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  1. The leopard's head (referred to as 'Lyon' above) means that the item was assayed in London. The date letter 'O' refers to 2013. Both look a bit dodgy to me, besides being irrelevant and ugly. This is what it should look like: Andrew
  2. What’s wrong with candle wax?
  3. A very old one:
  4. You could say the same thing about any item in any auction. The fact that it is rare and valuable is irrelevant. Surely the reason is obvious? Andrew
  5. There are other living former Hill’s bow makers are there not? Andrew
  6. This is what I call a BSA.
  7. Indeed. I didn’t bother mentioning that because for a violin bow it would be, wouldn’t it? So if it turns out to be fairly inexpensive, what’s the problem?
  8. In other words, violin bows with ivory parts can be legally traded as long as they were made before 1975 and are registered. Is that right? Do you have any idea how much registration will cost? Andrew
  9. I assume that when you say ‘English’ you mean ‘British’. But in any case Shaw was Irish. As you say, you know nothing. Andrew
  10. > Once I touched the already dry back plate What precisely do you mean by "touched"? Andrew
  11. rudall


    They could also be removed and inserted into another instrument. Andrew
  12. It might be more useful to track down descendents. But why couldn’t a forger swab the marked spot on one violin and transfer the DNA to another? Andrew
  13. How can something be centred at an edge? Andrew