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  1. My own little experiments find that the chief function of the sound post is to provide support for the belly at an important point. This support point controls the belly's vibrations and the bridge response. So, you can try different materials and shapes with almost no noticeable changes in tone. Yes, the soundpost does transmit vibrations to the back, but this seems to be less important. However, you cannot neglect the interaction with the back if you want to get the right overall tone output.
  2. I haven't tried to cook it - yet. (It's still too cold here in NJ.) This is on my "to-do" list. However, a sample of iron rosinate on wood withstood about 4 days in my UV cabinet which is a good test for fugitive substances. Most fugitive colorants fade on the second day in this "torture chamber" as it were.
  3. Sorry gang, but I start sneezing and wheezing when reading this thread.
  4. Well, "Sighing". You are living up to your name. Tell us a little about your experiments.
  5. Stradivari was experimenting and changing his varnish technique throughout his life. It's a moving target. As for the effects of varnish on tone, many of us agree that it takes the edge off tone by adding a little damping.
  6. I have been doing CAD/CAM and CNC for quite a few years now, and I think the expectations by those unfamiliar with this are unrealistic. The CNC output is no better than the input. Having drawn a number of forms, outlines, and scrolls, I can say that interpretation is key. The original old instruments are warped, worn, and asymmetrical. I see that even with simple measurements such as the width of a bout, there can be disagreement by as much as ~1 mm. Then, on top of this is the workmanship of fitting your creation to the templates. There is a lot of room for mistakes and poor artistic merit. This is why I go to the VSA and get feedback, no matter how painful it may be.
  7. I have the Messiah template set and just noticed a few days ago that the scroll is way too long by about 4 mm. The garland form looks very good, however. Caveate emptor.
  8. Right. I use positive pressure so that the filtered air comes in from the bottom exits the top holes and out through any door leaks. There is a thermometer sticking out the top that monitors the cabinet temperature which runs at 80F (27C). The electrical ballasts do heat up the cabinet. So, a cooling fan is needed. BTW, paper kitchen towels are a BIG source of dust.
  9. I received a question about my UV cabinet. Here are some photos. One UV lamp pair is old 40W fluorescent and the other two pairs are 25W fluorescent. I got the tubes at Home Depot as well as the lamp fixtures and ballasts which are ordinary 115v. I can use this for wood tanning, but I do not tan with UV. It takes several days to see dark tanning results. Varnish curing is one day. The instrument rotates under a slowly rotating motor meant for turning an overhead ceiling ball at dance halls. I do not use type "C" lamps because those cause cataracts. Type "B" is plenty good. There is also a fan at the bottom with air filters to keep the circulating temperature under 80F. The ballasts warm things up. The inside is lined with aluminum foil.
  10. I do this because I like the people (well, most) and the challenges to figuring out problems. It keeps me young. Addie, don't forget your toenails.
  11. Right. I was afraid to try a burr with such hard steel, but it works with the Stew-Mac burnisher. In fact, your scrapers fit nicely into the burnisher's slot fixing the burr angle.
  12. John, Your scrapers take a nice burr and hold it. I use the Stew-Mac burnisher.
  13. Thanks, Jim, but I think we have similar tastes.
  14. I got an email from Fred just a few minutes ago. He's OK.
  15. Jim, How thick are these?