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  1. On the bright side it's a learning experience. I've had to redo a few joints.
  2. quote: What do you guys do inside your ff holes? Typically paint goes on the f-hole edges, as well as in the pegbox. Some makers I've heard leave the final finish carving of the f-hole shape until after varnishing as well, then finish the edges with paint.
  3. I'm very near to the varnishing stage for my third violin. I would like a better varnish. I did a search and it seems the 1A quality are decent. Does anyone regularly use products by Hammerl? Are there better alternatives for an off the shelf varnish?
  4. Nice work and good photography. ........you plan on doing a varnish tutorial?
  5. The piece is looooooooong gone. I still haven't decided what to do.
  6. quote: Originally posted by: Darren Molnar So here's an example of what it might look like if you varnished over the tear outs, with no attempt to hide them. Opinions as to whether this is a terrible thing to do are welcomed. This is another thing I was wondering about. Does it come off as poor workmanship, or a more 'personal' approach? I left alot of stuff like this on my first violin. Perhaps it adds character?
  7. Here are a couple. Lower bout, bass side: Lower treble side corner:
  8. I have a few chips in my figured maple back, one of which is quite large & deep and borders the purfling. What would you do?
  9. Cleaner looking than mine. You have nice smooth walls. I agree that the chamfers are a tad wide though.
  10. I've been using a hobby knife with #11 blade.
  11. That's got a cool looking back, like a ribbon affect.
  12. Glad to hear you are doing well friend.
  13. quote: Originally posted by: PeterG Matt, is that a little maple leaf I see on your end block. It looks cool. I put one on my labels. Yes, it's stamped into the wood, I also stamp one on the button.
  14. That is looking really good Tim, nice to hear you are back at it. I myself would like to get back at it and finish #3 which I started in January 2007. A new hobby is keeping from it. For digging out the purfling channel, I use a small jeweller's screw driver with the tip bent to a curve and sharpened. It works very well.
  15. Gluing the back to the rib garland while it is still on the mold is a great way to ensure the garland shape follows the outline of the back perfectly, though I prefer to have access from either side while I carve the linings down. I glue both sets of linings on while the ribs are on the mold, and ease the garland off the mold when done. As said, I like the extra access offered to trim the linings with this method. In the past I have had a problem with aligning the ribs when gluing the back on, but adopted a method I saw somewhere that uses a garland support. I dry-clamped the garland to th
  16. Thanks Tim. That's actually a violin stand I bought from a music store some time ago. I think it also hold violas as it is adjustable. In that picture I have unscrewed it from it's cast steel base and have it in my bench vise.
  17. quote: Originally posted by: Janito I was referring to the apparent dip in the 'semi-vertical' line of the neck near the bottom. Looking down the neck that looks perfectly straight. It may be an effect due to the camera being so close for the shot. I checked the heel measurement and it is 27mm, but the button is 16mm from the outer edge of the purfling as per the C&J book.
  18. quote: Originally posted by: Janito but it looks as if there is a slight dip in the neck where it meets the heel. Along the horizontal plane in the pic? If that is what you are refering too, that is what I mean. The way is dips in and then flares out. David, I'll check that out, thanks. I will be giving the edge the same curve as the rest of the plate egdes, that should help. Thanks.
  19. My button is a decent size, so I must have carved the heel curve in too far. I used the scroll off the Amati poster I'm working from, but the neck profile is from Strobel's plans.
  20. quote: I was mad as hell when I had to pay almost as much in brokerage fees to bring something in from another country, and I did not have any more respect for UPS because they acted like robber barons. And likewise, I had no more regard for the furnace repairman who tried to charge me $700 for a part my intuition told me (correctly) could be obtained for $150, so clearly there are some things that are not subject to this purported law of pricing. The question is, why are some things subject to the illusion of higher pricing equals better, and other things are not. I know what you mea
  21. Thanks for the replies and pictures. That never occured to me to use small c-clamps that double as legs.
  22. Once you have the top clamped to the frame, do you lay the top face down on a towel? Or other surface? Support the frame with pieces of wood? And how do you clamp the top to the frame?
  23. Thanks for all the replies. Good information. Happy New Year!