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  1. Richard is alive, I just got an email from Klaus!
  2. I thought Richard was still alive, my condolences to his family. The bow plays very well and I feel like it has the weight to draw out a more full sound. The bow weighs 62.3 grams.
  3. Thank you for all of the help. What would you value it at? The seller is asking for $3900 USD Also, is there a reason why Richard Grunke seems less esteemed than his son Klaus?
  4. Here are some more pictures of the crack of the ivory plate. I said wear because the pearl eyes are really recessed and the stamp on the frog is very faint, not as strong as others I have seen. The bow plays very, maybe a little frog heavy, but a great bow nonetheless
  5. This is a bow I’m seriously considering. I’m worried that there is a lot of wear, the eyes on the frog are almost gone, and there is a crack on the ivory plate. Any thoughts on value and how I should proceed in purchasing? Thank you guys! I appreciate it always! https://imgur.com/gallery/B7Jkj2v
  6. USD LOL is it that unbelievable? It plays very well, something I couldn’t imagine being $350
  7. It’s stamped as you can see in the pics on imgur, but he says that they can’t attribute it to anyone for sure. I feel like the frog and ferrule are pretty distinctive, but I’m not an expert
  8. Thoughts on this bow? My dealer is asking $3500 for it https://imgur.com/gallery/R90cwQn
  9. What are your recommendations for matching varnish colors and fitting woods? What would you think would look good with red varnishes in particular?
  10. Thanks everyone for sharing! They all look great and are helping me think of ideas
  11. Eric! The exact person I was hoping for! Do you have any frontal shots of this set? It’s amazing! Any other cool inlays or painted tailpieces?
  12. Do you guys have any pictures for cool and unusual tailpieces? I’m having an instrument commissioned and I am discussing with my violin maker doing something different but elegant for my tailpiece (carving, inlay, painting, etc) please post some pictures for inspiration! It’s been hard just trying to search for it
  13. I have always been curious, but does anyone know the history behind violin fine tuners from the day the were invented and prominent figures who created the idea or violinists who advocated their use?
  14. But the instruments I am interested are made by young talented violin makers? What makes auctioned instruments less likely to sound good other than the risk of having the sound not match my wants exactly? From what I have read about these makers, they all have studied in a violin making school and have commissioned prices of $10,000+. From my understanding, contemporary makers who are not established tend to resale poorly hence the low estimates and realized prices in auctions. Are these instruments inherently worse than going to the maker directly? I know that it was discussed that many times that bad instruments are auctioned, but these makers have several instruments in their sale history and I cannot imagine that they have a turnout rate of that many poor instruments, but I do acknowledge my lack of knowledge on these sort of things. I agree that a return policy is a great asset. Thank you for everyone for contributing. For me, the conversation so far has turned into an interesting discussion regarding contemporary violins in these types of auctions. It has become apparent to me that many believe that the risk of not hearing a violin is much too risky to go and blindly buy an instrument. Knowing that these makers are going to a modern violin making school and learning similar techniques and creating instruments accordingly, shouldn't the differences in sound be more in terms of taste rather than qualities that are inherent with good violins (ie responsiveness, evenness of tone, etc.)? I have several colleagues who literally had theirs violin teachers buy modern instruments from one of their friends and that was their new instrument moving forward. I just want to say that I appreciate all of the responses so far and I am learning from every one of you.
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