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  1. Thanks, guys, but it was in a book, I think. Not here on MN.
  2. Years ago, I recall someone like Beare or Sacconi writing that sometimes one can see a glint of red in Stradivari’s flames. I would like to find that. Anyone remember?
  3. I’ll hazard a guess that it due to late, long warm weather. If right, it bodes terribly with advancing climate change. Great pictures.
  4. As I posted elsewhere, my first violin used aniline dues in oil varnish and it faded like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. Test samples. Always.
  5. Ask the owner, what was used to polish the cello.
  6. I don’t remember them looking green. BTW, @Don Noonis right about flames being best seen in directional light against a dark background. In this case it also protected the varnish from fading.
  7. What struck me is that the room is dark. But then I realized that the overhead lights were not bright which protects the varnish. Great display. I would love to go back.
  8. Very nice. Any comment about the “kink” above the bass f-hole?
  9. Very nice looking. Congrats.
  10. Some makers use propolis in an instrument’s interior for a flowery scent. I don’t know if all players like it.
  11. Rachel at Kremer notified me that they combined my orders into one shipment, and they refunded the individual shipping costs. The package should arrive Monday. Now that is service summa cum laude.
  12. FWIW, Brandmair has mineral grounds in the colorless varnish layer. See B&G pp. 74-76. They are colored green in her illustrations.
  13. It’s not due to shellac. That’s why I mentioned Hargrave’s process earlier.
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