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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm hoping someone could help me with this. I was wondering if anyone here knows where I could purchase the movie "Stradivari". I've looked everywhere but no luck. I really want to get a copy of this movie. I hope someone can help. Thanks!!
  2. My #1 favorite is Jascha Heifetz. My #2 favorite is Itzhak Perlman. And my #3 favorite is Issac Stern.
  3. Hello Everyone!! I came across this video and thought I share this with you all. I found it very interesting. "http://http://youtube.com/watch?v=PoJfIvfw9UI">
  4. Hello Everyone! I am hoping to gather advice in this topic. I would like to know: How long should one practice? What should I practice? Scales, pieces, Kreutzer? How long in each of these areas? I've been taking lessons for about 2 yrs now and am working on Beethoven's Minuet in G from the suzuki book 2. I have to work on scales too, but with all honesty, I don't like scales. My teacher has me practice kreutzer, scales and the piece from the suzuki book. But I don't think I'm practicing how I should to advance more like I would like to. Thanks!
  5. I recently had to take my violin to the shop due to bridge warping forward. They steamed it to put it back to shape and hopefully it will stay straight. Was this a good idea or should it be replaced? Now I noticed that my A string is much brighter. And I also noticed that the string is not as wounded up tight like the other string laying over the bridge. Does this mean that I need to replace my strings ? Is it getting ready to break? Please help!
  6. Im not a pro here, but you could also do some long and short bowing exercises.
  7. Hello! I had the same experience with my violin. My violin originally came with Dominant string and tried the Evah and didn't like the loud and too bright sound. I just also tried the obligato and but don’t really care for those either. I suggest you stick to what you like best or how they sound on the violin.
  8. Thank you Falstaff. I really appreciate your help in linking the pictures. I will put a new set of strings and see how it sounds. Has anyone heard of Calvert strings?
  9. I am having a hard time posting the pics. I'll try tomorrow. "http://http://s205.photobucket.com/albums/bb84/lupe0824/?action=view&current=271c8bab.pbw"> violin
  10. I recently purchase a 3/4 size violin for $25. The person I bought it from said she had it for about 40yrs. There's no label inside. I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on this violin. What could it be worth for? It needs new strings, some cleaning too. Has quite a few scratches from wear and tear. I would appreciate any information. THANKS! http://s205.photobucket.com/albums/bb84/lu...nt=271c8bab.pbw "http://http://s205.photobucket.com/albums/bb84/lupe0824/?action=view&current=271c8bab.pbw"> violin
  11. Brad_Dorsey Thanks for the suggestion. I will give them a call tomorrow.
  12. Thank you everyone for replying. Marie Brown I don’t teach, but thanks for the recommendation. Andres Sender I will give them a call on Monday. Thanks!
  13. The one I had was an all risks policy. Its not a super expensive violin, but if you only knew what I had to go through to get this violin. And plus, I live in Watts, CA. Not that its destined to get stolen or damaged. But better be safe than sorry. Oh, I forgot to also mention that I have pets. Petey (my chihuahua) might get mad at me for popping him when he miss behaves. But my home insurance only covers fire. Any other suggestions?
  14. I'm hoping to get some help here. Today I received a letter from the insurance company where I have my violin insured notifying me that they will no longer insure California Residents. I need to find an insurance company. Any recommendations? I want an all risks policy separate from my home insurance. Its not a very expensive violin but I treasure it a lot because it took me a long time to save up for it. Thanks!
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