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  1. Kallie

    Bonmusica viola rests

    I use one for my viola. Works very well. If you don't have the option to try out different rests at a shop, I would think this would be your best option as it is adjustable. Had one for my violin as well, but switched to a Mach One knockoff (same shape cheaper price) that I got on Ebay.
  2. Kallie

    Why would a string break here?

    Thank you for the advice. Bohdan Warchal is also a member of this forum, so he might see this topic and reply himself. For what it's worth, I've been using Warchal Strings for about a year now and can honestly say they are some of the best strings that I've used. Specifically on my violin as well, where I've used the Brilliant, Brilliant Vintage, Amber and Karneol. Thank you. Will order a new string with my next order.
  3. Hi, Just wondering if there is a specific reason a viola string would unravel here right in the middle between nut and neck body. It's not near the nut or bridge, so no sharp points could have damaged it. The string is a Warchal Karneol. To be fair, I've had this string on for over a year, so it definitely does not bother me that it broke now. Just wondering if there is a specific reason for it to unravel in such a strange place. The rest of the string is perfectly fine. No damage/unraveling anywhere else. Thank you.
  4. Kallie

    Concert Etiquette for luthiers

    Step 1: Buy a front row ticket with your instrument at the ready. Step 2: Pray that the Soloist break a string. Step 3: Casually hand instrument to soloist, and again, casually, say: "Keep it, you need it more than I do" Step 4: Profit.
  5. Kallie

    Who's new?

    Some of these have been around for a bit, but I like them. Janine Jansen Hilary Hahn Maxim Vengerov Anne Akiko Meyers Corina Belcea (Could make it, with a good marketing campain. Currently focuses on her string quartet I believe) Cloe Hanslip (well on her way I believe. Only needs a big marketing campaign) Sadly I see so many performances of good players, yet you hardly ever hear from them again after that one competition or event.
  6. Kallie

    Season's Greetings...challenge!

    No problems yet with my Warchals. On Dominants, the A string unravels after about 1 month already. On multiple violins. With a smooth nut. So cant be blamed on that.
  7. Kallie

    Season's Greetings...challenge!

    Thank you. If I may give you some advice that I wish I knew when I started: Learn wrist vibrato first. It's more difficult to learn, but easier to incorporate arm into wrist, than it is to incorporate wrist into arm.
  8. Kallie

    Season's Greetings...challenge!

    Speaking of, my violin has Warchal Brilliant Vintage strings on. Had it for months now and the sound remains solid.
  9. Kallie

    Season's Greetings...challenge!

    Thank you. Would appreciate any input on repertoire and what to work on as well. Happy to learn whichever way gives results.
  10. Kallie

    Season's Greetings...challenge!

    Great to hear. Could you perhaps suggest some studies/etudes/technical pieces to work on to build up to Bach Sonatas/Partitas? I've started with the Mozart 3 some while back but left it for a bit. Will go back to it now. About my violin, yes. I've been in love with it ever since I got it. (Rue, sorry for hijacking the post. At least it's all going in a positive direction! Closer to world peace indeed!)
  11. Kallie

    Season's Greetings...challenge!

    Thank you for the encouragement. If there is one piece that I want to play, one day, be it 10 or 20 years from now, It's the Chaconne by Bach. Would that be aiming too high?
  12. Kallie

    Season's Greetings...challenge!

    I tend to "play" violin too much and "practise" too little. Since there is a big difference between the 2. In general I do put in a lot of work though. But there is always room to do more. With regard to the other thread about Bow Holds, I do wish I started earlier. Having only started violin at 17-18, and being 22 now, I doubt there is still a chance for me to "make it". But I will certainly never stop trying.
  13. Kallie

    Season's Greetings...challenge!

    Thank you. That is actually why I played 2 verses. Was too lazy to re-record another clip so I just kept playing. Vibrato is still the thing I struggle with the most at the moment. Getting a constant, even, sustainable vibrato. Some days I get it perfect (to my definition of the word). Other days my hand just wont move.
  14. Kallie

    Season's Greetings...challenge!

    I recorded in my living room. No curtains. Tiles on the floor. Maybe that adds to the acoustic of the room.
  15. Kallie

    Season's Greetings...challenge!

    Well here's a quick recording. Can't remember the name of the Carol. (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Thank you Rue) Recorded with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pardon the intonation slips. Violin is shown in my profile picture. Guarneri mass production violin, Markneukirchen, the usual "rubbish".