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  1. rudall

    boxwood fittings, the next step up in quality

    Has anyone seen or used lignum vitae for pegs? Easily available in the form of old bowls woods - as in the game, not soup. Andrew
  2. rudall

    If you have a spare million lying around

    Unfortunately it took him 29 years to get round to it. Maybe there weren’t any in Russia.
  3. rudall

    If you have a spare million lying around

    He clearly didn’t in 1974. Andrew
  4. rudall


    Is it not simply an Americanism? Andrew
  5. rudall

    Drawing an Outline

    Why? Andrew
  6. rudall

    Melvin Goldsmith bench

    Just another 200 years to go.
  7. rudall

    Old Bow I/D English c1800?

  8. rudall

    New Article By Adam Goltry......Fixing a Broken Button

    Would installing such a clavette be a good idea on a new instrument for greater strength in this area? Andrew
  9. rudall

    NYC Auction

    And a viola by John Cockburn of this parish. Andrew
  10. rudall

    Kid tripping to Hamburg. Violin shops?

    ????? Andrew
  11. My advice would be to be quiet and listen. As a tyro, your score of 280 posts in your first three months is ridiculous (and annoying). Andrew
  12. Funny ha ha or funny peculiar? Andrew
  13. rudall

    loss of value in bow after spline

    If you want the bow to be tightened to the same degree (the same 'straightness') when playing, then the amount of hair is irrelevant is it not? Andrew
  14. rudall

    Resizing images to specific measurements

    If all you want to do is print an image at a certain size, then you can simply set the scale percent in the page setup/print dialog box when you print it. Andrew
  15. rudall

    loss of value in bow after spline

    Sorry - I added to my post while you were replying.