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  1. Can someone kindly tell me what is the name of the piece after the Zigeunerweisen? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9tc8zeFcGQ Many thanks.
  2. A short article about the reviving industry in Italy. Link to Economist
  3. That's great~! And you have got all the best reasons. I started violin because my ex-lover dumped me for a violinist. :-) Not that I want that person back, but it's just so natural that after the break up I joined a group violin class. Pathetically it started, but I loved the learning and playing in a matter of a few days.
  4. My bow hair went out from the tip just like that!!! Okay, I'll give a try.
  5. It's a wonderful learning experience I got from you all. Thanks a lot!! And technique_doc, I am glad that you managed to get an accoun tat Photobucket; it's a very nice applicaton of the Internet.
  6. Got it... I think it's just because I'm not familiar with 5th position yet... so I was told to do it on two separate strings. Anyway, I'll just do it naturally and try different variations. Thanks.
  7. Oh... it's called "Songs My Mother Taught Me" by Antonin Dvorak. I uploaded a shot here... the third measure is the one I was talking about. And I apologize for the wrong information I gave earlier, not both of them are quart, only one. The later one is an eighth. http://img.photobucket.com/alb...holylance/DSC02002.jpg
  8. quote: Originally posted by: Andrew Victor Probably should do it all on the D string with the 2nd finger and then move to the 1st finger for the last note. Or even just start it in 5th position with the 4th finger on the D string, and run a fingered chromatic scale at the very end. OR - you could do the fingering initially at the top end and slide your 1st finger. Each will sound a little different - so you can decide which kind of sound you want to apply. Andy Thanks Andy, I will experiment them.
  9. quote: Originally posted by: scratchy rosin Who wrote in the fingering for you? It is printed in the score.
  10. Hi all, So... I am faced with this piece that involve a glissando of 2nd finger on A string, 3rd position to 1st finger on D string, 1st position. Both a quarter long. I have no idea what to do with the transition. Should I let a little double stop kick in? Or after the first note is over I should do a crisp string cross and glide from 3rd to 1st postion on D string using 1st finger? Thanks for reading and any advice.
  11. Try rotating your shoulder so that your left elbow is more on your front; at the lower right side of the violin. This will bring more portion of your fingers over the finger board.
  12. "... or Heifetz's verson"... I wonder how Heifetz engaged the audience by smiling at them and uttering a humorous word or two.
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