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  1. Hi, in the coming weeks I will start to build a cello. I am writing to ask you for an advice: I would build a cello with powerful bass and deep voice so what is in your experience the model that is closest to the type of cello that I want to do? Thank you Levin
  2. Hi, I am starting to varnish for the fisrt time a violin with an oil varnish. Wich ground is indicated with this tipe of varnish? Levin
  3. Thank you all for the replies. Your opinions are really helpful :-)
  4. Hi, I want to build a viola and I ask you all an advice: in your opinion today what is the size most in demand by musicians? thank you Levin
  5. Hello everyone, I want to build a cello based on 1740 Montagnana. The model is not so different from a Stradivari cello except for the heights of the archings that in Montagnana are much higher. I wanted to ask: this greater height proved a less powerful but sweeter sound or even increases bass? Levin
  6. Gabrielle or "Gabrielli"? Levin
  7. I do not want to make a copy, but I want to do a violin that looks a bit like the Plowden. Levin
  8. Hi, I'd like to make a violin based on 1735 Guarneri Plowden. This violin is, however, smaller than the standard size in fact it measures 35.1 cm. To realize vibrating string at 32.8 cm (top nut - bridge) is correct to move the F hole slightly down from its original position? Tanks Levin
  9. Hi, What is a good sealer? I hadn't in mind the distinction between sealer and ground. I have tested my oil varnish and I like the result, however, with backlight I see the open pores of the wood and I would therefore products that fills the pores before varnishing. Levin
  10. Hi, Can you recommend me a good ground for the the violin before applying an oil varnish? Until now I used the water of glue or albumin but I want a background that perfectly isolates the wood. Thank you
  11. I usually filter after a week, but I think 3-4 days are ok Levin
  12. Hi, Thank you all for the ideas and suggestions that you gave me. Surely I will try Logwood, Indian Rosewood and "wood tar" and or resin from pipes. For ~ Ben Conover: In my spirit varnish I have seedlac, sandarac, ruby shellac, elemi and benzoin. The varnish is light orange but this depends on the quality of ruby shellac. Levin
  13. Hi, I write because I'm trying to extract the brown color for my spirit varnish (I don't want to use aniline). I tried to extract the color from caramel: I made the caramel and then I put the caramel in the alcohol but caramel is not soluble in alcohol. The alcohol dissolves very little caramel and the result is an alcohol very little brown colored and this colored alcohol il not enough for coloring the varnish. Then I tried to substitute the water with the alcohol 99° in the coffee making process. In this case I had little success: the process was too fast and the alcohol was little colorful. I tried with alcohol at 90 ° and the process went better but the color was too light. I finally extracted brown from the catechu: the color is beautiful but maybe too opaque. Can anyone advise me on what to use to make a good brown color in spirit varnish? Thank you Levin
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