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  1. Two things. One, if my original post was over the top, I apologize. It was certainly not my intent to disparage or step on the toes of Ebay dealers. I myself have three violins from Ebay (Pahdah Hound) which I love very much. I shop there more frequently than I care to admit. But, having said that, I now come to point #2. To me personally, someone advertising a violin for 20 Million on Ebay(especially with no documentation) would be along the lines of me advertising my 20 year old used Celica in the local paper for the incredibly low price of only $250,000 if you just call now. It has an air of incredulity to it, and I think most people people are going to perceive it that way, whether they voice it or not. It's just human nature. But for the sake of harmony, I probably will in future simply wish the seller in question the best of luck with his fiddles, and who knows, it's a big world out there, there just might be someone who agrees with his evaluation, and is willing to pay his price.
  2. What The Freak? What universe is this guy living in? Has any stringed instrument ever gone for anything even remotely close to that amount? Why doesn't he just set the price at an even billion and really give us all a laugh?
  3. I'm confused about something. If this seller,as some people seem to indicate, really believes that these violins are the real deal, why is he not selling them through a legitimate site such as Christies or Sothebys? One that would attract the attention (and money) of buyers able to afford such an item? Or does he truly believe that he alone is the only person capable of recognizing world-class instruments,and that world famous auction houses are wrong and he is right?
  4. I bought a violin from Gianna about 5 years ago, and it was a nice fiddle for the price. Steve Perry seems to be an honest, hard working individual who offers good value for the money. However, before you commit to spending thousands on a violin from anyone, I would also direct your atttention to an Ebay seller (yeah I know but this guy is incredible) named Pahdah Hound. His violins are extraordinary; I've purchased three of them myself and each one has been a gem. He seems to have an extraordinary ability to locate and present to the market, previously owned violins that just sound magnificent. Check out his feedback. My favorite violin that I got from him for $2,000 has been appraised locally at $10,000. And, no, I don't get anything back from him for saying this; never met the man, just trying to make you aware of a possibility you may not have known about. He also offers a two week money back guarantee, and absolutely honors it. Whatever you decide, I hope you find the fiddle of your dreams!
  5. Just curious, is it considered in bad taste to view an orchestral performance from the upper balcony, with full-size binoculars rather than opera glasses?
  6. Sorry you got burned on Ebay; before you throw something at me for making this suggestion, go back to Ebay one more time and check out the violins of a seller called Padah_Hound, taking time to read his feedback also. I've bought from him several times, and his violins are just amazing. One of the ones I got from him, my local luthier has told me that if he put it up for sale, he would ask $10,000 for it. And what I paid for it when I won the bidding, was about 1/5 that. Plus he gives a full two weeks for you to determine whether you like the fiddle or not. He's probably the best business person I've ever dealt with, Ebay or otherwise. Good luck on your search!
  7. Thanks Jesse; I will look forward to receiving it, you and Brad are the best!
  8. I bought the violin from Padah Hound on Ebay, who has asked for the instrument back and is having his violin guy repair it free of charge and will then be shipping it back to me. He is just the coolest person I think I've ever dealt with, someone who gives customer satisfaction new meaning. I do wish I had thought to get those measurements before sending it back, just didn't think to do it. Thanks again to everyone!
  9. Thanks for all your very helpful replies guys; this website is the greatest!
  10. Hi everyone, I'm currently test-driving a used violin which has wonderful tone but I've just noticed the fingerboard is way lower (closer) to the top of the violin, which has resulted in the strings being twice as high above the fingerboard as they should be, or as they are on every other violin I've ever played or looked at. The result is that playing in the higher positions, especially on the E, is kind of painful. I'm thinking I'm not going to keep the fiddle, but what causes a problem like this; the fingerboard being so low? The violin has had several cracks that appear to have been professionally sealed some time ago, on the top. I don't know the first thing about violin repair, but I'm thinking maybe a shim could raise the fingerboard, but quite possibly to the detriment of the tone? Help?
  11. The book 'Art of Violin Making' by Chris Johnson gets rave reviews on Amazon.com, however it is very expensive; $110.00 + postage. There is also a series of books by Henry Strobel, each more in-depth than the one before,on violin making and repair, that were rated very well,one guy said he had built a violin from scratch using only his books. Hope this helps (I couldn't sleep so did a search for you!)
  12. I have a Gustav Fedor Heberlein from that time period, which I bought from Padah Hound on Ebay. It has a gorgeous, lush sound and plays very well in the higher positions. From my experience, you have to go up quite a bit in price to find one that plays better. I feel lucky to have it. I don't know the first thing about building a violin, or anything related to the mechanics of the instrument, I just play them. I've also heard that their was no such person as Gustav Fedor Heberlein, and if thats true, all I can say is somebody using that name built one whale of a fiddle.
  13. Buying on Ebay can be tricky even for seasoned bidders. I have found one wonderful violin on Ebay, as well as several that turned out not so well, which were given glowing descriptions by the sellers. You'll hear this repeated a lot, but its very true; buy locally from a respected shop AFTER you have seen and HEARD the instrument in person;take an experienced player with you if you can, and get their opinion as well. Instruments from Ebay are notorious for needing setup; your local shop will have already taken care of that, and will often allow for tradeup when the time comes. In time, with knowledge, you might then begin to explore Ebay, but for now I would buy from a respected shop.
  14. I too very highly recommend Padah Hound (Jesse Kamien) I have purchased two violins from him and they are just the best; absolute symphony quality. And he is the best person by far I have ever dealt with, Ebay or otherwise, just a super neat guy. A little advice; if you like one of his instruments, and wish to bid, you have a much better chance of winning it if you submit your bid in the final 30 or so seconds of the auction.
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