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  1. When measuring the weight of an old bow, in grams, do you include the weight of the hair? What difference in weight(grams) would hair make?
  2. Glenn - yes, I believe it is constructed of plywood.
  3. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Do you mean what precautions in order to be sure the dealer is valid and reputable (e.g. you'll get your money or instrument back)? Or shipping/insurance precautions? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Actually both.
  4. Yes, it has to do with fraudulent cashier checks sent from a foreign country of your own. They appear to be ok, even to your bank, and clear until AFTER you have sent the item. By the time your bank realizes the fraudulent checks its too late, you owe your bank the amount of the check. Some of the scams are meant to steal your account or your account information via fake ebay emails.
  5. As far as the "G&S Co." is concerned, it might have to do with the "Gilbert & Sullivan Company" which was devoted to operas in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. Maybe some kind of commemoritive case made for violins signed by this particular company?
  6. The only thing I could find online about this "KantKrack" was found on a website for ukulele's: "Incidentally, it is worth mentioning here that the Ludwig company was unique amongst all of the American banjo manufacturers in that it made every component of its instruments itself - including the bridge, the pegs, the tailpiece, the tensioners, and the vellums. Only the strings were purchased elsewhere. If you wanted a case then you had to pay extra whichever instrument you bought. $1.50 got you the waterproof ‘Mackintosh’ cloth case; $5 bought you the flannel lined Keratol covered fibreboard case; $8 secured the classic lockable Ludwig hard shaped case with black Keratol covering and green (occasionally blue) ribbed weave (corduroy effect) lining and Kant-Krack (plywood) construction; $10 got you the same case but with beautiful silk plush lining (I have seen blue, green, maroon, and red) and some of these had a more attractive mottled surface. $10 may not sound much in today’s money, but by the standards of the 1920’s it was approximately five weeks wages - just for the case!".
  7. This is probably a stupid question for most of you Maestronetters, but I have to ask. If a violin dealer/restorer/maker is interested in purchasing a violin you have and asks you to send it off in the mail to them, what precautions should you take?
  8. Does anyone recognize a maker of violin hard cases named G&S CO.? The stamp on the case is oval shaped with the name "G&S CO." on the top, "KANTKRACK" in the middle, and a patent number of what appears to be 1,669,266 below it. "G&S" are engraved on the metal latches as well.
  9. It was a scam. Ebay caught on to the criminal, closed the auction, and refunded my seller fees. It's too bad, I could have had some fun like the cowgirl did: http://www.bustedupcowgirl.com/scam.htm
  10. I recently tried to sell an antique on ebay that was worth over $1000.00. Just over 24 hours later I was informed the "Buy-It-Now" option was taken. I thought, cool, but after reading the buyers email I started to wonder: "have a client, based in europe who is intrested in this product of yours and has placed a quote to the sum of $1000 for the buy it now price of this item, so i will love to end the auction as soon as possible also i have a shipping company that will be taking care of the pickup so my client will be paying you with a certified check and will also include the shippers money so as soon as the check clears you will forward the shippers fund to shipper with the information that will be provided for you by the shipping company i will like to have your contact and phone number so that you can recieve your money as soon as possible thanks". Hmmm?! The ebay user made their account just before the bid. 24 hours later I get an email from Ebay asking me to consider the auction void and null due to the fact that the buyer was not registered?!
  11. This link shows up close what pernambuco wood looks like, although its an old cane not a bow: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...915660&rd=1
  12. Please tell me how to distinguish between pernambuco and these other woods?!
  13. Does anyone have an opinion on the quality of this violin with and without proper restoration? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
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