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  1. MikeC's bench

    I find that getting the c-bout rib and its corners done right is key to a good garland. It's sort of like "as the twig is bent so grows the tree."
  2. laid paper (old fashion) for labels.

    I cut my labels from this:
  3. Book Recommendations

    I want to add Brian Derber's The Manual of Violin Making. It is better than Courtnal and Johnson and competes well with Karl Roy's excellent book. Roy's book has much more on history and varnish making, but Derber shows much more about woodworking and craftsmanship.
  4. Casein glue and ground

    Too many makers are fixated on casein per se or casein glue for finishing wood surfaces. My experience is that skim milk replacing water to make hide glue produces a water-resistant glue that can be diluted to make a wood size. Skim milk is loaded with casein if that's what you want.
  5. Fires and Feelings!

    We were in Santa Rosa for several days in August. I fear that many of the places we visited are now gone. The stories are horrifying. I hope people can recover quickly. Mother Nature is pissed.
  6. VSA Preconvention session

    I have not received the link from Allegra Hale to confirm and pay for my participation in the VSA Preconvention Session. I called and got this straightened out. I paid the fee.
  7. The Manual of Violin Making by Brian Derber

    What an incredible book. So many details, photos, and drawings. This supplants Johnson and Courtnal for sure. I can see spending many days pouring over this magnificent work.
  8. Corradi rasps

    I use the 7 cut. What do you have?
  9. Corradi rasps

    I too love my Pechar ra$p$.
  10. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    The hemicellulose degradation is indeed the gorilla in the room.
  11. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Well said and bears repeating.
  12. The Manual of Violin Making by Brian Derber

    That's encouraging, Mike. I purchased a copy and will share my findings.
  13. Hi Fred, Have you tried something other than burnt umber? Something to get red rather than orange?
  14. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Wow. I haven't heard about Paulownia in over a decade. I acquired some for violin making. I don't recall why I wanted that species. However, I never liked its appearance and tossed it out.
  15. VSA Preconvention session

    Yes, our discussions will be astronomical for sure.