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  1. West Country Violins? Brian is a very decent chap.
  2. The OP’s is only starting to deteriorate.
  3. Much better! (Not a great fan of Martin Hayes, though.)
  4. No Irish musician refers to their music as ‘folk’.
  5. At least you got ‘you’re’ right. I’m going to start calling out people who miss the ‘d’ in ‘dutzendarbeit’ next.
  6. I think matesic means ‘conclave’.
  7. Maybe Yogic could tell them how to run their business.
  8. Don’t you mean ‘especially’ between? ’Even’ would be correct if you said “even between two Americans”. And we haven’t had a king for some time.
  9. I’m sure they appreciate your thoughts on how they should run their businesses. I was under the impression that the goal was profit. How they go about that is up to them.
  10. You miss the point. As my reading comprehension is pretty good, I am aware of the topic under discussion. Where did you get the idea that Tarisio thought that parts of the violin might be by Zanoli?
  11. It isn’t one at the moment, is it?
  12. Sad, perhaps, and desperately stupid, but funny?
  13. There were plenty of auctions, just as there are now.