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  1. What we do understand is that we'll hand made contemporary instruments require far less maintenance.
  2. I don't know if there is a specific time period like cars or furniture.
  3. Antique instruments need far more care than good contemporary instruments.
  4. Mine is from Ocean State Job Lots. Under $20....bought 2
  5. The colophony you started with may be a different grade.
  6. My cast iron deep fry pot was a present from my wife's grandmother and at least 50 years old then. 30 years of resin cooks and still on the job. Samples from the late 90's show no blackening. Perhaps this is because of the old close cast cast iron. on we go, Joe
  7. I use SS for varnish. Cast iron for resin.
  8. Put the cover on after you add the turpentine. on we go Joe
  9. The viscosity of most of my varnishes is like cold maple syrup....some like room temperature honey. I make them so they can be applied as they are .... or thinned with Turpentine.
  10. Generally speaking a cello is 3x a violin.
  11. I have applied for the NJ right to know MSDS
  12. My guess is shellac wax in a proprietary solvent. on we go Joe
  13. My experience is much the same. Too much oil in Frank's method. I like your methods. I just post this to clarify the difference between what we do on a violin to what the rest of the wood working world thinks of as French polishing. on we go, Joe
  14. The best discrimination of French polishing that I know of is in a book called the Adventures in Wood Finishing by George Frank.
  15. Brian Derber. Take Todd Goldenberg's workshop through UNH.
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