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  1. Brief Description: Cello I have a few more instruments that would like to sell, and they also need qualified evaluation. I would be grateful for any help. Long Description: Very old cello. Being in the condition playing. It has a few cracks on the upper deck which was newly reconstructed well. The tool has been restored long ago, when it was I do not know. A very fine and interesting Italian cello early 1800's. Beautiful Golden yellow over red varnish. Pegholes bushed. Grafted neck. Unlabelled but identified by experts as being Italian, Milan school. Size 742mm Outstanding professional ins
  2. Very interesting violin, similar to Italian. Has restorative etiquette: Carl Jaeger. Geigenmacher. rep. Hildersheim 1886 Has a buttery sound. sounds just curled! I am interested in everything there is to know about the origin of the violin. Also, the cost of a violin. I would be grateful for any information.
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