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  1. Trade Secrets Index

    Thanks for your hard work, Julian.
  2. Opinions on new f-hole template

    I agree with Coleman. You have a chimera of sorts.
  3. Stolen from Hogwarts?

    M. Menard might have been the father or a relative of J. Menard making the beautiful case a family heirloom. BTW, those are M's, not J's.
  4. Happy St Paddy Day...

    Best wishes to all my Irish friends. Erin go bragh.
  5. White glue drop on paper label- removal

    Try examining this under very red light. A red filter will be needed. This should make the glue ghost nearly invisible.
  6. DIY CNC for violinmaking

    Where is the dust collector system? Why am I now getting ads from this CNC company?
  7. The PG mould does not fit the Messiah Poster?!

    After the plate is shaped to that template the rounding of the edges and corners make that long corner overhang disappear. Try it. I imagine there is also some wear effect too.
  8. CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    A computer is a powerful tool. Most makers can start using CAD to make templates. Any tool needs learning and practice. I think a lot of the makers here are quite competent enough to use CAD in their shop because they have experience with various other applications outside of lutherie. Moving from CAD to CAM could very well be a mistake for many makers if they overestimate their capabilities and underestimate the complexities. BTW, varnish making can be an enormous waste of time for some makers.
  9. The PG mould does not fit the Messiah Poster?!

    Extremely close IMHO.
  10. CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    Thanks. I want to make two important points. 1.) The learning curve on a CNC is steep. It took me 6 months to get things working properly and repeatedly. This was followed by more learning and tuning my procedures. Keep in mind that I went through a machine shop apprenticeship and I am a proficient programmer. In fact, I do a lot of hand coding to make things run better. I also have the financial resources to buy these expensive toys. 2.)The CNC does not produce a final product. I use it to rough out plates, forms, and scrolls. The true workmanship is with hand tools such as scrapers, files, fine gouges, surgical scalpels, etc. I consider my violins to be handmade. The CNC is just another tool. It can produce garbage just like any other tool in incompetent hands.
  11. CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    I want to add another recommendation. Get a printer that can do large B-sized drawings. These are called Tabloid or Ledger sizes. See here. I make templates with mine to check shapes and alignment. I have an ancient HP-7000 which is a color ink-jet. I use an old "DELL" PC running Windows XP. This is a standalone workstation not connected to the Internet for security reasons. Here are some useful photos:
  12. CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    Sure. I use BobCAD which also has the CAM feature for generating machine code needed for a CNC. It's an old version that I got cheap. It does 2D and 3D. The package can import photos or line art to copy shapes such as an f-hole - something everyone should have. I would never upgrade to a newer version or migrate to a better CAD package because the learning curve is challenging. If I were to recommend something to you today I would recommend Rhino. It appears to have all the functionality you need. Moreover, it has an enormous support network where you can get your questions answered. Remember that there are sites other than Maestronet where you can get great answers. Just google. Hope that helps. Thanks for asking.
  13. Pros and cons of Dremel Purfling router

    About a year ago, I made two plates that had deep (~2mm) purfling channels (grooves) in the central c-bouts. The M5 ring mode went to hell in a handbasket. I now keep it to 1mm and get good results. I do not see this sensitivity in the upper and lower bouts, but I could be wrong. (That would not be the first time. )
  14. CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    I think an invitation is needed to each of them because they may not read this thread for some time.
  15. CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    Why don't you ask them?