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  1. my favorite is the seller "aikimofo", who used to sell questionable bows and Italian?/Chinese violins with obviously doctored labels. I assume from the name he is a bad "mofo" who is adept at aikido, and is gonna come kick some butt if you don't like the junk he sells? there is a new one now, taichimaster7777, who is cozy with old rosy, rosyviolin that is. these long island ny/philly pa scumbags keep morphing into new and unimproved scumbags, just to stay a few steps ahead of the fiddlepolice. whatever happened to tazarxx? vaktor825? forced into retirement? maybe they just made a lot of dough and moved offshore?
  2. i love the way some people highlight the fake labels with great care, reproducting them, photographing them, and then turning around and saying "it may not be real", then flipping over again, and stating, "but it's still Italian?" talk about having your cake and eating it too!! they know full well that many bidders outside the u.s. see "Italian" and fall all over themselves to bid, never reading the "fine print". what people will stoop to, just to make a buck.
  3. duh, i've suspected something fish bout that seller for ages.
  4. seems Italian? violins with questionable labels are the rage these days on ebay. what puzzles me, is if they are genuine Italian? violins, then why not send them to a fine auction house where they are certain to realize their actual? worth. Italian? violins on ebay generally only bring what the usual French? and German? violins bring and little more.
  5. Listings, don't turn people on, really nice instruments do. what turns me off is sellers who bull s@it and say fiddles with cracks are in excellent condition say trade violins are concert violins suited for professionals wax eloquent on tone while you would have to be blind, stupid, or both to not see that the thing is not even set up worth a darn horrific bridge old strings worn out pegs "ad" nauseum, pun intended or make lame excuses that crap turns me off you can tell they can't even play i think they read some fancy books and just throw words around that mean nothing mainly i think they are just throwing around any old terms to fill up space and try to impress someone into thinking they know something when they don't a lot of bunkem a good violin will sell it self a bad one needs help and a lot of bull hockey.
  6. quote...Start the auction off at 99 cents, with good pics, and a good, decent description, and it will eventually sell for what it's worth at "that" particular time of the week. If you "candy-coat" a few things, it will sell for even more. that seems reasonable.
  7. add to list of good sellers: richf50 ***** five stars also a note about herbavarious. there is not a finer gentleman on ebay.
  8. Quote: OLLIE! -- The pantalones are absolutely perfect-- you should see how they look on me! Where can I find a puffy shirt??? All Best, Prince Of Snot. I am the pauper of snot, with a cold, puffy? not stuffy? pretentious and precocious. either way, you look fabulous. Frankly i prefer my pretentious pauper paraphernalia, to your princely profile, cause when i'm gussied up in full feather, from top to bottom, in my pitiful peasant panoply, i am soooo purdy? I go "swish"! Now, I'm All decked out and ready to go purchase some pitiful fiddles (pitifiddles) on ebay, that paradise for purveryors of poo. sniffle gawt any phiddles fur sale? ollie why does it always have to be an either/or/neither/nor situation? can't we have it both/all ways. I'm in love. p.s. i have a puffy shirt your can borrow, if you promise to take me dancing.
  9. Quote: OLLIE! I'm going shopping at Robinson's May later for a red velvet cloak with britches to match. OOOOH, i dig those princely pantalones, i do , i do.
  10. isn't the world big enough for both ebay violin bargains and ripoffs and violin shop bargain and ripoffs to coexist? let the unsophisticated and tin-eared masses get the fiddle of their dreams or nightmares on ebay, and the the sensitive virtuosos can frequent the high brow shops,and get the fiddle of their dreams or nightmares. fraud and questionable business practices are not limited to ebay. i know of someone who bought a well known 19th cent maker from a high profile shop in Philly. 20 years later went to another high profile shop to consign it, in Chicago, and they wouldn't agree on the attribution. so he lost about 10,000 due to a difference of opinion. so it's not all hunky dory whether you are a pedestrian pauper and bid on ebay, or a pompous prince and can hob knob at the "blue chip" shop. so what's the fuss. or is it just general grumpiness/tax time.
  11. add to the list so far of GOOD sellers: grannygoose geese-in-the-bog bernardine richietman music-river firene violinhunter zgrey
  12. you're right guys. i'm wrong. sorry ;( idealistic black sheep ollie
  13. 1. i am not music-river 2. i do not sell on ebay 3. i will in the future take it upon myself to bid on every deserving seller's fiddles just to make sure pknorr doesn't get them dirt cheap. good idea thank you 4. i have to go now i have work to do. (bidding on the fiddles) 5. why are all you guys so sympathetic to pknorr? something i'm missing here? he's a jerk from what i've heard from reliable sources. or is it just about money? you know, not buring bridges and stuff. you scratch my back... i see TO MUSIC-RIVER if you are out there: "music-river you rock, and i will support you and sing your praises, in spite of the complacent herd of sheep".
  14. nor do i know pknorr but his reputation is suck that i know i am not missing anything. i will side with the hardworking idiots in the ozarks. who by the way got fleeced. whether you or anyone else knows it.
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