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  1. H.R.Fisher

    Thin top /high density?

    l will put it together and string it up in the white ,glueing the top on very lightly and see how it performs . If it doesn't work I can still take it off and replace it. I'm doing this as a hobby,I'm not tied to any time or financial constraints. Again , thanks for all your helpful responses. The best to you all Henry
  2. H.R.Fisher

    Thin top /high density?

    One thing I am good at is confusing myself. By my assuming the mode 5 to be at 440 I thinned the upper and lower bouts to just under 2mm and sp area around 3mm bringing the wt. to 69g with the bb installed. Than using my chladni frequency generator the mode 5 now dropped to a low 266 hz! This is quite low but I think it will still work as it is still quite stiff,having a grain width of 32 per inch. Now my next consideration is if I should make any adjustment on the back which is currently at 113 g with mode 5 at 344hz. Thanks for your Consideration, I' m still learning Henry
  3. H.R.Fisher

    Thin top /high density?

    I am certainly not in a position to disagree with the pros, either i'm doing something wrong or my equipment is not working. Using my frequency analyzer app on my smart phone i get a tap tone in the 440 range and using the chladni tone generator I get around 238 hz. what am I doing wrong?
  4. H.R.Fisher

    Thin top /high density?

    No, I checked again, it is actually 440 , tap tone A
  5. H.R.Fisher

    Thin top /high density?

    as near as I can tell around .52
  6. H.R.Fisher

    Thin top /high density?

    It's real spruce wood! I' m a bit suspicious that my tonewood supplier is getting rid of some of his undesirable stock thinking this novice won't know any better.[which may have been true] From now on I will be specifying the density prior to purchasing it.
  7. H.R.Fisher

    Thin top /high density?

    I have this high density spruce top I'm struggling with. The current wt. is 72 gm ,f-holes are cut without base bar. The graduation is already quite thin. 1.5mm thick 15mm in from and along the perimeter , 2.2mm in main area of upper and lower bouts ,3.0 at sp area. Mode 5 ring tone 430. Arch hgt.14.5. Can this be made to work? Also what can be done with the back,if anything , should it be graduated accordingly? Your helpful response would be greatly appreciated . Thanks ; Henry
  8. H.R.Fisher

    Don Noon's bench

    I am increasing your replies by one. that # is a bit scary!!
  9. H.R.Fisher

    Wood density, application?

    I have just added another nuance to my already overloaded information arsenal. Specific gravity/density, I am assuming these terms mean much the same thing. I have devised a simple method [illustrated below] which I suppose is valid. My question is, what does this mean? How does this relate to arching hgt,plate thickness, plate wt. tone, voice etc? The density of the spruce in the photo is around .52 , From my research this is on the high side. So what are my options to make this a workable instrument? As always, thanks in advance for your helpful information. Henry
  10. H.R.Fisher


  11. H.R.Fisher


    Following are two of my winter projects. As always I welcome your critique.Some of the flaws i'm personally aware of but others I may not be aware of. Take a look give your comments. Thanks, Henry #1:
  12. H.R.Fisher

    Real Purfling?

  13. H.R.Fisher

    Self-taught violin makers

    I would suggest it depends on your definition of success .If success means winning the applause and recognition of the world most renowned players and makers you may never reach this level of success,but if success means having an enjoyable fulfilling livelihood by building a decent playable fiddle ,than you can be successful. I attest to the latter. The best to you, Henry
  14. H.R.Fisher

    Harsh sound?

    Gives me indigestion! Think i'll go back to making picnic tables---
  15. H.R.Fisher

    Harsh sound?

    Thanks Don; Could you elaborate on wood choice and arching. My experience has been even with similar arching with finished wt. w/ BB @ 70 gr. there is yet quite a variation .