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  1. I would.. but I'm not really sure how to move a post. I've tried the usual edit but I'm thinking it may be simpilar to just delete the whole post (although I'm not sure if I can delete the whole thing) and start up another over there.
  2. (As you said, "What's this world coming to?" ) Actually WesRist is secretly a guitar player. He's never been able to afford a good guitar (esp after that last concert) that he wanted so he just steals his little bro's violin takes off the chin rest the violin and plays the violin like a guitar. But did anyone ever have that problem when they were younger. A sibling stealing their violin to have fun plucking the strings I know I did and then I'd scream about how horribly out of tune it would be.
  3. I'm thinking about going to a violin making school in England and was wondering if anyone knows anything about the schools there and their reputations. I'm having a look around at the moment but was wondering if anyone had been to any in particular or had any insight about them.
  4. I love ebay auctions. They're a dirty little perverse pleasure to me. Having said that I do know people who have a lot of fun "shill bidding". One time one of my friends deliberately bid $500 on a particular item which would go a lot higher. The problem was they put up $500 in the first 3 hours that it was advertised on ebay therefore setting the bar higher for everyone else who was really serious about it. Hell one time I saw "wannabe buyer 1" bid something crazy on this violin. "Second wannabe buyer" bid on it. WB1 bid higher, SWB bid higher. Finally the frustrated SWB conceeded defeat. But, in a nasty move they made a ridiculous high bid and in the process they found out what WB1's bid was. So they pulled back their bid (due to incorrect amount) and then placed another bid.. $20 under the WB1's amount. Anyway in the end neither won the bid. I've known people see $10 common toys and want them despite another person putting a bid on them and therefore inflating the bid up to $100 (which the prat paid). This is probably one of the more extreme inflated shipping sellers out there clicitty here. THe bidding may start at $1 EURO but the shipping is $158 EURO which is bloody ridiculous considering the size. (Oh crap it looks like he's taken someone else's watermarked pics damn him). Anyway I know some people sit at home on the day and the time and wait for the auction's last 10 minutes before bidding and then there are the snipers that go in the last 8 seconds or so.
  5. I'm trying to find some good books on violin makers, their styles and such. I'm rather interested in Amati's work at the moment so I'm trying to find some info about him. I'd also like a general book that lists a lot of makers throughout the times and an opinion about them (eg not so good, self studied etc). Also does anyone know of some good ways to get rid of the glue on a violin. I bought a violin in ebay (not that expensive) and it seems to be a bit of a dud according to the luthier I took it to. Still I thought I could have some fun taking it apart and seeing how it works.
  6. Usually when I get my violins from other places they bubblewrap it for me. (god you should have seen the stress go out of me when I started popping *sighs* Americans are very generous with their bubblewrap). But if you send it in a case with bubblewrap around it, it should be fine. I've heard of soundposts becoming dislodged during shipping but I don't think it's that common. Also heard of bows wrecking the surface as well. You can ask them what they would prefer to be done if you want though. They may have a few ideas.
  7. Uhh... we're looking at the third picture aren't we for this "Jesus". I hope so because if it is in another I can't see it. Oh and if it is the 3rd picture from the top.. someone hand the violin owner some vaseline. Those lips need it. Anyway I like his user id "bayesforgov". If this person and the candidate are really the same then I say that this is "completely shameless".
  8. ampeg your story reminds me of busted up cowgirl and how she likes to stuff around people.
  9. Yeah but the Guarneri will only allow local pick up. I'm hoping that I can send the Strad over to Australia via air mail.
  10. Oh sure.. Let me get my cheque book. Oh.. oops. I'm supposed to be saving for the Strad at Christie's.
  11. Did anyone notice who bid on it? attic(addict) and pknorr. Interestingly enough attic(addict) outbid pknorr at one stage. Weird.
  12. Thanks for that guys. I suppose I should have looked it up first for my answer.
  13. I saw that one. To my non professional eye that seems to have some faults (at the scroll, it being the way the light refracts and makes it seem like there is faults. Normally this wouldn't bother me but combined with the way the varnish is put on, the stroke manner seems very slap dash on the front). This is the second time it has been listed. The difference between this one and the other bird's eye violins that this person sells is that this one's back is more pretty (that and the fact that it is double the price of the other bird's eyes). I honestly think that some of the $250 bird's eye violins are a bit better quality (despite having the same label) but if it makes you happy...
  14. Just curious what others think of this violin for sale. Also could people back up what they're saying with their reasons why. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=1&tc=photo Much obliged. Acyla
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