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  1. Here is the update. Good news. Paypal turned down buyer claim and I got my money back. Bad news. Buyer left nasty negative feedback and I asked ebay to remove it. Ebay customer service advises me to "work it out " with buyer. The feedback system is a joke. I have to "work it out" with extortive buyer to remove the negative feedback even his claim to Paypal was turned down. Looks to me scammer can retaliate sellers any time. With buyer's feedback "hidden in private" as in this case, buyer can scam seller with 100% positive rating as ebay policy only allows seller to give positive feedback. No way to warn future sellers as the real contexts on buyer's feedbacks can never be seen.
  2. I agree with you Zulu to some extent, but, If all the repairs were professionally done or halfway decent, it will not be sold for a few hundred dollars. However, the buyer is complaining on things like cheap violin, cheap wood, f holes shapes, dimensions etc.. which barely have to do with the repair quality. BTW, it is fully in playing condition with sound clip on listing. If the buyer doesn't like it, why he wants to keep it even though I offered a return/refund. I think he wants a big margain and want me to bendover.
  3. Just sold an old restored violin with many many repairs for $250 +$20 shipping. Buyer filed a "not as decribed item" with BS excuses against me and asked for $110 partial refund and at same time wanted to keep the violin. I offered "good will" return/refund of $250 even the listing said as it is /no refund (unless the item is grossly mis-represented). Buyer refused. Now Paypal is holding the payment and will make final decision. Looks to me the buyer is taking advantage of buyer protection plan. Did you have such bad experience and how do you handle this. Thanks.
  4. Let's be scientic by putting nano thickness piezoelectric film under the feet to filter out certain undesirable frequency from bridge transfering to top and make every VSO sound like Stradivarius.
  5. Can't help myself. Here is another one. Master Art To my untrained eyes, it looks like a mass-produced Strad copies abundant in the thousands if not millions.
  6. I took two bridges from http://www.violinbridges.co.uk to show I what mean "foot thickness". Look at the circle areas. One is thin and the other is quite thick.
  7. It's common sense that the foot should fit perfectly (no gap) with the belly for vibration transmission. What is the proper thickness range?? What are the effects of foot thickness that is too thick or too thin ?
  8. The auction is over and I would like you, experts, to discuss this sale. Thanks. It looks to me anything but masterart. The varnish color, scroll, off-center end pin hole.... John Juzek Masterart
  9. ebay violin Looks to me a factory violin with deep flamed back. Nothing special.
  10. You can get good, new Chinese punambuco bow for about US $200 in retail. How do you determine if an old bow is worth rehairing? (I am not talking about bows in thousands of dollars). For instance, old german commercial bows stamped Tourte, Bausch etc. If they are in decent shape, is rehairing worthy?
  11. Thanks for the info. I remember reading somewhere that the patch should be off alignment (very little) with the top grain to get a strong reinforcement ??? I am confused. How close does the crack need to be around sound post or bridge foot before considering a patch instead of reglue/cleats only?
  12. Is there a consensus of the patch thickness and size? If the S P crack is long, saying from saddle to the upper eye, will 1 1/4" size patch plus cleats be sufficient for repair? Thanks.
  13. Thanks guys. Any ideas where the cleats should be placed? Under the bridge foot?
  14. I accidentally cracked the top next to the left upper eye. The crack is about 1 1/2 inches long, right above the bass bar to be installed. The crack is only half way thru the thickness from outside. I glued the crack with clamps. Do I need internal cleats prior to install the bass bar? Thanks.
  15. Yes, but not that good looking.
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