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  1. How stable is the red color. Does it fade to orange?
  2. What fraction of the varnish could be attributed to larch? Was it just a plasticizer like mastic?
  3. Many years ago my father’s tool & die and stamping business had to drop using carbon tetrachloride for cleaning oil from parts. Carbon Tet is a carcinogen. After a lot of research he switched to D-Linomene with great results. I too like the way it cleans brushes. Odorless Gamsol is great stuff, but I think it gives me a headache, even with good ventilation.
  4. John Masters is in Columbus, Ohio. I guess all of us have experimented with Michelman varnish. I had fun relearning a lot of chemistry. However, I never achieved something noteworthy. Those photos posted by Joe Robson just might be of the violins displayed at a VSA conference. Again, I was not impressed. Their varnish lacked clarity and distinctive Cremonese colors. So, I gave up and moved on. Sorry, if I rained on anyone’s parade.
  5. Can anything be said about how the oil content of a varnish affects tone? This question is not for Joe Robson unless he does have something to share.
  6. I was a big user of MicroMesh, all grades. However, I disliked how it would clog up with varnish. As for finishing wood I like the 3M pads, but I still prefer what I get with burnishing a scraped surface.
  7. I have been using Mirlon Total UltraFine. I follow up with a horsehair (shoeshine) brush to buff away any dust. I understand that it can be used wet. Anyhow, I like using it dry and recommend it. BTW, steel wool always left iron particles behind for me that showed up later as it oxidized. Nothing like that with Mirlon. Thanks for this tip, Davide.
  8. No pigments. I don’t use it whatever it is. I just have the link.
  9. I don’t think that any country or culture has a monopoly on quality violins nowadays. As for the video, I suspect it is trying to slow Chinese luthiers from opening shops in Cremona to gather some of the town’s historical cachet.
  10. Davide, the orange red-side violin is very different from your cinnamon brown violins that you are holding. Why???
  11. https://www.winsornewton.com/na/masterclass/exploring-oil-mediums/
  12. I now recall what I learned about that amber colophony from Russia. It is heavily cooked colophony, so it is amber in color. Use it like any colophony. It is not amber resin.
  13. I put some on a slide last night and it almost evaporated clean, but there is a very thin film revealed by touching. I will wait another 24 hrs. The ambient temp is about 72F.
  14. I thought it left a residue. Do you want me to check?
  15. Diamond G is great gum spirits turpentine as Joe said. For mineral spirits I like Gamsol made for artists. There are different grades of lavender oil. Get the expensive one that evaporates clean: https://woodfinishingenterprises.com/shop/balsams-and-volatile-oils/oil-spike-lavender-pure/
  16. Now, watch all the experts pile on to say that this was an “obvious” fake.
  17. I too have searched for the old version. Mine are green. The new ones are wimps.
  18. Try shading the red violin into highlights. Use a mild abrasive like pumice 4F or rottenstone. I think it will look great.
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