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  1. This stuff is inexpensive unless you are in abject penury. Dispose it and buy fresh. Google around for disposal methods and sources for new material.
  2. My thanks and condolences to Bill Barnitz. This is a sad sign of the times.
  3. In a recent New York Times article, there is dendrology evidence tying the Strad harp soundboard to an Amati cello. Conclusions vary.
  4. I did recognize it as BigLeaf. Chemical mine leaching does something like this but it is usually colored and this isn’t. Perhaps this is a mineral buildup.
  5. Reminds me of chemical staining from mine runoff.
  6. Ipe is used to make pegs and accessories. Maybe Dov Music still sells them.
  7. Good points, but can we quantify “liveliness”?
  8. And for those reasons I evaluate c and ρ separately.
  9. What about just c, the speed of sound?
  10. How’s a “traveling “ violin different from a violin?
  11. Could you explain a little more about how you recorded these and especially how you held the plates? Thanks.
  12. Attention history enthusiasts: I found tucked in my Michelman book a letter from Michelman to the owner of my copy. If you are interested in history about his company: Michelman Chemicals, Inc. 6316 Wiehe Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio You can see his building on Google Maps Street View.
  13. There is a lot to be said for intuitive judgement based on experience. The human brain seems to focus on solutions.
  14. My takeaway from this paper is that the oil must crosslink with the colophony. A long cook is needed. Haste makes waste.
  15. The old masters brewed their beer in wood kegs, IIRC.
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