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  1. Right. I have seen a lot of old tonewood cut too thin or not along the grain.
  2. Ditto BTW, Bruce Carlson has a great publication on the Messiah (British Makers?)
  3. I posted this photo on FaceBook of the new Coronaviolin belly. It is Engelman Spruce from Kevin Prestwich log 1601 resawn by me and torrefied by @Don Noon almost two years ago. The photo taken in diffuse sunlight on a white chair makes the plate darker than it is. So just now I photographed it again on my bench with overhead lights. Looks like a different plate. The plate weighs a little under 60 g w/o bass bar.
  4. Washing hands can’t hurt. Greasy food, alcoholic drinks, and nicotine stains on hands are not good for violin finishes.
  5. The roasted rosin can be fugitive. I think linseed oil acidity attacks it. So, lime the hell out of both. Even then, it will fade but a little. A trick is to blend some red roasted rosin into a varnish as if it were a pigment.
  6. I agree that iron can be problematical. I trust the stabilized iron in PR 101 and PR 102. Making my own iron colorants could sometimes produce an unstable structure with iron oxidation states changing from red to black.
  7. I brought this article up here and pointed out the original research article a few posts later in that thread. Think carefully. Why would pumice produce a varnish significantly different from what you now have? The purpose of the pumice and burnt bone is to dry the oil varnish. Put this next to what you now have and I bet there is no visible difference. Prove me wrong.
  8. I think it’s great having a job that you like as long as there is food on the table and the rent and utilities are paid. Do the math and you will find it’s a tough life. Nevertheless, if that is what you want, go for it.
  9. See Refining Linseed Oil by Tad Spurgeon if you insist on washing your own oil or just want to learn why it’s a pain.
  10. I agree with the warnings above. The tone of The Messiah is unknown and the arching appears too flat.
  11. Always try to have a white card in the photo for color balancing.
  12. Looks a lot like what I have been doing, but colleagues are telling me it is too bright and brassy. I have another idea that throttles it back a tad. Stay tuned.
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