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  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas Larry!
  2. Greetings everyone! In my plight to learn more about identifying violins, makers, etc. I have been looking for a good reference book. There seems to be as many of them out there as there are fiddles! Could someone recommend a GOOD book for identification of instruments? Many thanks!!
  3. Hi Nial, In reference to the Brunskill violin, when you say "northeast" do you mean Northeast England? I am assuming he was an English maker. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you for your help. I guess I may never really know. But it doesn't matter, it's a nice instrument. Thanks again!
  5. Hi everyone, I need some background information on James Brunskill violins. Could some of you please educate me on them? The label also reads, "Skelton-in-Cleveland" Many thanks!
  6. Just an observation: I don't think any of us are surprised by the disgusting things we see people doing on eBay. It's an age old practice of misrepresentation for the sake of monetary gain. I guess there is a type of irony here; people who are motivated by the things of beauty in life (good music and fine craftsmanship being two of them)have to plow through ugly garbage while in the pursuit of them. And the depravity of man is some of the most repulsive at times. If all the honest sellers are gone one day, so will end the era of eBay.
  7. Yours looks like a first cousin. And what might its age be?
  8. Hi Everyone! Here's one of "those fiddles" I mentioned earlier. Could this unblemished item really be 100 yrs. old? Obviously it's not a reall S. Scarampella, but is it a really new copy? Thanks for your constructive feedback! ( +++ FINE OLD ANTIQUE ITALIAN "SCARAMPELLA" lab. VIOLIN Item number: 7310808630 )
  9. Thank you for the comment Japes. I will have to agree with your point. Maybe someday I will learn enough to spot the bargain so many others have missed. After all, the fun is more in the hunt, than in the ownership sometimes! Have a great day!
  10. Thanks for your openness geigen. But you seem to be missing the point. I think most people who are familiar with eBay now realize that there are NO "superbargains" there. Ebay benefits the seller, but seldom the buyer. There is too much competition out there to get a "real deal." A buyer only benefits by buying an item that is NOT in great demand, or maybe hard for him to buy locally. Anyway, the point is that few people want to buy from someone who is dishonest or lacks integrity (especially on a high-priced item). If someone will misrepresent an item, they may be dishonest enough to take your money and not deliver. All I want to see is a seller call an item what it really is. If he must misrepresent to make a few dollars, then I for one am determined not to patronize him. If you don't think you can be honest and successful, look at padah hound. He does very well on eBay and is completely trustworthy. Maybe you should re-think your philosophy. Have a good day!
  11. Thanks Rich. You probably saved me some money and heartache!
  12. Hi everyone, I am fairly new to this forum, so please forgive if this has already been discussed. There have been (and are) some "Italian (lab.)" violins offered on eBay. Obviously, this has been a selling ploy for many in the past. These particular ones are very nice-looking and displayed in exceptional photos in the ads. But what is weird is that the person offering them uses several different "aliases" as his/her Seller Name. I can understand that this would be a shrewd way of minimizing any negative feedback he/she might receive. I was not real troubled by that, but something they did recently sent up red flags. One of the digits in the date on the label of one of the violins was blotted out. I know it was done recently because I received pics from him/her of this violin several weeks ago with the full date! I have e-mailed this person about that a couple of times, but he will not reply. I certainly do not want to defame anyone without justification, therefore I will not divulge the seller's name(s) . But it all smells kinda fishy to me. Comments please????????????