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  1. Same here. Don’t take my word for it, but ask @jacobsaunders or @Roger Hargrave.
  2. Right. It is indeed more dangerous. I was pointing out the similar explosive reaction in cooling roasted rosin a la Hargrave before it is complete. The sudden cooling of incomplete roasting sets off that violent reaction.
  3. I can attest to the above caution regarding the 150 F trip point for peroxide formation in rosin. I discovered this danger in roasting rosin. I avoided explosions by quickly raising the rosin temperature to above 150 F and never letting it drop below until I am done cooking out the volatiles. So far, so good.
  4. I am still slowly working on the Coronaviolin. Medical treatments have exhausted me. Nevertheless, I continue perfecting the varnish system that, I believe, Stradivari most likely used on the Messiah and some Golden Period instruments. As you know, I am a proponent of a dichromatic aqueous ground. Here are some photos of it with a casein overcoat, no varnish. The first two are the same batch process, but the third is a slightly different process.
  5. Don, you need to use the thread filter to ignore noise.
  6. I like mechanical pegs except that they can look like cheap plastic and downright ugly. I recall that Pegheds could be customized with real wood knobs which helps. But again, I still don’t like the way they flare out from the pegbox looking like a medieval orthopedic contraption.
  7. I remember that our old wood deck developed that crackle and splitting. It was due to the hot sun drying and shrinking the top surface while the interior was still wet and swollen. I put on a water repellent to stop this. Finally, I replaced the entire deck with modern plastic boards. Problem solved.
  8. Hmm. What did he call the Mona Lisa?
  9. @Davide Sora was born in Cremona.
  10. I am not an expert about repair work which is an art form in my opinion. However, try a little prevention that does no harm. I would wipe down the bout in question with a damp towel to mop up acidic, salty sweat. Then, wipe again with a clean dry towel.
  11. Very nice way to cheer us up during these crazy times. thanks
  12. This makes so much sense. Thanks.
  13. My advice is to inspect the business model for this line of work. How does it make money? How much money does it make? I see too many gifted and talented people thinking they can make a living doing a romantic dream. It can work, but not for everyone.