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  1. Michael_Molnar

    machine made violins also CNC "Betts"

    An enormous issue with CNC'ing is the rapid generation of dust and chips. I built a dust cabinet around mine which is connected to a large dust collection system.
  2. Michael_Molnar

    Store bought varnish? I think I've found the right stuff?

    I am confused (again). To the varnish makers in this thread: Are you trying to develop a superb varnish that looks Cremonese (or even better), or are you recreating the Cremonese methods? For example, cochineal is historically valid as a colorant because it was detected. Fine. But how it was fixed as a pigment in the varnish is just as important if you want an historically valid result.
  3. Michael_Molnar

    machine made violins also CNC "Betts"

    Exactly right, Nick. I find more makers are using CNC parts but do not want to draw attention to that "heresy" as it were. FYI, wood moves as it is machined, so there really is no such thing as perfect replication. However, it takes the drudgery out of making IMO. I then have more time learning workmanship skills. Still trying.
  4. Michael_Molnar

    Don Noon's bench

    Congratulation, Don, on winning a Certificate of Merit for Viola Tone at the Cleveland VSA.
  5. Michael_Molnar

    Mike Molnar's Bench

    Yes, because more rosin is exposed to air. It also prevents "frozen skins" from forming. Another benefit is the avoidance of hot spots where rosin or varnish can burn.
  6. Michael_Molnar

    Mike Molnar's Bench

    Here is the stirring mechanism; https://www.amazon.com/Mophorn-Electric-Overhead-Stirrer-Mechanical/dp/B06W2HNPPP/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_469_lp_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=TGPES76PBKKT50ZP288K
  7. Michael_Molnar

    Mike Molnar's Bench

    Felt better yesterday, so I cooked some burgundy varnish. I have a short movie on Facebook showing how the stirring rate varies.
  8. Michael_Molnar

    How to make a good violin label?

    Laser printers make very permanent labels. The paper should be acid free for archival quality. I bought a lifetime supply of Japanese paper years ago. Google around and research this.
  9. Michael_Molnar

    NYC Contemporary Violin and Bow Makers - Reed Yeboah Violins

    Thanks for those GREAT photos.
  10. Michael_Molnar

    Tin chloride mordant

    The tin atom attaches to the cochineal molecule (anthraquinone - carminic acid). The charge on the tin atom (ion) twists or distorts the molecular structure, which in turn changes the light absorption property. Magenta means that the molecular structure now absorbs more blue, green (cyan) and yellow. Aluminum in alum distorts the molecule to absorb more blue and green and less yellow, producing red for which carmine is best known. You need to look at a color wheel to understand how colors are produced by absorption. The details, nevertheless, remain a puzzle, but I am sure there is somewhere a graduate student working on this for her dissertation.
  11. Michael_Molnar

    Another extreme arching experiment

    Which form shape are you testing?
  12. Michael_Molnar

    Question for makers who work alone

  13. Michael_Molnar

    Question for makers who work alone

    I hear he was terrible at golf.
  14. Michael_Molnar

    thin back effect

    I wonder whether Stradivari (and other makers) noticed the weakness of slab-cut backs and moved to quartered backs. The slab cuts need to be thicker and thus presumably heavier.