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  1. In World War One over one million French soldiers were killed before the Americans turned up over three years late. Over 10 times as many French soldiers were killed.
  2. No one is going to bother downloading a zip file to look at your pics.
  3. So in order to warn people of theft of violins you are willing to steal from the New York Times?
  4. Biography of a Spanish luthier?
  5. And there’s a Washington or two as well. So what?
  6. You obviously need an atlas.
  7. From the article: But what if indigenous African woods from the southern hemisphere were used to create an African violin? We set about testing the continent’s indigenous woods... This was so ignorant that I stopped reading at that point.
  8. Anyone whose interest is peaked needs to read more.
  9. Are you calling into question the honesty/veracity of germain’s original post? I don’t think this is the first time that you have made snide comments like that. If you said that to me in real life I’d be asking you to step outside.
  10. It’s always a good idea to read to the end of a thread before commenting on or querying something you read in the middle.
  11. You can’t see the massive flaw in that argument?
  12. How could you possibly find out?
  13. No provenance was given in the listing.
  14. No one, I should imagine. It certainly doesn’t give the information one would expect from the title of this thread, with or without an apostrophe in ‘players’. The same can be said for the very different headline in the article itself, and I cannot but wonder if the apostrophe in that ‘player’s’ is in the wrong place. And what is ‘appreciation’ supposed to mean? Ambivalent at best. I would say that Strings Magazine has failed to give its readers any useful information at all. Andrew
  15. Do you feel the same way about turds?
  16. And yet in 2018 there were 458 accidental gun-related deaths in the USA.
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