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  1. Why did you want a certificate in the first place? To confirm what you believed or to tell you what you had no idea about? In either case why bother unless you want to sell it, which presumably you don’t?
  2. Why would any bow maker want to do that?
  3. It may have had one in 1902.
  4. Do you want a company local to you in New Zealand?
  5. Isn’t how well the feet fit on the top of the instrument one of the most important features of a bridge? Yet this cannot be judged.
  6. Game, set and match – autocorrect!
  7. Only some. Plus a mistaken conclusion.
  8. It is a regular bow. What do you think is ‘all that trouble’? Where is the extra effort in making this bow? In fact you don’t even know that the person who stamped it was the same person who made it. So there’s even less effort. And how can you believe that there is no reason for making a fake? If that were true there wouldn’t be any.
  9. Does it give a more mellow tone?
  10. On the top bow the letter spacing is far greater.
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