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  1. went for $3.5MM (new auction record for instrument of any kind). For those in states participating in the "Mega Millions" lottery, tonight's jackpot is $94MM, so maybe the winner can catch the next Strad on the block....
  2. I listed Grisales as Italian as that is location of shop, sorry to confuse. I was looking for more personal experiences (i.e. tone, playability, etc).
  3. Does anyone have any feedback on the following three modern makers; Giorgio Grisales, Marco Piccinotti, and Stephano Trabucci?
  4. I thought so too. If I remember right, first date was 15th.
  5. His technique is effortless. It looks like he isn't even trying.......
  6. Skinner is currently available, but Tarisio's site says their list won't be available until after 4/22. FYI...Christies (New York) is also holding an auction 5/16. Their list is currently available.
  7. What about playing at festivals or other public events? Organizers are often eager to have entertainment, and a bunch of young kids playing stringed instruments are usually a decent draw. You can information about your studio out on stands for prospects to obtain information.
  8. Well at least it isn't a "copy made in Chec"...........
  9. The notice says that the offer is good through January 2006. Does anyone know if Strad is still willing to honor the offer (or if they will extend)?
  10. Rich, that is a great option....they do have a trade in policy (100% of value). Thank you all for the feedback
  11. I appreciate the feedback from all, but thought I should at least clarify some points. I was not "bottom fishing" when shopping for the bow. I did not search online auction sites, mail order shops, etc. I went to a local dealer willing and expecting to pay a premium for their service (as clarification, the price difference was 100%, not 50%). My point is, if there is a very large difference between the price of the bow at two different shops, at what point to I begin to think that one shop may be "priced high" and exclude them from future searches (i.e. a new instrument)? I admittedly did not "do my homework" to the extent I should have and may have relied too heavily on the shop. I do not agree with the comment that "if you are happy with the bow it worked out". To take the emotion of a violin out of the discussion, I plan on driving my car for a very long time and like it. Even realizing the fact that the dealer is entitled to make a profit, I would still be sore if I found that a dealer sold me a car at twice the going market price.
  12. Clair, Thanks for the feedback. As I acknowledged, number one is certainly a possibility. with regards to number two, I certainly have NO problem with paying a premium for the service provided by professional shops. That being said, I do not think that the company selling via a catalog (they also have a retail location) is selling at wholesale. I do expect to pay a premium for the service and convenience of a local shop, but I think that 100% over another shop's price is excessive (this is assuming that the bows are the same, which I am not sure we can ever verify). So knowing (or not knowing) what we do, would you feel comfortable shopping there for a new instrument? We are very lucky in that our city does have several fine shops. At this point, you know as much as I about the bow pricing issue. I really am up in the air.
  13. To start out, I am player, and though I am constantly impressed by the wealth of knowledge held by the posters on this board, I am afraid that none of it has managed to seep into my skull. With that in mind, I purchased a bow from a local shop about a year ago. It was a decent amount of money for me, but certainly not enough to put me even at the low end of the "name" makers (let's say about $2K). In all honesty, I did not shop around a tremendous amount, since the shop came with a good recommendation. I was told that not much information was available about the maker of the bow I had purchased. I did several internet searches and found nothing. The other day I happened to flip through a catalog sent by one of the larger shops who I believe sell a majority of instruments through their catalogs (I don't want to categorize them as a "catalog house"), and found a bow with the same description (maker, materials, etc) as the bow I purchased, but for 1/2 the price. Since I don't have info on the maker, I don't know if they are a shop that produces several different "levels" of bows, but this is the only other bow by this maker I have seen. I realize this is not much info to go on, but do you think I was "overcharged"? If so, should I ask the shop to comment, or just lick my wounds and go on my way (caveat emptor)? I am hoping to purchase an instrument in the near future, and would like opinion if I should consider this shop again.
  14. Does anyone have any info on bows by jean alain francois or on the maker? I did a google search and found products under this name, but no info on a maker, so should I believe it may be a factory brand?
  15. Guta, thanks for the input. Melving, I understand there are many wonderful makers in the US, however it is relatively easy to obtain one of thier instruments for trial. If I am to consider a Cremonese instrument, this provides a unique oppotunity to sample several works from one area. I am trying to discerne whether worth spending airfare/hotel to make a trip. As the father of "4 fiddlin kids" (see screen name), have to be judicious about these types of expenditures I was going to mention the price issue (I believe Curtains start at $25K), but Finprof beat me to the punch. Thanks to all for feedback and welcome any more comments.
  16. May I ask the price range (both over all and on some of the more memorable instruments)? I hope to be in the market for an instrument the next 2 months, but would have to travel to see the exhibit. Trying to determine if it worth the trip. Thanks.
  17. I have not had the pleasure of playing many fine instruments, but a local dealer who has a website has an interesting article that basically reinforces what jeffrey and Skiing fiddler have said. The dealer is Williams Genkakki and the article is named "Market value vs. intrinsic value of stringed instruments". It can be found in the buyer's handbook. Since I work in a legal department, I always feel a need to disclaim my comments; I have referenced Mr. William's site without his permission and I have no relationship with the shop or the owners.
  18. I believe there are a few shops who advertise that they offer financing (Marquis and Becker come to mind). Any experiences with how their programs work?
  19. It seems to me that auctions offer a large risk to reward challenge for a player looking to buy. From one standpoint, it seems you can often save a considerable amount over "retail". On the other hand, if you are not familiar with the intricacies of violin set-ups and the effect changes may have in improving the instrument's sound, you may not be able to accurately assess an instrument.. One possible solution might be to higher a luthier who is planning on attending the same auction (it seems from this board that most attend the major auctions). The luthier could give feedback on improvements that could be made to an instrument to improve the sound (and the cost), or if the instrument is at its true potential. There may be a conflict of interest if there is an instrument the luthier is very interested in but thinks is under-valued, but there is always some risk....any thoughts or feedback from someone who has tried such an arrangement?
  20. FYI...Tarisio has a Bellini model in their online auction. It is a copy of the Lord Wilton Del Gesu. Current bid is $7,000 and the estimate is $10,000 to $15,000. Has anyone had a chance to take it for a spin?
  21. With this full of an auction calendar (Christie's today, Skinner on Sunday, Tarisio ending the 1st and Sotheby's on the 1st), it will be interesting to see the prices achieved in some of the early auctions. I'm sure the big boys will always have a decent amount of capital to fork out, but buyers (especially smaller to mid-size) might not be as aggressive if they know there are other opportunities around the corner. Any comments from past periods with busy calendars?
  22. I saw that the Cremona Exhibition started in Rochester earlier this month. Has anyone had a chance to check it out? Is this normally a good environment to try new instruments? How many instruments are usually present (and at what price ranges)? Appreciate any feedback on specific makers/instruments (from a player's perspective). Unfortunately, the exhibition will not be near my area, so I will have to decide whether to travel.
  23. I have always heard that it is not a good idea to buy at auction unless you are an experienced buyer. I am hoping to be in the market this spring and am thinking of attending some of the auctions to see what is available. Although I am not an experienced buyer, I have played violin for almost 30 years (God it makes me feel old to say that). Any thoughts (encouragement, discouragement)? When attending the viewings, are there areas that are relatively quite where you can guage the tone of the instrument, or are you basically in a large ballroom (I imagine the latter).
  24. manfio, thank you very much! Just spent the last couple of hours listening to music from his site. Amazing!
  25. This may not be the most appropriate forum, but is anyone aware of recordings in which the canon was played?