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  1. Do you feel the same way about turds?
  2. And yet in 2018 there were 458 accidental gun-related deaths in the USA.
  3. I knew you would ask that! Because I say so! And even if it wasn't made in the 1970s (which it was) it sure as hell wasn’t made pre-war.
  4. If you are referring to the ‘Germany’ stamp, I wonder how reliable a measure that is. I have a bow stamped in the same way that was made in the 1970s.
  5. Pegbox? I think I can see a sound post crack as well as another on the bass side running up from the saddle area. Together they would reduce the value greatly.
  6. Who knows whether future technology will read today’s chips?
  7. Or they died, found something they liked more, had to pay for surgery, had a stroke, etc, etc.
  8. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard for you to come up with a few applicable scenarios. Maybe the then owner couldn’t afford to have it done. Maybe he just didn’t care. Maybe he liked the feel, of the leather. Fetish? No luthier nearby. And so on. Not too difficult.
  9. Classic FM is simply reporting. The barbarian perpetrator is in California.
  10. Why is it always some tosser who’s been a member of this forum for five minutes that starts these arguments? New members should keep their mouths shut until they learn who talks crap and who’s opinions they should just accept, and appreciate that person freely giving their time and expertise.
  11. I assume you could fairly easily tell the difference and identify between a Rembrandt and a Van Gogh? Can you tell us how to do that?
  12. How about the abysmal scroll and the treble side corners, which are three inches longer than those on the bass side?
  13. I was wondering that. The cracks that were the original topic of this thread aren’t exactly what I would call closed.... The graft itself looks a bit gappy as well. Why did it need to be done?
  14. So instead of answering the question you resort to inanity. Clearly most instruments display chirality but there are several that don’t and others that can be obtained or turned into left-handed versions. I assume you know this, so why be a smart arse?
  15. What evidence have you for this statement? How many have you tried? How many have you tried to play both ways? And even if you find it easy it doesn’t mean that anyone or everyone else will.
  16. Why did you want a certificate in the first place? To confirm what you believed or to tell you what you had no idea about? In either case why bother unless you want to sell it, which presumably you don’t?
  17. Why would any bow maker want to do that?
  18. It may have had one in 1902.
  19. Do you want a company local to you in New Zealand?
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