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  1. I am not a bow expert, but I would be surprised to see Krammer model made by L.Bazin.
  2. Hello everyone, Some interesting bow was sold for £4552 on eBay today.Any dea what it was? Persoit or something from similar quality? The frog doesn't look original to me. It looks more like moder replacement made the in the style of old french. And the head? Only one pic. Any Ideas?
  3. I found something interesting in the curent Tarisio auction in London. The Lot 137 looks realy similar to my violin!!! Am I wright? So, realy no one have any Idea what my violin could be? I am realy surprised that nobody made any suggestion what it could be Here the link or
  4. Maybe a "dendro" could help alot to find out what it isn't. I realy hope that someday, Mr.Ratcliff can find a moment to have a look on it. About the F holes: My opinion, this is not the original shape. Also When I replaced the fingerboard, also I could see the color of the original varnish, which has less red and is slightly brighter. And what about If we forget about the label? What does It looks like ? I have heard opinions pointing it as South German(1opinion) and also Nord Italian -Turin-Milano(two and more opinions). And thank you very much to all of you for you input.
  5. Domenicus Busan is a realy intersting maker, as much as I have heard, his work is not very consistent. this violin sound realy very very good. I added some inside photos which I made this sommer when bassbar had to be replaced There is not much information about Busan. The most Info I found in the arquive. I hope some of you can give me some clue what this could be. The paper of the busan label is an old paper. The other label is a fake. Written in russian on a modern paper whith fake date.
  6. Hello everyone, I've been trying to find out what could be the origin of this violin but no Luthier couldn't tell me somthing definitive. I hope that some of you could have some idea what this violin could be. Thank you very much in advanse Here the link to the pics: