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  1. joshuabeyer

    Korinthia Klein's VSA talk on discrimination

    No I am just arguing about the dumb stuff bill merkel said
  2. joshuabeyer

    Korinthia Klein's VSA talk on discrimination

    They are allowed but a bias must be recognized. And when the specific experience is discrimination from the other, then yeah, maybe one side should shut up.
  3. joshuabeyer

    Korinthia Klein's VSA talk on discrimination

    Because his posts make it evident that he does not understand. He's a man trying to opine the experience of a woman, I don't think it could be more clear. The implication that a woman has "low self esteem" because they are concerned for their own health and safety screams nothing but sexism and bias.
  4. joshuabeyer

    Korinthia Klein's VSA talk on discrimination

    You do not understand the privilege you speak from. Try to consider the experience and perspective of others as truth before refuting them based on your own (limited and biased) experience.
  5. joshuabeyer

    No f holes??

    I think I might have to make one of these...
  6. joshuabeyer

    "Dutch Violin"

    True, it is bizarre!
  7. joshuabeyer

    "Dutch Violin"

    A tromba marina bridge is a bit different, the "bass" foot rests on the top and "treble" foot is suspended about a millimeter above the top. Upon playing the string, the treble foot will rhythmically depress and hammer on the top plate. I have not come across any tromba marinas w/ holes under a bridge foot.
  8. joshuabeyer

    "Dutch Violin"

    I've seen some traditional Greek instruments that have this bridge foot feature.
  9. joshuabeyer

    Speeding up suntanning

    Sorry but I think you are mistaken. While they are indeed cheaper, the bulbs at your link are very basic UV lights, they have none of the upgraded qualities which expedite wood tanning.
  10. joshuabeyer

    Speeding up suntanning These bulbs and ballasts have sped my tanning time from 4-6 weeks to 4-6 days.
  11. joshuabeyer

    The Scroll

    Mairson for President 2020
  12. joshuabeyer

    Ever see an X-ray of a case by Stradivari?

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing.
  13. A very talented maker in Chicago once told "never sacrifice shape over symmetry". That's all I have to add for now...
  14. joshuabeyer

    Resizing images to specific measurements

    I use Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop. Illustrator has the "Measure" tool, Photoshop has the "Ruler" tool to help w this kind of thing.
  15. joshuabeyer

    New stop length?

    Koo-Young, this is a very strange statement coming from you. Respectfully, you have some of the most unorthodox methods in this industry. Are you still making instruments with three bass bars? Are you calling them violins?