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  1. What are your recommendations for matching varnish colors and fitting woods? What would you think would look good with red varnishes in particular?
  2. Thanks everyone for sharing! They all look great and are helping me think of ideas
  3. Eric! The exact person I was hoping for! Do you have any frontal shots of this set? It’s amazing! Any other cool inlays or painted tailpieces?
  4. Do you guys have any pictures for cool and unusual tailpieces? I’m having an instrument commissioned and I am discussing with my violin maker doing something different but elegant for my tailpiece (carving, inlay, painting, etc) please post some pictures for inspiration! It’s been hard just trying to search for it
  5. I have always been curious, but does anyone know the history behind violin fine tuners from the day the were invented and prominent figures who created the idea or violinists who advocated their use?
  6. But the instruments I am interested are made by young talented violin makers? What makes auctioned instruments less likely to sound good other than the risk of having the sound not match my wants exactly? From what I have read about these makers, they all have studied in a violin making school and have commissioned prices of $10,000+. From my understanding, contemporary makers who are not established tend to resale poorly hence the low estimates and realized prices in auctions. Are these instruments inherently worse than going to the maker directly? I know that it was discussed that ma
  7. Can you show me which ones I should be looking at from the auction?
  8. For the price, isn't it cheaper to buy the instrument on auction for around $5000 vs $10000+ on commission or from a dealer? Yeah I haven't thought about why contemporary violins end up at auction houses... that is a very good point to bring up. All of the contemporary violins in this auction are Italian haha
  9. That is something I am willing to risk, but yeah it is in the back of my mind I wish I could go, but it isn't an option yet or for a while for me When I wrote resale, I should that it purchasing through auction is cheaper than going through a dealer or the maker themselves. I have no intention of reselling or making a profit. Haha that is super generous. I'm pretty average and play on the side for my enjoyment, I would much rather see someone else use a Strad to the best of its ability
  10. For the last couple of years, I have been looking for an instrument and I have finally saved up enough money to purchase the next step up. I am infamous here looking for a "patron" for a violin, but I have grown up a lot from then and have really put in the effort of working with what I have while looking for a new instrument. I was talking with a colleague of mine and they told me that looking at the online auction houses and purchasing a contemporary instrument is a great way to get a great value due to resale and the depreciation that comes from selling a contemporary instrument. I thought
  11. Awesome, thank you for your input! I added some more photos, do you think there is any more information to share, perhaps on value? Let me know if other photos are necessary as well
  12. Thoughts on this instrument? Unlabeled and sounds decent.
  13. It is being sold by the Borbst Violin Shop They call it an unlabeled German violin from 1935 and are asking $6,500
  14. Any more thoughts? I would like some more information if possible before I go any deeper. Thank you all in advance!
  15. Thank you for all your thoughts. I'm not local to this store, but these are pictures provided on their website. I have requested some more if they can spare the time. They have just said it looks like a German instrument around 1935 patterned after Guarneri.