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  1. Cheap but OK-ish 'Baroque' bows?
  2. UK Luthiers?

    I was so pleased with getting Clutterbuck right that I didn’t notice.
  3. UK Luthiers?

    Peter Waters at Waters Violins in Wallingford is very good. John Clutterbuck (ex Hill’s) does his regaining. Andrew
  4. Auction house advice

    You seem to be unfamiliar with travelling to London. Depending on where you live, if you want to drive most of the way, the simplest procedure is to drive to somewhere like Wimbledon, where you can easily park, and take the tube the rest of the way. If you are approaching from a different direction, modify appropriately. Andrew
  5. French Polish ( Article )

    To what extent? To make a bow with a worn finish look like new? Don't some bows have an oil finish? Andrew
  6. Bring Luthier Training to Trinidad

    Is it any worse than, say, New Orleans or Tokyo?
  7. Bring Luthier Training to Trinidad Andrew
  8. Is this a decent violin?

    Oh god. You don't live near me, do you?
  9. wood id just for fun

    Lignum vitae? Cocus?
  10. Fritz/Curtin Projection Experiments

    Interesting to see that lessons have been learned as regards conflict of interest. In the footnotes we have: "Conflict of interest statement: The authors note J.C. is owner of Joseph Curtin Studios, which builds violins and violas. F.-C.T. is an employee of D'Addario & Company, which manufactures orchestral strings." In the 2011/12 'Player preferences among new and old violins' study we had: "The authors declare no conflict of interest." Which was blatantly untrue. Andrew
  11. Box fittings out of the box

    Is it really? There's a big tree right outside my house and I live near Box Hill. The name is no coincidence. Cutting down one or two might upset a few people, though. Andrew
  12. Edward Herron-Allen ebook...

    First of all, his name is spelled Heron-Allen. If anyone is going to malign a polymath of the first water, then at least do him the courtesy of getting his name right. Andrew
  13. This Viola Looks Nice

    The Hill certificate states it as being 409mm, vs Tarisio's 40.2mm Andrew
  14. 1957 or 1965

    After eight years? Wouldn't catastrophic damage be more likely? Andrew
  15. What does the Pegbox think of this scroll ?

    He is using them for criticism isn't he? No he isn't. He is not criticising the photographs. He may be criticising the scroll, but that is irrelevant. Andrew