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  1. Varnish wise two instruments in the exhibit stood out for me. The Peter of Mantua 1690 with the one piece back had an extraordinary Varnish with less added color than the ones I am most familiar with. The del Gesu Ferni 1732. On my first glance at this violin across the table it appeared to me as a massive but poor retouch job. I was encouraged to take another look...and I was very wrong. This was an amazing Varnish example...most color I have examined on a del Gesu. Thanks to all who made the exhibit possible.
  2. Are these times to a white instrument or varnished, or set up?
  3. Yes! The essential materials do not change over the centuries....resin is resin, oil is still oil. The few unaltered surfaces are an amazing lesson in application. on we go, Joe
  4. Talk withJohn Simmers. He has an excellent shop line of instruments. SIMMERS VIOLINS - JOHN SIMMERS VIOLIN MAKER 20 Argyle St, RED HILL, QLD 4059, Australia +61 408 217 560 on we go, Joe
  5. Yes. Balsam Ground + Aged Wood Gold + Stradivari Cochineal and Base Varnishes. See you there. on we go, Joe
  6. This one is ready for show and tell at the VSA Convention. My presentation is Monday afternoon. on we go, Joe
  7. What is your application method? on we go, Joe
  8. Small change in schedule...I'll give my presentation Monday and Matt Noykos will present on Thursday. on we go, Joe
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