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  1. Your newspaper is probably a private enterprise...are you concerned when they deny you access to information by censoring certain news stories or editorials to fit their views?
  2. ..site administrators after being asked to by one or two of the contributing members."...that's what happened to the "Who hijacked the Amati Foundation..." thread...oddly, "btownsend"'s explanation post remains...interesting selective censorsship...and the Fritz Reuter thread I started has completely disappeared...so much for free speech on "Maestronet"...good thing Maestronet doesn't run my local newspaper -- they'd probably want to edit the articles before I got to read them...how does everybody feel about such censorship?...post quickly as this thread will no doubt bite the dust soon as well...wonder what Howard Stern would say about this?...you may also want to go to this page and voice your opinion there: http://www.canadianfreespeech.com/homepage.html
  3. I like violins by Alfred Vidoudez...he is an early 20th century maker of outstanding instruments who is often overlooked because he was "Swiss"...all the specimens I've seen had cleated backs with identical shaped cleats placed in an identical pattern -- hence, I think they were original to the instrument...why he did it is unknown...but he most assuredly was a master violin maker who knew what he was doing.
  4. Which all goes to support "skiingfiddler"'s point -- if there had been a signed contract clearly specifying all the terms of the "business" then a lot of misery could have been avoided...most such groups form happenstance by virtue of membership in the same orchestra or participants in some camp, etc...the transition from a "social arrangement" to an operating business is often neglected.
  5. This link provides more detail and a good history of the dispute: http://www.geocities.com/audub...ition/audubon_comment ...this link provides some info about Ehrlich: http://www.redrocksmusicfestival.com/id22.htm ...a casual study of the case suggests that because Tom Shaw was one of the original founders of the quartet he believed his seniority gave him ownership of the quartet...the judge didn't agree...Shaw's summary dismissal of Ehrlich after 16 years as well as the terms of the dismissal lead me to believe there were deeper differences than simply musical ones...Ehrlich's victory looks appropriate...too bad they couldn't have found a more reasonable settlement earlier and perhaps spared their finances and their instruments.
  6. Call Shar or Southwest Strings...you can tell them what you're looking for and arrange a trial comparison of several instruments at once.
  7. ...on Ebay...if you purchased any items auctioned by the Amati Foundation and you find that you paid more than fair market value of the item then you should be eligible for a tax deduction for the excess amount since since the foundation is registered as a non-profit entity.
  8. It's interesting that people can listen to the same recording and arrive at completely different conclusions...listening to the CD my impression was that the artists didn't record the pieces together and perhaps didn't even rehearse them prior to recording them...actually sounded kind of like Hillary just overdubbed the piano...I got little sense of cohesiveness and practically no sense of cooperation -- each performer just sort of doing their own thing...I would recommend Grumiaux/Haskil for comparison.
  9. I believe the Amati Trust is different...perhaps I should say "was" different...I can find no information about the Amati Trust anywhere and their website doesn't work so perhaps they don't exist.
  10. I'm dismissing neither the existence or motives of the Amati Foundation or Mr. Townsend...like "apartmentluthier" I found the auctions a bit "fishy" and decided to do some investigating -- I presumed at the time that the sellers were in fact the foundation and/or Townsend...regardless, the information provided on the Amati website made them sound a bit "fishy" to me...they supposedly have commissioned all these violins but don't say when they'll be available...there are supposed to be all these big events promoting their work and these instruments but don't say when or where they'll take place...they try to talk you into a $150,000 donation to be a "patron" for an instrument but say the instrument won't be available to loan until TEN YEARS later...their address is a post office box...there is no mention of there being any board of directors...and the only instrument they appear to have actually loaned is one Townsend made for some central Texas violin competition...just seems like a lot of smoke but very little fire to me. And then there is Mr. Townsend working at Sodalis Technologies -- I'm quite sure that's his mug in the photograph displayed on their website...and that job description as vice-president of marketing -- he's listed as the person to contact for "media inquiries" -- sounds like an old fashioned 40 hour a week deal and not just a consultant...certainly doesn't sound like the kind of job a multimillionaire would want to latch onto...and he doesn't even mention the job in his profile on his website...however, he does mention being involved in several other activities...for example, he claims to be cofounder and chief marketing officer of something called "MagicLumen Productions" which allegedly produces a TV show called "Treasur'd Instruments"...but as hard as I tried I simply couldn't find a bit of information on that company or its TV program...he also says he's a partner at "Arbor Austin rare instrument equity fund"...I couldn't find anything info about them either...and he says he's chairman of "Dorio"-- a company which operates a website called "onlinerepertorytheater.com"...well, that website does exist but take a look at it and see if you can figure out where they are, how they're organized or what exactly they are supposed to be doing -- I couldn't...I dunno, maybe I'm overly suspicious but it just all seems kinda "fishy."
  11. I emailed the seller and he said it was the same cello that he had bought in the earlier auction; he's just trying to turn a profit on it.
  12. A rather extensive discussion of bridges by Joseph Curtain: http://www.josephcurtinstudios...nal_vsa/principles.htm
  13. Townsend's website says he is cofounder and chief marketing officer of "MagicLumen Productions" which produces the television show "Treasur'd Instruments"...I couldn't find anything about either one of them on the internet...anybody familiar with the company?...anybody seen the television program?
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