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  1. Has anyone purchased a membership to this database? If so, was it useful?http://www.violinmakersdb.com/
  2. Would anyone mind lending a quick note to the uninitiated? I assume from the context that outer molds are "better" (?) If this assumption is correct, what makes violins made using an outer mold superior to those made from an inner mold?
  3. Milstein for dead players, Hahn for alive. I sometimes wonder if I play the same intrument they are playing.....
  4. My life is bad.....I want to come back as "littlebetter" next time around.
  5. Are Strad's decorated violins (the Hellier, the Greffuhle) ever played? If so, how does their sound compare to the premium Strads?
  6. There have been many studies showing that studying music can make people smarter, but this is 1st story I have heard of a violin saving someone's life! Anyone think they can save it (the violin)? http://www.cnn.com/video/#/vid...y.saved.by.violin.WGAL
  7. When I took my son to his first concert, I let him read about the artist on her website so he felt more like he knew her (it was Hilary Hahn). He was 6 at the time and he was so excited when she walked out on stage that he leaned over and whispered "Dad, I am SO nervous". It helps having them see a younger artist who uses media to stay in touch with the public (I think both Hahn and Bell fall into this category). BTW Hilary was amazing and afterward stayed until she had signed autographs and taken photos with everyone (took two with my son because she thought her eyes were closed in the first). All the good things you hear about her as a musician and the way she deals with the public are completely true (from my experience).
  8. I'm still trying to find the definition of "elucidation".....
  9. Friz, Using your example, part of the reason may stem from the fact that both appliances and cars are items which, because of their moving parts, suffer from "wear and tear" and depreciate in value. There is no reason to think that a violin that has been played for 1-2 years by a student will not be worth at least as much as the price originally paid. If there is "wear and tear", the shop would deduct this from the trade in value. I also think it safe to assume that in most cases there is an increase in instrument price when moving up in size. I do agree that trust and service are the main reasons to do business with a shop and a "trade in guarantee" is not enough to bring me back to a shop that did not exhibit these qualities.
  10. I share "outside's" feeling. I am answering more in terms of "playing style" as opposed to originality (like ability to write a cadenza or improvise). Although many of the modern players are insanely good from a technical standpoint, I don't think many have an identifiable sound or style. I say this with the caveat that my ear may not be as discerning as that of a professional like Gennady, but even I can tell when I hear Heifetz. I am extremely fond of Hilary Hahn's playing, but I am not sure I could honestly say I could hear a recording and immediately say "that's Hilary". Again, some people with a more refined ear may be able to contradict what I say about the "moderns". Good topic by the way.
  11. 4fiddlinkids


    Has anyone played bows by, or have info on, Michael Taylor? He is from UK and was with Ealing for some time.
  12. From what I have seen, instrument loan programs seem to be more common (or at least better publicized) in Europe. Canada has a sizable instrument "bank" as does Norway I believe. I have yet to read about an artist complaining about the requirement to provide upkeep and insurance on the instrument. The article also mentions that the artist plays 2-3 concerts per year, hardly what most would consider being at the "beck and call" of the donor. I also find it interesting to note that the article mentions an artist who offers cristicism of the fund yet who still ejoys a "brisk career as a solo violinst" despite the fact that she no longer plays in instrument from the society. The article had an earlier quotation that the career of an artist playing anything less than a Strad or Del Gesu "goes nowhere".
  13. I remember the Smithsonian as having a decent collection, however it has been a long time since I visited. I am heading to DC this Summer with family and we plan to visit the collection at the Library of Congress. Does anyone know which instruments are currently on exhibit at Smithsonian?
  14. Two items that went WAY over their estimate: #225 Attributed to Della Costa had estimate of $20-30 and went for $150,000 #99 "In the manner of Lorenzo Storioni" had an estimate of $5-7,000 and went for $96,000 Either they knew something Christies didn't or some people feel in love hard!
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