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  1. I have the digital subscription. I wonder whether I qualify for a poster. Would it be digital?
  2. I made my reservation at Sleep Inn. (540) 372-6868. The group rate is under Wm Mason Violin Makers Workshop. I'll be there for 12 days.
  3. I'll bite.
  4. Too much glue or too thick.
  5. Consider the source.
  6. I did that once, too. Put a button on your pattern - a big button. You can save this piece by a graft done carefully.
  7. Hi Jim I'm trying to get critiques and feedback over appearances. Today's photo was in response to the comments by two other makers I hold in high regard. One liked the improvement he suggested. I am waiting for the other. It is way too early for me to discuss details while I am still trying to nail this down. Your remark about the application and concentration is eerily prescient. Best
  8. Here is a shot of the same sauce but applied differently.
  9. Polish ham for me.
  10. My black willow had a density of 0.62 g. My garlands were coming in around 68 g. Switching to spruce shaved off 15 g. Now, that is a big difference.
  11. Black willow cuts beautifully, but check the density of your willow. I used black willow until I found how dense it was. I switched to spruce.
  12. Truly elegant.
  13. Julian, you have to stop being wanton.
  14. This is a work in progress, which is why I have not said anything about it. It's the Brandmair & Greiner four layer system: Protein base (Layer 1) with what I think is Strad's secret sauce (Layer 2) topped off with a thin coat of clear varnish (Layer 3). Colored varnish (Layer4) would go over this. Remember my mentioning at the VSA that I needed a "truth table"? Well, this is the result. Stay Tuned. Thanks, Mike. I will bring samples to Joe Thrift's workshop.
  15. Here are two better resolution photos showing details of the pores.