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  1. One of the violins sold in that auction was purchased by the seller from me a while back. I don't think his photos were very helpful (not detailed enough). But the seller's description of at least that one violin was completely accurate. It was very old, with an authentic label, and was worth at least $1,000 by itself wholesale (and very enjoyable to play).
  2. Thank you, Guta. I do have some Jade rosin, but noticed when I looked at the Eudoxa strings online that there was also Eudoxa rosin. I also have heard good things about Tartini many times on this board, so I would like to try that.
  3. What rosin do you use with Eudoxa strings?
  4. I purchased some Warchal Strings from ottomusica.com, and they had a special introductory deal going. Almost half off of a single set, or two-for-one pricing if you buy two sets of the same kind. I was so impressed with the descriptions that I bought one set of each of the four kinds, planning to try them all on some of my violins. I started with the Warchal Karneol on a good modern violin (2003), and I like them so far, better than the Pirastros Tonicas I was using. I have only played on them for a few hours, but they seem to have a nice rich, warm sound and are very easy to play. At first I was a little put off by the fact that you cannot order online. But ottomusica responded very quickly to my e-mail inquiry, sending me a price list. I called the phone number on the price list thinking that I could order by credit card, but they apologized and said I would need to mail a check. I printed the price list and used it to write my order info, and sent with a check the same day. 2 or 3 days later I was wondering if they had received my check yet, and here the strings arrived that day! Very quick shipping! I like the Karneols so far and I'm looking forward to trying the other Warchal sets on some of my other violins.
  5. I agree with Jesse that eBay can be a good place to buy violins and that the honest sellers and nice buyers far outnumber the bad guys. But it is also really helpful to educate yourself by doing some research ... like reading the bad news stories in a forum like Maestronet! I have bought perhaps 25 to 30 violins on eBay and resold about half of them, and in general I have come out a little ahead financially. However, on any individual purchase and resale, I might lose $100-$200 or gain $100-$200. My violin teacher has bought two of my eBay violins for her own personal use, and has resold about 4 or 5 of mine to her students, so obviously some of my purchases are good quality and good deals. eBay is fine for me because I enjoy seeing and playing various old violins, and I also enjoy corresponding with the sellers and buyers I engage in transactions with. Most of them are honest and very nice. Personally, when I sell I always offer a true money-back guarantee, and I often throw in a little bonus if a buyer has paid a price close to what I hoped to get, such as an old bow if the buyer wants one, or an extra set of good strings. I do think that eBay buyers who don't have a lot of money to gamble should buy from sellers who they really can trust based on reputation, like Jesse. (Though Jesse has earned such a good reputation that it's difficult to win one of his auctions at anywhere near the price you might hope to pay!) Those willing to gamble a little in hopes of getting a bargain - should not gamble more than they can afford to lose. I have bought some $2,000 retail violins for $400-$500 on eBay. I have also bought a couple of $20 violin-shaped objects for $100, and some decent $100 beginner violins for $20. Sometimes an unclear photo hides a bargain, sometimes it hides a dog. I'm pretty sure I will never find a $5,000 violin on eBay for $50 - there are too many knowledgeable buyers these days. But if I continue purchasing $500-$1000 violins for $200-$500, and reselling them at a small profit each, my hope is that eventually I will end up with more knowledge of violins, AND will gradually trade up to a $5K-$10K violin for a net expense of only a few thousand. eBay is not exactly a profitable venture for me if I consider the time I spend buying and selling, but as a hobby that pays its own way, it is fun.
  6. Thanks again for all of the information and suggestions. GPB, I am not offended at all by your suggestion about learning to play with good tone. I am a beginner, a little over a year of lessons (began in my 40s), and I am really just starting now to focus more on playing with good tone rather than just finding the right notes, if you know what I mean.
  7. Thanks again. I am looking forward to trying at least the Zyex and Obligato strings to see if they tone down the brightness a little. As far as the loudness goes, I wonder if I just need to learn how to play softly! So far I have not worked much at producing different dynamics on any violin, and I think that's just something I need to learn. I can play very loudly on this violin, and sometimes that is fun, but tonight I tried to work on playing softly in the appropriate parts, and I think I made progress. Also, I have been reading a few other threads here about loudness under the ear vs. projection, and I think this violin has a fair amount of both. It is not so loud under the ear that it is painful, but loud enough that I guess it makes me shy that my mistakes will be heard! But when playing with the 8-piece band at church, I suspect it had just the right amount of projection. With three trumpet players directly behind me, my son in the audience (congregation) who is NOT a musician said he could just barely hear me, while my musician son said he could hear the violin on most songs but that it blended well with the other instruments. (He also said he heard me make a few little mistakes but nothing most people would notice - not too bad for 6 songs, haha!) The flute player sitting next to me, who is also a piano teacher and choir director, said she could hear me and that it sounded nice. I think I just need to continue working on the player, and not change instruments!
  8. Oh, thank you for the bow suggestions, also. I have a modern bow (about 5 years old) that I really like (octagonal Pernambuco, worth about $400). But I think I will buy a scale so I can weigh it, and see how the weight compares to what you are all referring to as "heavy" or "light". If it seems on the heavy side, I will go back to this same violin shop and try out some lighter ones. Thanks again!
  9. Thank you VERY much for all the replies. I do suspect that if I sold this violin, I would later regret it, as it is very nice quality. Besides, it's very pretty to look at! I think I will buy myself a late Christmas present: 2 or 3 of the string sets that have been suggested above, and a mute that I can use at home. For most strings, should it take about one week of playing (about 1 hour per day) to get a good idea of how those strings sound on my violin, or should I give each set several weeks before deciding? Thanks again!
  10. I own a beautiful modern (2003) violin which I bought from a local shop, and while the sound is very good, I have been thinking that it may be a little too loud and bright for a relative beginner like me (about 16 months of lessons, only finding time to practice a few hours per week). This was considered a professional level violin, and I just wonder if I bought beyond my abilities. It is great for playing in a small band at my church, which I did on Christmas Day. There are three trumpets who sat behind me, and I don't think I could even hear myself play (to stay in tune) with a quieter, more mellow violin. But when I play at home by myself, I prefer a softer, more mellow sound. This one is really fairly bright, though it is not strident. I have a few other violins and have been trying to settle on just one violin to be my primary instrument, so that I can really concentrate on learning to play just the one to the best of my abilities. This is my most expensive one, but I suspect that maybe for now, I should be playing a more quiet, forgiving violin, and perhaps should let a more professional player enjoy this one. I think I could sell it locally for at least what I paid, or I was thinking of using the listing service on this forum to possibly sell it to a better player, if the service is now available. From the perspective of more experienced players, am I just being short-sighted? Should I be keeping this violin and working to "grow into it"? Or should I perhaps experiment with quieter, less bright strings? Or a more mellow rosin? It currently has Pirastro Tonica strings and I'm using good rosin from a local shop, but I don't know the brand. Would anyone have a string recommendation?
  11. John, thank you for the reply. Are you saying that I CAN currently add a private listing using the List Your Own button above, or will this only be available after you complete the enhancement you mentioned? Thanks!
  12. I am thinking of listing my best violin for sale here on this site (List Your Own) because it is too nice to list on eBay (European, entry-level professional model). Has anyone else listed a violin here as a private seller? Was that successful for you? Have any of you bought a violin through a listing here on Maestronet before?
  13. I heard this from another source with some interest, because my younger son is a senior in high school, an excellent student, and will major in music in college. At first I thought this referred to an undergrad music program, but it is actually Yale's 2-year Master's degree programs that will offer $0 tuition.
  14. Thank you for all the responses. My teacher also played it and said it sounded quite good but suggested thinning the bridge, and lowering it. Actually she suggested that I get a new bridge made because the existing one has a chipped foot. I wonder who could possibly have thought that this obviously fake label and sloppy shiny varnish would improve a very old violin that has been played so much. I probably will try to do a little careful varnish removal as suggested. Thanks!
  15. ViolaReveler, Would your book have any information applicable to a young man seeking a career in classical guitar performance? (He is a high school senior and preparing to audition for admittance to a classical guitar college major.)
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