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  1. How is a violin made in Dublin in 1813 not British? Andrew
  2. rudall

    ID request please

    Maybe your time zone is too far away? Andrew
  3. Menuhin used one like that for teaching. There’s a video floating around somewhere.
  4. Actually it isn't tinder, at least literally .
  5. When people on this forum think ‘acid’, why do they always go for nitric? That’s surely the nastiest option unless the aim is to colour wood. If it’s just to react with calcium carbonate then any acid will do the trick. If you want something stronger than vinegar, then hydrochloric acid - known as ‘spirits of salts’ - will work. It should be available in any hardware shop. You will probably want to dilute it considerably. Always add acid to water, not water to acid. I use it to clean my toilets. Andrew
  6. One theory is that it is a corruption of 'box standard' – as opposed to 'box deluxe'. Used to describe the contents. I seem to remember that fireworks might be involved. Andrew
  7. Might the answer not lie in why the nut was being replaced? Andrew
  8. In pic 10 the flames do not match up across the crack. Andrew
  9. I think you have that backwards. Andrew
  10. I understood the OP to be saying that he thought the shop had set up the Fagnola deliberately so that it would sound bad and make ‘lesser’ instruments appear bargains in comparison. Andrew
  11. Googled him.