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  1. On any given day there is about 250 million in counterfeit USD in circulation.
  2. joerobson

    Where to buy a decent white violin?

    I repeat my previous statement.
  3. joerobson

    Where to buy a decent white violin?

    I think you speak out of hand. I have done business with International Violin for 20 years. If they tell me that a violin is made in Poland or Romania, or the Valley of the Dolls, I have no doubt they are telling the truth. This is an international public forum. Please do not offer unsubstantiated opinions that might have an impact on someone else's business or work. on we go, Joe
  4. joerobson

    Janito's bench

    Linseed oil would do the same
  5. joerobson

    Madder Alum Rosinate

    Application issues aside. The Michelman method of varnish making and its modern variations...the best I have seen is from Frank Ravatin...tend to make strong colors with a distinct glassy appearance. They will dry well if properly constructed. They tend to thicken and become useless in a day or so due [I believe] to the high metal content. Un-reacted metal salts can cause some surface issues like alligatoring. on we go, Joe
  6. joerobson

    Where to buy a decent white violin?

    Andreuu, As a cabinetmaker, urishi has always fascinated me...especially the wet curing details. However I am VERY allergic to poison sumac, so I never tried it! Many of the participants in the varnish workshops purchase instruments in the white and then after varnish and set up sell them to pay for the workshop. We have had excellent luck using the violins and violas from International Violin Company. on we go, Joe
  7. joerobson

    Korinthia Klein's VSA talk on discrimination

    That assumption is far from the reality of the intent or the way it was presented.
  8. joerobson

    Korinthia Klein's VSA talk on discrimination

    Bill, The panel discussion with Kory, Robyn Sullivan and Marilyn Wallin was balanced, fair, and important. The notion that Kory was using her "leisure time " to slam anyone is offensive. You obviously don't know Kory and how hard she has worked to get where she is. Joe
  9. joerobson

    Shell Figured Maple...

    Call me next week.
  10. joerobson

    Making a wooden plane

    "The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking" by James Krenov.
  11. joerobson

    Surinam Ironwood

    Or one could just drop it into a bathtub full of water. Years ago I sawed some logs of local ironwood in Palau. It didn't float. I'll try to find the proper name for it. Joe
  12. joerobson

    Surinam Ironwood

    Does it float?
  13. David, The other possibilities being: cochineal carmine [a pigment], cochineal lake fused resin, and cochineal rosinate. All would agree with Brandmair and Echard, but they do not produce the optics we are looking for. Joe
  14. joerobson

    Green buckthorn berries as a source of pigment

    Even mordanted buckthorne tends to fade.
  15. joerobson

    Applying Robson Varnish

    Also.....Avoid commercial tack rags as they are treated with silicones.