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  1. joerobson

    Cork Burnish?

    yes...since cabinet shop days...cut to fit odd places...a little oil and rottenstone
  2. joerobson

    Larch turpentine - what to do?

  3. joerobson

    Larch turpentine - what to do?

    Sell it to me!
  4. joerobson

    Friday fun

    Amazing eye
  5. joerobson

    Iron Rosinate

    My post Brandmair research indicates that the most likely source for the amounts and types of protein indicate that the object was made by soiled human hands,
  6. joerobson

    Colophony as Coloured Sealer before ground and varnish

    Alcohol in the first 2 steps... Coloring and some illumination.....then Turpentine soluble materials to enhance illumination. Joe
  7. joerobson

    Do you build Bergonzi?

  8. joerobson

    red flames

    What he said! Joe
  9. joerobson

    Mr Alf's letter to Vuillaume: recipe for Strad's varnish?

    The Strad Varnish Book study by Brigitte Brandmair and "The Nature of the Extraordinary Finish of Stradivari's Instruments" by J.P. Echard. Each confirms the others findings about the varnish. on we go, Joe
  10. joerobson

    There are no violins in Alaska...

    John Osnes in Anchorage.
  11. joerobson

    red flames

    Mike, As we saw on this maple, when you change the angle, the red stripes go gold and the gold stripes go red. This is contradictory to any red pigment or particulate deep in the wood. Same goes for stains. Joe
  12. joerobson

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    I will provide ground and varnish. Just tell me where to send it. on we go, Joe
  13. joerobson

    The Scroll

    He gets my vote.....
  14. joerobson

    The Scroll

    I just received the recent edition of the "Scroll", the magazine produced by the Violin Society of America. I am very impressed! A wonderful article about being a woman coming up in the trade by Marilyn Wallin. A valuable discussion which needs to be front and center. A continued illustration of a neck reset by Mathew Noykos. Excellent instruction accompanied by step by step photographs. The chronicles of Harry Marison..scientist and cello he brought us scans of the Christiani Cello of Antonio Stradivari. And...much more. Congratulations to the VSA and the people [volunteers] who make this publication possible. Get some binders folks, this publication will become a well referenced addition to your library. on we go, Joe
  15. joerobson

    High resin content varnish

    I use comparison by weight of the processed materials. The resin is raw, not colophony. The varnish can be made using unprocessed raw resin with a very different result. Joe