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  1. Nate, I'm in CA visiting my daughter and her kids so I don't have the books in front of me. Memory says melting point is around 300C. But you don't need serious weight loss to get solubility. Just cook off the bound water. I'll check when I get home next week. on we go, Joe
  2. Yes. I think it was Chris's. sister who was working in NZ and sent the original batch of resin.
  3. Kauri is the friendliest of the oil soluble copals. It needs some precooking to make it truly soluble. Polishes well. Pleasant color A favorite of master maker David VanZandt. I have experimented with various resins sent from Australia...little luck with them. on we go, Joe
  4. I prefer the name "fixed flame" as it describes the lack of changes in the appearance as one changes the direction of observation.
  5. I like to add a bit of varnish to the bowl and pour the guess amount of turpentine on top. Allow it to sit for 10 or 15 minutes. Then stir gently. However most applications can be done with the viscosity as it comes in the jar. on we go, Joe
  6. I don't feel much better as he continues to use me as some sort of justification
  7. I examined this instrument several years ago....last live VSA... I am not the one to offer an opinion so I passed him on to those I know and trust. Each of them dismissed the "fact" that this was a Stradivari instrument. on we go, Joe
  8. I find talking varnish more productive than web page updates. Call when you need more information. on we go, Joe
  9. Thank you! I'm glad the Workshop was helpful. This year the crew will be myself, Todd Goldenberg, and Itzel Avila.
  10. Try Brian Derber's "The Manuel of Violin Making".
  11. I'd be glad to help out. I'm traveling until Jan. 12. Email me at order@violinvarnish.com before that and I'll send some information to get you started. on we go, Joe
  12. Comfort and Joy to you and yours. on we go, Joe
  13. John, Thank you. Materials remain the same. Application evolves. on we go, Joe
  14. One more before I deliver this one Morning sun on the bench. Deep reflectivity. Wood and varnish texture. Extremely thin varnish coating. on we go Joe
  15. This one was all about the brilliance of the wood.
  16. thanks Andreas. I will try for a good view as I finish up this week. I am pleased by them depth of reflection of this extremely thin varnish film. on we go, Joe
  17. There are some historical references to adding alum. I tried....I saw no effect. on we go, Joe
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