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  1. Dwight, Kate Light was NY based - any reason why Bromptons are selling it that you know of? Don't get me wrong, a good choice but not in NY! It is nice that you remember her so fondly. Thanks for posting this.
  2. Fingers crossed for all in California right now. Friends in Frisco say they can smell and breathe the fires there. USA hasn't been very lucky lately.
  3. If he was going to mess around with the scroll I guess that he could integrate the machine heads. Anyway...your not buying one and neither am I !!
  4. That's interesting - must be aluminium or carbon. Still a lot heavier than small ebony pegs I guess?
  5. Look just the same as guitar machine heads. Classical guitarists can get away with the weight as they are sitting down with the instrument supported by the legs. I don't think I would want all that weight sitting on my shoulder so not for me thanks.
  6. It becomes harder and harder for us dummies! I had only become more aware of BOB but now we have 'son of BOB'. I recently came across pictures of inside mould made violins where the block area joining the ribs was reversed 2/3rds middle to 1/3rd (ref Johnson and Courtnall). Jacob recently told me about son of BOB - thanks!
  7. Pardon my ignorance but is this violin built on an inside mould? I expected it to be outside being French with those little c bout blocks but maybe that was just the massed produced stuff.
  8. The market for guitars is very different...and therefore the marketplace is too. Agree with WAI above. very high prices probably relate to who owned a guitar rather than who made it. On the whole the condition will not be as important as repair wont be too costly Even Gibson Les Pauls are made to a standard where one is pretty much the same as another Fakery still a big issue though. Check out the disparity between a USA made Fender and its lookalike brother from Mexico/Japan Mike
  9. George I think you make a valid point. My view is that if you can get to know a bit more about it then you are in a stronger position about value. Amati will try and get you top price of course but will want it to sell.
  10. delabo apart from the fact that your Violin is interesting, have you any idea of what it is? If you do then you can use several resources on auctioneer websites to gage possible value. If you are really brave you could post pictures on this site. I hope for JBs sake you don't live on the IOW.....
  11. Thanks Blank Face - they are quite hard to find! If you have a link or even a hint that would be great. The OPs blocks are interesting as they are falling apart.
  12. Sorry Thomas I certainly won't be offering any opinions on date as I'm totally unqualified. You have responses from top MN experts. I'm simply trying to get pictures of the middle blocks as if you were looking through the F holes - sort of side on rather than from the top please.
  13. Thanks Thomas - any chance of a photo of the front rather than top of the blocks please? Educationally, it is a good opportunity to view the insides of an inside mould violin - i.e blocks and linings. Many of the internal photos on MN are of BOBs with faux blocks and Outside mould. I was a bit thrown by the gaps I must admit - with my eyesight I couldn't tell where the linings ended and where the blocks began! No sarcasm please.....although pity is ok. Thanks Mike
  14. Thomas, As you have the top off - any chance of some more photos of those blocks and linings please? Mike
  15. Jasna you need to start a new post and include better photos (see instructions at top).
  16. He had a store cupboard of 'Important Guadagnini Cellos'. Although in one case it was an 'important' copy of.... As Martin says the feedback is odd. One person tells us how trustworthy the seller is for flogging him an 'important..etc' for a few hundred dollars
  17. Hello Jim, I noticed the OP wasn't getting any response so suggested an alternative. Musical Instrument auctions do deal with this type of book and are probably better than EBay. I hope your advice though does the business for him. Mike
  18. Hello I think you need to move this to the 'Auction Scroll'. The Vatelot book has turned up in a number of good auctions.
  19. Well you saw where one of those stands in the list. If the quality wasn't good then perhaps it was a fake. The above mentioned Martin Swan is an admirer as he recognises quality over fancy Italian names...perhaps he will chip in.
  20. Do you have a photo of the label (pre-rice) ??
  21. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Heinrich_Roth How much you want to rely on wiki is up to you but I have seen the 'gradations' section quoted in other articles. What does the rest of the label say if anything?
  22. yes with some mild manipulation Markneukirchen becomes Stradivarius
  23. The op or his friend has bought it as 'labelled' and is now looking for some stronger attribution?
  24. Ffm are you selling it or buying it?
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