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  1. A string problem

    I found an evah A to be a slight improvment .I ordered A few eudoxa,I'll see how they work. Thanks , Henry
  2. A string problem

    This is most pronounced under the ear but can also be heard by the audience if they are aware of it. I use dominant med on most of my instruments, I tried other brands but the this didn,t help I,ll try to post some audio clips if I can figure out how to do it.
  3. A string problem

    I have an ongoing problem with a number of my instruments with the open A string sounding loud,blaring and tinny.This is also noticeable on the on the 4th position on the D string but not as pronounced. I tried to isolate it by putting finger pressure on different areas of the body but i,m not able to determine the source. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Henry
  4. plate tuning specs ?

    All my transactions will be in bitcoin
  5. plate tuning specs ?

    I have great respect for both but unfortunately have never had opportunity to hear or play either of their instruments.
  6. plate tuning specs ?

    My resource :CMH " I have learned that if modes #2 matches in top and in back, than mode #5 can be at the same or different frequencies in top and in back for good results". Some old lady of the by gone days??
  7. plate tuning specs ?

    As an aspiring maker I am exploring various methods and techniques to come up with predictable results. I have built two dozen plus fiddles, some fairly good some not so good concentrating mostly on construction, dimensions, thickness etc. I want to give more attention to tap tones, modes flexing and so on ,perhaps some day I'll be able to make an excellent instrument.
  8. plate tuning specs ?

    Final specs: top 66gr w/ BB ff back 117 gr [ very dense wood] mode 1 T 96hz B 116 hz mode2 T 164hz B 164hz mode5 T 355hz B 339hz The back rather heavy and already quite thin and my resource tells me mode 2 top and back should be equal. I'll see how it works out.
  9. plate tuning specs ?

    I guess much like my blood pressure readings,it tells me what my blood pressure is but not much about my health otherwise. But than again it;s bad if too high and bad if it;s too low. But one must start somewhere.
  10. plate tuning specs ?

    PLEASE! PLEASE !! spare me!
  11. plate tuning specs ?

    yes David, I listed the tap tones by tapping the plates and comparing them with my piano. In my naivete I didn't occur to me until you mentioned it that this is the same as the mode frequencies. And yes the back is very dense maple. thanks, I;m learning Henry
  12. plate tuning specs ?

    I am currently in the process of trying to learn plate tuning using the chladni method. Listed below are the current specs of my first attempt. Will this work? Your input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Henry Top plate wt. w/ BB and ff 71gr Back plate 122gr Tap tone both top and back F Mode 1 Top 99hz back 118hz Mode 2 Top 168 hz Back 168 hz Mode 5 Top 370 hz Back 342 hz
  13. H.R.Fisher

    I used a sugar seal than a few coats of clear spirit under joha colored oil varnish from International violin co.
  14. H.R.Fisher

    Yes Jim; I noticed that too on the pic, The actual dim .is 30mm at the bottom and 28.5 at the neck.
  15. H.R.Fisher

    Here is my most recent creation. Take a look and give your most critical evaluation. MN is the only helpful resource I have to help me improve my craft. Positive complements are encouraging and appreciated but that's not what i'm fishing for. It takes a lot of nerve as an amateur to post my work here but as mentioned I need your input to know where I'm at or where I'm going. Thanks for your consideration Henry