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  1. It is a regular bow. What do you think is ‘all that trouble’? Where is the extra effort in making this bow? In fact you don’t even know that the person who stamped it was the same person who made it. So there’s even less effort. And how can you believe that there is no reason for making a fake? If that were true there wouldn’t be any.
  2. rudall

    Neck Stain

    Does it give a more mellow tone?
  3. On the top bow the letter spacing is far greater.
  4. The ‘ENGLAND’ stamps also appear to be quite different.
  5. Germain, can’t you find violins of this type/quality closer to where you live instead of putting money into the pockets of this French criminal?
  6. Why not simply ask Brompton’s? You would have had a definitive answer by now. I really can’t understand why people keep asking such questions here.
  7. He is also unrestrainedly approbatory on the subject of William Atkinson, one of whose violins is in my personal and proud possession. (Morris’s style seems to have rubbed off.) ”The scroll is a masterly conception and of Pheidian beauty.” It certainly is.
  8. Surely a stain or dye doesn’t have particles at all.