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  1. It was nice to meet you Don. Apparently, I missed the opportunity to meet M. Molnar. I could have only one day there, in my busy agenda. It was interesting experience though, thanks to all, for posting the captures.
  2. Thanks Bruce. ... I think, if my memory is correct, I remember a couple posts that were referring to this concert, with not much impression from Il Cannone, if it is the same concert, not sure though.
  3. Hi Bruce, Thanks Bruce, great information and links. Just going through the documents from the link for a while, I see the original bridge has a different design. Apparently still some discussions are going on the bridge. I see the same design from a very detailed pic posted here some time ago. This was the post here some time ago and the bridge seems the same design. Wondering if the violin has this design of bridge currently especially in the recordings coming with poster. Just tradition or some other reason beyond it?,, is a different topic, I think. Thank you again, really appreciate every single word and picture you post.
  4. Hi DBurns, I had the poster long ago, and I would expect the same poster Joel has received. I will order one and see if there is any change just in case. Buddulph data is an other reliable source, as a reference. I personally saw, a couple of discrepancies between these two sources, and posted one here in the forum. However both may be correct since this is DG, design, any thing is possible. Bruce posted a picture of inside the rib of an other DG violin, basically, it was toothed blade marks, left thin thick lines side by side. Many thanks to Bruce again, He generously, has been sharing such delicate informations on this great violin and others. Another source, that I use, is Borman's article prepared with two other researchers. It is color coded presentation and really helps me, especially when building such a complex top. The article has been posted here while ago. This is some thing I processed in image editor to highlight the graduation, you may find it helpful, not sure.
  5. No doubt you will be one of the few good information sources in this forum, if you decide to stay in the forum. It is beautiful cello sound in your video, although my ears are not educated in cello sound. Please keep posting your videos and sound samples of new ones, they are very informative. I see a lot of good details, in the ground and treatment information you share generously. Thanks for sharing. I know some makers from Istanbul, always get a couple of glass ice cold raki and get a good chat, every time I visit Istanbul. Not luthiers, but I know some poets from Iran, one of them, is my father in law, passed away a decade ago. .... So far with the artistry of lutherie, apparently it can happen any where, regardless. Beautiful post, You are welcome Brian.
  6. agree, .. Just simple example,.. weight of Il Cannone, I don't even remember how many different numbers were being whispered around.. All these detailed pictures, especially inside of old master works.. ..Or sound post pressure.. It is priceless to an amateur like my self. CT, I think, appreciation of the culture of an open society may not be simple, if never felt the lack of it. I am aware of it and enjoy it. I post my posts, and will do so. It is too late for any intimidation for myself honestly. The only reason, I am posting here is to get feed back on my ideas and practices. There is no bad feed back, as long as it is directed to the idea not the presenter. There are several types of deceptions, I think the worst one is the self-deception, which I may fall in easily, because violin is such a darn romantic object. I am ready to skip any thing that might be offensive, as long as I learn some thing out of it.If am I am in an illusion, it is the worst, no the ideas, words, or disagreements. The only thing I can tell you, it is always safe, to look at the idea first, rather than who presents it. I may not understand it, fine, this does not qualify the idea is wrong, but assigns me some home work.. I like your style, shooting straight without bending the words. I like and appreciate it here in this little town as well. I think Glenn summarized very well, Rational thinking will work in any case. Lets use it. Apologies, no intention for any temptations for new bets.. I am out.
  7. Accidental catch about CH. She seems pretty aware of what is lacking in free plate tuning, demonstrating Energy Tuning by tapping assembled body. Enough data If I know how to use it. The first thing I get from this movie, the iron will, the determination, courage of a true believer. She used the word hostility once. What is the intersection with this thread? Make a hole in the river bad, instead of putting a rock.
  8. Donbar, I think, the experimentation would be more accurate on a violin already sounding decent at least so, for sure the back and all others are good fit.Carving a second top, would be safe, to protect your violin. I believe, the spot right under the bridge is the best to hear the differences(arbitrary selection), you may like or may not like the end result. Diagnosing the need and location accordingly is the most important step, which is the real art in the video, I see.. From my short experimentation, seems, any void(or rapid change in medium properties) in the medium of the mechanical wave(top), stops energy flow and filtering the corresponding frequencies, letting others construct freely. As indicated in previous post, the acoustic changes may not be permanent in the long run, because the body will try to conform to new conditions no matter how slight the changes are. It may be an effective tool to cure wolfs, not sure though, still a lot work needs to be done for good understanding.
  9. Where I am coming from may be more than you think, so I better skip that part, but technically, I think I am from Arkansas. The name is controversial little bit because of the letter S at the end, I think that is what you refer. I made the mistake, including this S in the pronunciation once. Never again, they take it personal. All the blame is on Kansas, pretty close here. I lived in north for 7-8 years before coming here. I am not sure how much this little town, hosting world's biggest company's HQ, together with big names such as Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, etc.. reflects the demographics of American south, but so far I am a happy Arkansan. Modest, humble, direct, honest, hard working people like many others in this country who value how I am doing my work, rather than where I am from.
  10. What am I doing? Stealing the hurricanes.? Listening crushing sound of my own bones,..not a good feeling. Any ways, not the first time. My thumb is up in the air, just being a different voice in a blind bashing against a maker whom I don't even know. While almost all is down and especially a legend like R.H. has some disagreement,.. not an easy job. The functioning ears were rather for those who are obsessed with numbers, graphs , audio analyzers, etc,. Apologies if it goes beyond what is intended. I believe, changing sound, or customizing the sound on violin in a consistent way is possible, by several ways.I think, this is not some thing like removing mass from the neck or here or there only, but, as whole, taking every single spot on the body in consideration is the right approach I believe. I have been working on customizing sound on violin body by removing mass. It is real, and rather doing than talking. All is needed a sharp scraper and a violin with enough wood on it. The real context here, is there an alternative to building the sound? I think, It was your response to Lyndon about Chinese violin making, pointing its possible outcome in near future.I think that is great point and we will all see soon. Probably they already started developing a kind of violin acupuncture and creating, copying great sounds, if they already have not done yet. I am not sure if the excess methane in human body can be an effective tool in violin making, I better put it aside, probably I deserved some of it. CT, It is good you are back.
  11. This thread is interesting in many aspects. A maker who no doubt understands the acoustics, beyond looking at some charts or numbers,.. shares what he is doing. This may be a part of marketing, or image building, yes possible.. But still fine, better and helpful than clicking on to the bridge and posting tons of mambo-jumbo with numbers curves that may have nothing to do with sound or acoustics. My thumb is UP! This may be great tool to investigate and to understand the acoustics further. Every tiny poke, every scraper hit, every tiny shaving or even my saliva particles after sneezing, may change the sound, if the instrument is in such effective state acoustically. Yes, a good functioning, sound-wisely educated pair of ears is a must to detect the change. One possible side effect; those who might have really different and good ideas may stay silent which is the last thing any body may desire in a free discussion.
  12. May be the fundamental question that needs to be asked is, what should be the approach to violin and it's making. Is violin just an other object of which functions are governed by law of physics, which can be dissected,experimented Or beyond being an object, some thing with some divine attributes, untouchable, unthinkable. Traditions can still be preserved, and should be, however, I prefer to be free of any constraints when trying to understand it. It is not easy to create a controlled environment for violin, may be the biggest challenge.. This may be a hoax not sure, but of course there is a way to understand it, experimentation with objective evaluation. No doubt, there are more ways than one to change the sound of a violin. The change may not be permanent depending on how good the fundamentals are, such as wood, arching, graduation etc. Frustrations are possible, ..
  13. I believe so, true.I can hear the difference. The diagnostics he applies is very interesting and creative indeed. I worked on a kind of Acupuncture map, still working, but mine is based on mass removal. This is interestingly, no mass removal, may be just a slight disturbance in mass distribution uniformity. Very informative, thanks for sharing.
  14. Some how 4th declaration check box is out of page so, I can not complete the registration. Not sure display settings or another issue. Any one could handle this? I already emailed the the details, if the issue is a bug in the ui design.
  15. Hi Robert, I use shorter tailpiece period, those from Dov Schmidt. But still I have to adjust 32.5cm string length through neck depth,location of f-holes(only in long pattern) or nut width. I never modify fingerboard length. Eventually it is 3mm-4mm that needs to be compensated through one of the above or combinations. In this violin specifically, the nicks point 321-322mm, so I just shift the bridge location south little bit for exact 325mm string length.
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