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  1. Sounds like Collings was programming in one coordinate system, say G55, and his machine was running in G54, or G56. Or he forgot to null his offsets, G52 X0, Y0, Z0. I can think of other mistakes. Who the hell ever said CNCing was an easy cheat? I have never used a laser for cutting wood. I wonder about the edge finish. Anyone here have high-resolution photos? Another limiting issue is that the laser does only 2D shapes which makes it an expensive cookie cutter. However, it could be good for bridges as Marty noted. However, I don't like charred edges.
  2. Right, it seems to work with maple, but I don't like the charred edge. I wonder whether spruce would work. The real obstacle might be cost of such a large laser.
  3. I wish people would stop reposting the photos when replying with a quote. Just edit (delete) the unnecessary photos when you quote in reply. This way iPads and phones and can be used to read the salient points of your post and not be overwhelmed by photos posted 4 times. Thanks.
  4. I read that a woman, now deceased, made violins with kitchen utensils.
  5. I wrap the bending strap with a damp cloth to generate lots of steam needed to soften the wood.
  6. I have very good results with a new, modern jointer. I discussed this in another thread.
  7. Zeroing Z with the Mach 3 button always works, but entering a new Z value must be followed by hitting enter (return button) to override the old value. I ruined a lot of wood by not striking ENTER after typing in the new Z offset. Duh!
  8. All I do to reset Z Is use a strip of paper to feel the endmill tip as I slowly jog it down. I know this sounds crude, but it works for me much like working a feeler gauge.
  9. Woodfinishing Enterprises has all of these.
  10. Good luck and post on this thread.
  11. I just follow what I measure from posters of notable Strads such as the Viotti. I would not make them larger because of appearances.
  12. No driers, although calcium in lime is a weak drier i order one or two quarts at time.