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  1. Whether you want to or not is irrelevant, at least in the UK. All the information is available on the land registry website.
  2. Also rather lazy not to make the new button in two parts.
  3. Charm school closed due to Covid?
  4. Fine by me. I wondered, given your history of observational weakness, if you had mistaken it for a cello.
  5. So why did you buy it, seeing that it was described as a violin? You do seem to have a burning need to buy crap in auctions.
  6. As far as I know, there are bows that are mounted in nickel, as can been seen by the greenish tarnish it acquires. The so-called ‘German silver’ (maillechort, neusilber, etc) is typically an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc. Then there is cupronickel, an alloy of copper and nickel. The latter two alloys do not readily tarnish, hence their use in musical instruments and coinage. The current US dime, for example, is cupronickel.
  7. You don’t know who is selling these instruments. Are they from customers of the makers who have become dissatisfied with the instruments? Customers who have moved on to something better? Customers who have died? Or are they rotten examples that have been lying in the makers’ studios for a few years and haven’t sold? Possibly the most likely scenario?
  8. The photographer was even kind enough to include a caption!
  9. You might wonder why the violins you suggested are being sold.