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  1. I choose the arch height that sounds good. I don’t have the time to wait for a violin to stretch.
  2. Right. When chemically staining do not nuke the wood with high concentrations. Less is more because it is controllable. Excess oxidants can be hygroscopic (attract water) which means that in high humidity they reactivate and degrade the wood structure over time.
  3. Wow. Thanks. You made this old man happy.
  4. There is no golden rule that spruce and maple must be treated the same.
  5. Armchair theories always sound great until they are brought into the shop where they become impractical.
  6. Marty, have you made anything using this theory?
  7. How do I determine a targeted impedance? Which plate do I select?
  8. Go down the list of just the prominent Cremonese makers for starters.
  9. My response to Darnton referred to the timing of his post with Don's email. Nothing more. We all know that Darnton and other prominent makers, have advocated for years the importance of dynamic feedback from playing a violin. Nevertheless, Don showed us the incontrovertible scientific evidence.
  10. Our friend, Dale, at WoodFinishing Enterprises makes and sells good thickened linseed oil.
  11. Don is ahead of you. He told me this exactly in an earlier email. I am grateful that Don let me look over his shoulder. His data reinforced my intuition that we were doing the wrong analysis because I wasn’t seeing repeatable results. His data graphically show that. However, the big issue according to Don is how to do this dynamically with reliable feedback and controls. I now let the players and audience do the evaluations. BTW, all is not lost. Don has convinced me how important arching and wood are. There is a family of arching systems that gives nice results. And wood processing works too.
  12. After discussing this with Don and now seeing Davide's post, I concur. M5 will be a guide, not an end result. We can rule out the extremes, nevertheless. I am using a new arching and hope it will produce a better violin. Time will tell.