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  1. Not only her...and yourself but also Helene Cosette and Michelle Ashley.
  2. If you are near Cleveland, Terry Carlin. Otherwise...where in Ohio?
  3. I am pleased to share that our "Practical and Artistic Violin Varnish Workshop" for 2020 , held in cooperation with the Chicago School of Violin Making, will be from April 25th - May 2nd this year. We look forward to a great crew as usual! Information on the program is attached. Thanks and on we go, Joe Violin Varnish Workshops 2020.doc information 2020.doc
  4. A slight and [I think] natural rounding occurs when the white wood and varnishes surface are polished using dry brushes.
  5. Hello all, Our trade is full of repetitive tasks. Repetitive tasks can become traditions and rituals. One of my traditions is this book: The Nature and Art of Workmanship by David Pye. For the past 10 years my preparation for varnish workshops has begun with re-reading this book. So my prep has begun again.I will have 2 workshops this year:Practical & Artistic Violin Varnishing held April 25th – May 2nd at theChicago School of Violin Making. This workshop is co-taught with Marilyn Wallin and Todd Goldenberg. Fundamentals of Oil Varnishing held March 1st – March 6th at Learning Trade Secrets in Ashland, Ohio., which I teach myself. For information on either please contact me at
  6. The scroll on the Bergonzi "Spanish" cello is a masterpiece of beautiful and bold carving. Many of us have stared at the photos for hours. on we go, Joe
  7. Isabel Wilbaux, Itzel Avila, Carrie Scoggins, Korinthia Klein, Robyn Sullivan, Sarah Delibreto, Anya Soneberg to name a few
  8. Do they think they can do accurate testing.
  9. I know a violin maker whose partner is a world class sound engineer...I'll ask them. Joe
  10. I have 7 different light sources around my bench.....never enough
  11. You could contact Joshua Beyer....he has made several.
  12. On this I think we have to agree to disagree.