first, I took up mandolin because my band wanted one. I never did pick up genuine mandolin picking style...I play mandolin like violin...and that's not really fair to the mando.
  20. fubbi2

    Joly violin

    The literature suggests that Louis Joly was probably a Mirecourt dealer, not a maker. Recent auction sale of about $1770.
  21. You're going to record it, right?
  22. Here's a ebay fiddle with 5-ply purfling...John Delany c.1800 Dublin Click here
  23. David - We'd love to look, but it looks like Tripod is cutting you off at the pass.
  24. Thanks for sharing your experience. It's good to know that a Peccatte is really as good as they say.
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