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About Me

By training, I am an astronomer (astrophysicist). My research was on satellite observations of magnetic stars. My first publication was on the esoteric area of nucleosynthesis - how elements are made in stars. I collect meteorites as a hobby.

My claim to fame (notoriety?) is explaining the Star of Bethlehem. Google my name or check michaelmolnar.com .

I played the accordion and piano as a kid. Several years ago I picked up the violin and started to make them in 2004 when I retired from academe.

I went through a tool and die apprenticeship in my father's shop, running his CAD/CAM operation. I am a certified Java programmer to boot.

I still use my brass refractor to look at the skies. And I write about ancient coins in The Celator.

Look for my Christmas Star appearances on TV and a great article in Sky & Telescope, December 2008.

I truly enjoy the camaraderie of violin making.

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