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  1. I thought some might find this interesting - This is written by Robert Cauer APPRAISALS AND CERTIFICATES: DO YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE? Even some inexperienced dealers don't know it. In the violin world, the terms "Appraisal" and "Certificate" are used often interchangeably but there is a big difference. A Certificate is a document used to declare the Authenticity of an instrument. A Certificate often (but not always) has accompanying pictures and is as credible as the person who wrote it. There is no price stated on a certificate and it will accompany the violin whenever it changes
  2. I have been a Maestronet member for many years, and I am Robert Cauer's assistant. Robert read this thread with some amusement. I can tell you that this was a short diversion for Robert and his work on this was limited to the examination that you saw on the program. Robert had nothing to do with the tonal comparison, nor did he participate in anything using the scientific or medical equipment or x-rays. This was somewhat similar to the examination Robert would do normally, except for the cameras and crew present. Much of what you saw Robert do, we do not normally
  3. A side-mounted chinrest often helps, as does squeezing with the chin during the wolf-note.
  4. Robert hurries the nap. He has been compared to a hummingbird.
  5. Robert is the only person I know that can "Hurry up and take a nap."
  6. It is Robert Cauer, my employer. www.cauer.com
  7. Of possible interest to some here. The violin playing at the end is me.
  8. I definitely recommend consulting with someone who knows the laws where you are and can look at the specifics involved. I, like all of you, could be totally wrong on this, but this is my understanding: An insurance award or settlement is not income, and is therefore not taxable. When one is awarded a settlement on an insurance claim, there is no obligation how one spends the money awarded. For example, if your 10 million dollar violin is lost or destroyed and the insurance pays out, you do not have to go out and buy another 10 million dollar fiddle. You can buy a kazoo and take a vacat
  9. I am trying to imagine such a patch from the outside - I would love to see pictures of an outside post patch - front or back.
  10. Troubleshooting buzzes: http://cauer.com/violin-care-mainmenu-35/2...shooting-buzzes
  11. What I try to impress upon people when I turn down their repair work is that we have a very large inventory and large customer base. In order to maintain our inventory of PERFECTLY set-up instruments (at least by our humble standards), as well as be able to turn around in a timely manner the repairs of instruments purchased from us, we simply do not have the capacity to repair instruments purchased elsewhere. It is sometimes a curse doing good repair and restoration, because honestly, if I took in all the repairs presented, our staff would be so busy repairing instruments, our sales dept (mo
  12. Hi GV! I remember you from the olden days! Anyways, I'm still around. Glad to hear you are too. Jonathan
  13. When you don't know which rosin you are using, impressions are interesting. http://cauer.com/violincare/Vi...e.htm#_Selecting_Rosin
  14. We frequently encounter wolfs on small violins on open E. On most of our small violins, we use a Pirastro Gold Label E Thin. They only come in full size but the thin Gold Label E goes on most of our small violins. This works for us, I wonder if it works for you too. Jonathan
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