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  1. Hmmmm.....I'll ask Todd He just turned 66. Joe
  2. This is an interesting discussion. I do not intend to be vague or obtuse. I have spent a lot of time and energy over the past 7 years researching and recreating the Stradivari Cochineal Varnish. The history surrounding this varnish is equally engaging. If you can get the article...Scarlet Fever...Strad September will clarify a lot of your questions. on we go, Joe
  3. Yes. A cochineal rosinate will, when added to varnish, will give you a nice red to purple tint. Opacity will depend on the concentration and mulling of the material. It will not, however, reproduce the optical effects of the Stradivari varnish...if that is your goal. on we go, Joe
  4. Cochineal began its journey to Europe when Cortez returned from his first voyage to Mexico. I cover the history in the Strad Magazine article...September issue...."Scarlet Fever ". on we go, Joe
  5. See my article "Scarlet Fever " in the September issue of the Strad Magazine. Joe
  6. My choice is horsetail...equisetium I use the cleaned up and applied to a backer version made by violin maker Dorian Barnes. Joe
  7. Yes. Just like the rosin bag on the pitchres' mound. Bow rosin will have stuff like beeswax, castor oil, benzoin, myrrh, or spike oil added
  8. Be careful. Ads attached to Maestronet gave my laptop some sort of virus. on we go, Joe
  9. "Carlo Bergonzi: A Cremonese Master Unveiled" by Christopher Reuning
  10. The Bergonzi "Spanish " cello...1732 ish The surface is essentially undisturbed . The varnish and varnishing are beyond understanding. The scroll carving is so bold. Having it in my hands confirmed all. on we go, Joe
  11. YES ....only if you want to make varnish
  12. Domestic not wild goose I also recommend the thermometer.