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  1. Although Rabin is probably my favorite, Midori's recording is well done also.
  2. Kelly, I suggest checking a website called myauditions.com the have a fairly comprehensive list of positions in music (teaching and performing). Good luck!
  3. What is meant by the "russian method"? The term brings to mind images of screaming, brutish teachers and sobbing students.....
  4. Trish, I agree with Stillnew's suggestion to be upfront with your teacher and possibly work out an arrangement for at least SOME lessons. Also, try looking for a community orchestra. Many larger cities have several to choose from for people of all skill levels. The regular rehearsal required by the orchestra will help maintain your interest and provide a challenge. Best of luck.
  5. Not sure if they have the Vivaldi, but I subscribe to www.virtualsheetmusic.com. You pay an annual fee (I think about $35), and you download as much as you want for free. They have an excellent selection and are frequently able to accomodate requests (assuming no copyright issues). I have downloaded a TON of music and saved a fortunate. Also come with piano accompaniment.
  6. I think it is important to remember three things: 1) As Erika pointed out, regardless of when you start, how talented you are, or how hard you work, it is ALWAYS hard to make a living as a professional violinist. 2) With the delcine in fine arts positions, the number of paying positions is finite at best (most likely declining). 3) As you practice and improve, there will always be a large number of people who started earlier and have practiced their entire lives with the same dream you have. Not to be overly negative, but just realize that the odds are REALLY stacked against you. I do believe it is possible to teach and play in civic orchestras (there are several out there offering a tremendous opportunity and challenge.
  7. Thanks. I should have been more specific...I am looking for dates/locations for 2005/2006. Does Musafia post the info on their website?
  8. Does anyone know how and when the dates and locations for the annual cremona exhibition are posted? Any thoughts on how fruitful these events are for someone looking to purchase?
  9. My wife is trying to learn the violin after playing the flute (very nicely I might add) since grades school. I have played violin since grade school (we are both late 30's). Since our family is learning via Suzuki, my wife is learning along with our children. One of the challanges she has faced is her musical background. She KNOWS what a note should sound like and can be easily frustrated. When our kids first started, they were younger and did not have a developed ear. Thus they played out without worrying if the note was flat or sharp. Basically, they came to the table with a clean slate with which to work.
  10. Please be forewarned that this post is coming from a player's point of view so i apologize if I am woefully ignorant as to some of the technical terms. Has anyone had experience either creating a copy of, or hearing a a copy of the Jupiter strad? Although I am not well schooled on the charateristics of many famous instruments, I have always found it easy to identify the clarity and ringing tone of the Jupiter. Midori played the instrument for several years (including a recroding of the 24 caprices). And last I saw it was going to be on display at a luthierie exhibit in California. I see many luthiers advertising copies of famous instruments, but I have never seen a copy of the Jupiter. Any thoughts on what charateristics make the Jupiter's sound so unique and on how difficult it might be to duplicate?
  11. Does anyone have any guidelines as to the average mark-up on an instrument bought at auction and then offered retail?
  12. I have read several reviews of violins where one of the characterisitics used to grade a violin was how resitant it was to "breaking down". Hate to be ignorant, but can anyone give a quick and easy on "breaking down" a violin? Also, does anyone have an idea what the typical mark-up is on a violin (i.e. on bought by a dealer at auction and then sold retail). Thanks
  13. Kind of on the subject of "learning by ear", but one of the funniest criticisms I received as a Suzuki student was when I told someone it helped me to listen to recordings of a piece while learning. Their reply was "Weel, then you will just sound like the person on the recording!" How stupid of me, spending all of those hundreds of hours practicing when all I had to do was listen to Yehudi Menuhin play the piece 30 or 40 times and I was set....
  14. With regards to the lack of classical repertoire, I would have to disagree. From book one, students are introduced to simple Bach minuets. Books 4 and 5 cover the 1st movement of the Bach double and books 9&10 are Mozart concertos. That being said, I know of several teachers who choose to introduce pieces from outside the Suzuki books (my kids' teacher starts around book 5 I believe). I took a Suzuki break between books 9&10 to study the Mendelssohn. On the subject of pace, I don't think there is a recommended pace. Each child learns at his/her own pace and it is more important to learn the technique that each piece is trying to demonstrate than to pass the piece without mastery. One of my kids started a few months before the others, but for the 3 who started at the same time, one is one the 5th song and one is still on Twinkle.
  15. One of the misunderstandings about Suzuki students is that they are weak at reading music. i think this comes from the fact that the students often start at a very young age and they start learning by ear. This makes all the sense in the world when you realize that this is how kids learn to speak. Just as you would not teach a 3 year old to speak by showing him the words "mommy and daddy", you can't teach a 3 year to play by teaching him/her "this is a c#". I studied under the Suzuki method and all four of my kids study Suzuki. To me, the greatest success of the Suzuki program, is that I have never met a "burned-out" Suzuki student or one who end up hating music. Suzuki stresses a positive, patient and loving environment (although this might seem obvious, it is not true of all styles).
  16. With the increasing costs of some of the better instruments (step-up level and beyond), does anyone know of shops who offer financing programs (and input as to rates, terms, etc)? It seems like there has to be some alternative to credit cards. Do banks make these types of loans?
  17. I subscribe to a service called virtual sheet music (www.virtualsheetmusic.com). The annual fee is like $30 or so and they you are allowed to download as many pieces as you wish (they do have the Mendelssohn). It is 1 "L" and 2 Ss. You can browse their catalogue for free on the site to see if the $30 is worth to cost. It is also 100% legal.
  18. Has anyone had any experience with instruments made by John Sipe? Appreciate any feedback.