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  1. Back to the main subject of this thread. Is it clear how easy it is to lose focus and find totally unnecessary barriers? For me it is. It would be good if the human being, when disinterested in a subject, just omitted. Anyway, let it go. I will continue my studies.
  2. Yes, there were many software repositories 40 years ago. LOL. Now I'm having fun. Anyway, I really appreciate your constructive comments.
  3. Wow! You get offended quickly. I apologize, it was not my intention. I invite you to ignore this thread.
  4. Thank you for your encouraging position. If it's not relevant for some, it will be for others.
  5. Hello Michael. Sounds really good. This seems close to what I hypothetically envisioned. Do I need to be a member to access? I only see this on the page: "Violin people think about finishes in a way that guitar makers have difficulty grasping. It is an obsession. Darnton's lengthy article discusses varnish types and components and offers a few recipes. It doesn't seem fair that guitar folks don't get to play with stuff called dragons blood, sandarac, and propolis, to name just a few.Such exotic incantations are bound to improve a finish, don't you think? This article has been nominated as one of the Guild's best articles published before 2010." Thanks for your answer.
  6. I don't mean to sound offensive and I appreciate the jokes, but it's something like this that I refer to as "noises".
  7. A big advantage instead of organization, grouping, etc. Quickly a topic in a forum becomes something "noisy". I have nothing against those who don't want to reveal their secrets. It will probably be quite useful in the afterlife.
  8. That is the point: knowledge, method and practice. My practical field is limited. My best access is shellac and alcohol. If I build a violin a year, that's a lot.
  9. OK. I think it's valid to use ChatGPT for some things. Although the free version still misses many things. I think I'll wait for it to be able to operate some robotic equipment to make the varnish for me. Thanks.
  10. Hi Mike. Thanks for sharing the link. You assumed wrongly. Amazing how quickly people assume things on the Internet. In the title I already proposed a bank of knowledge. I am simply not interested in recipes, because my access to ingredients is very limited. I go beyond. The only book I have is Vernici in liuteria by Gabriele Carletti, which I have already translated into Portuguese. I don't want anyone to do my homework for me. All the best.
  11. As I already replied to Steve, I think the recipe itself is just icing on the cake. Isn't the most important thing to have the cake? I like the free stuff - I have no problem sharing it, but on this topic, my knowledge is still limited.
  12. Thanks for your reply, Steve. The ideal would be something broader and more structured. Even a cooking recipe with a list of ingredients and a good step by step can turn into a disaster in unprepared hands. Let alone a varnish recipe. Definitely the recipe itself is the least of the problems. The idea of using MN would be interesting, but not ideal. Something well structured requires document and text versioning. This would keep track of corrections and updates. I wonder if there isn't such a thing as GitHub, but with general purposes.
  13. I was thinking here how complex the universe of varnishes for musical instruments is - especially the classic ones. Following here on the forum, even without understanding enough, I see how "organic" a topic on this topic can be. Those who understand the English language are in privileged terrain for the most diverse areas of knowledge. It is no different with varnishes. For other speakers, terms can get even more ambiguous. Another thing I find difficult to deal with is the fragmentation of knowledge. How often is information lost or incomplete, like a broken link or photo, on forums! There is also a lot of noise in the discussions. Books should be a good source, or perhaps the best, for those with the access and budget, I think. In that sense, I'm led to believe that a repository of information on varnishes would be wonderful. Just like free software developers have, for example. On which, the most experienced and competent act as the main moderators in a mutual help group. Of course I say this from my point of view and limited context that may be irrelevant to most of this forum. Anyone interested in elaborating and expanding this idea?
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