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  1. One theory is that it is a corruption of 'box standard' – as opposed to 'box deluxe'. Used to describe the contents. I seem to remember that fireworks might be involved. Andrew
  2. Might the answer not lie in why the nut was being replaced? Andrew
  4. In pic 10 the flames do not match up across the crack. Andrew
  5. I think you have that backwards. Andrew
  6. I understood the OP to be saying that he thought the shop had set up the Fagnola deliberately so that it would sound bad and make ‘lesser’ instruments appear bargains in comparison. Andrew
  7. Googled him.
  8. Speaking of fancy labels, there was an English amateur maker of the 1920s (?) whose name escapes me – a reverend someone – who had a most impressive one. Answers on a postcard. Andrew
  9. I believe that the rounded ends indicate that it was cut with a router. The ‘sloppily cut’ is damage. Andrew
  10. Has anyone seen anything like this or know what it might mean in relation to an 1899 Collin-Mezin? It seems to be under the varnish, but I’m not certain. Andrew