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  1. Presumably you didn’t tell him that you had referred to him here as an arsehole conman. > I'm not going to try and charge him the $200 I've put into putting it in top playing condition How bloody noble of you.
  2. The point is that such fakes do not need – and are not intended – to deceive anyone knowledgeable.
  3. Wouldn’t the rings then just squeeze up tighter against the ebony?
  4. That seems to be saying that no bows are nickel (Ni) mounted, and the ones that are not silver (Ag) are all nickel silver (Ni/Cu/Zn alloy). Is that really what you mean?
  5. rudall

    Fiddle ID.

    For some reason the OP has just sent me some hate mail concerning this violin. He is clearly demented. Just making people aware.
  6. Nickel and nickel silver are different things. As is cupronickel.
  7. Varnishing with the fingerboard on has nothing to do with speed of making.
  8. “One of the only inlaid instruments ever made by Antonio Stradivari...” I hope the violin is better than the writing.
  9. rudall

    Violin Id

    Is it not hand written?
  10. I have previously commented here that such categorisation would appear to be unreliable as I have a bow stamped Germany in the same way that was made in the 1970s.
  11. I think you mean “Cellos and celli are both correct.”
  12. Read what he says about Willian John Acton. Complete bollocks.
  13. Jezuppe was basically calling into question the OP’s honesty with no foundation whatsoever in his assertion. That is what I was objecting to, and was in no way an ‘error’
  14. Who said that? I think it’s pretty disgraceful to assume that of the OP when he said no such thing.
  15. None of which is any of your business.
  16. You think that a Collin-Mezin is cheaper now in real terms than when it was new? And which Collin-Mezin do you mean?
  17. rudall

    Cedar Tops?...

    I once auditioned a violin by Wulme-Hudson that had a cedar top. I didn’t buy it.
  18. If you want the authentic Irish sound then you need to get a crappy old box with loads of rosin caked on the front and bits of torn beer mat under the bridge feet.
  19. In World War One over one million French soldiers were killed before the Americans turned up over three years late. Over 10 times as many French soldiers were killed.
  20. No one is going to bother downloading a zip file to look at your pics.
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