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  1. 5-5.5mm for the A string, 8mm for the C at the end of the fingerboard are the common heights for modern string.
  2. For cellos I found that wolf resonator works best, you can stick it in the correct position,send the musician back home for a week or two just to make sure it's working properly and than glue it inside at the same position, I use cold hide glue for the finall gluing.
  3. A full time position open in Tel-aviv for an apprentice/restorer to work on set-up,repair and restoration of all bowed instruments from modern China to old Italy. Violin making school or equivalent experience is necessary, prior repair experience is a major advantage. Please contact me at :eyalviolins@gmail.com
  4. Oded Since I did the set up on the Casals cello for Mr Amit Peled ,the end pin he is using has a 10mm titanium rod, you must have noticed that this cello is relatively short and Amit is not at all a short man therefor the little wobbling . We did experiment with carbon rods and normal still rods before deciding on the titanium one.