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  1. Good job Manfio, Finally a violin from you!hehehehe! I like the maple, very nice. Bye and hope to see you in Brazil next time I will be there in Sao Paulo, the last time, I was invited to the Opera, and I forget to inform you...sorry!
  2. Yes Tets Kimura! Thanks for the pics! And Will, I agee with you...and thanks for your welcome, I appreciated. Well, I had the chance for 2 times to have a very last period Guadagnini in my hand, here it in private session and examinate it. I have to be honest, many sensations and feelings this violins put out, its incredible, I love it, very much, but my english speacking can not explane, may also in italian... Anyway, this maker, really had a strange feeling, in its latest works, I face that he was an old man, he faced the end, and he still wants to love the life in his making. May I'm confused, but this is what I felt.
  3. Nothing about FF holes? This is the real heaven of G.B Guadagnini! Expecially on last period. Any comments?
  4. I do copy of G.B. Guadagnini, he was born in my city, and I follow his masterworks. Here is a pictures of Rotary Club invite me to a memorial of his born, and there was the Scala quartet plaing also a my instrument. This one in my hand is a my guadagnini copy, last period, 1774. And in front of my, my lovely woods...