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  1. I think they are DPA mics on a twin floor stand.
  2. Cremonese f-holes are often asymmetrical, especially late del Gesu's. You are correct the Vieuxtemp ff's are different shapes/sizes and slight "off" in location. Not only is the treble f-hole lower than the bass, but the mensure is quite long, approximately 198mm. By the way - Very nice job on the rhino models! Was the arching determined from the templates on the poster? Or by some other means?
  3. The collaboration between the late Stradivari workshop and Carlo Bergonzi is generally understood at this point. As is the earlier association between Bergonzi and Vincenzo Rugeri. Archival findings of both Chiesa and Rosengard make strong cases. Not to mention Bergonzi's instruments themselves. Making the basic identification of "Stradivari violin" is to determine "the hand of Antonio". Why not with effort, practice and proper guidance could someone not learn to see more hands?
  4. I had a conversation w Kevin Kelly about this, and he suggested a simple construction method using something similar to modern day "French curves", or perhaps just tracing the curves of existing moulds/templates. It's only awkward if you attempt to use modern left-hand fingering and right-hand bow hold.
  5. At this years VSA convention... Five-string Cellos of the Cremonese Period Presenters: Matt Zeller and Chris Reuning The co-presenters will discuss the history of the five-string cello in the Cremonese period and show specific examples of historical instruments. They will have at least one instrument (Giovanni Grancino, 1702) present for the audience to see.
  6. A conversation between Rachel Barton Pine and Dmitry Badiarov about the cello da spalla, could be useful...
  7. It was Manfio who mentioned this instrument, I believe it's in Brazil somewhere.
  8. No I am just arguing about the dumb stuff bill merkel said
  9. They are allowed but a bias must be recognized. And when the specific experience is discrimination from the other, then yeah, maybe one side should shut up.
  10. Because his posts make it evident that he does not understand. He's a man trying to opine the experience of a woman, I don't think it could be more clear. The implication that a woman has "low self esteem" because they are concerned for their own health and safety screams nothing but sexism and bias.
  11. You do not understand the privilege you speak from. Try to consider the experience and perspective of others as truth before refuting them based on your own (limited and biased) experience.
  12. I think I might have to make one of these...