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  1. varnish as usual

    Current work. Balsam Ground + Aged Wood Gold + Stradivari Cochineal Varnish and Base Varnish.
  2. American Federation of Violin and Bow makers

    Nate, Good to see you there! Perhaps a peer review arm of AFVBM could emerge to qualify the work of non-members.... Joe
  3. I am currently in NYC for the AFVBM meeting. I gave a presentation on my Stradivari Cochineal Varnish. If you have a chance to see these instruments, it is a rare opportunity. Joe
  4. Non-Drying Fulton Varnish

    10 years is tooooo long
  5. Question for chemists: KOH as part of wood treatment?

    If we are speaking of wood color...and not other factors.... The Brandmair research confirms the observation that the wood protected by varnish is a lighter color than the wood in worn areas. The degree of color change being a function of the degree of wear. There are other ways to control wood color without the predictable or unpredictable application of oxidizing agents or concentrated UV treatments. Joe
  6. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    And Mark went on to make some of the finest violas, ever.
  7. If Josh is busy, call Howard Needham and he will steer you right.
  8. turpentine

    Fred, Please excuse my taking license with the word caustic....though it well describes the effect it can have on previous coats... as I have noted many times, I am a cook, not a chemist! Feel free to correct my nomenclature anytime! Joe
  9. How important is varnish in identifying a violin ?

    Some time frames have a signiture appearance. There were a lot of 19th century instruments varnished with a copal resin varnish. As they age they acquire a blueish tint reminiscent of dry cleaners bags. Joe
  10. turpentine

    Hey Fred, The reaction to Siberian turpentine ... In cooking....the finished Varnish is prone to "mud flats" crackle, adhesion problems, and a tendency to top dry and not through the film. In application as a solvent.... Dissolving the previous varnish layer. Shortening the dry to tack time. Always good to hear from another varnish maker! on we go, Joe
  11. turpentine

    One of my suppliers says there is a chance we can obtain some terebinthe. I will let you know IF it happens.... To re-establish a base line for this conversation: We have experienced problems related to the use of turpentine for many years. There are two sources of these problems. One is turpentine from Siberian fir which seems unusually caustic to organic resins. The second is turpentine [which includes almost everything on the world market] which has been stored in metal containers. The turpentine reacts with the container or its lining and becomes "something else". on we go, Joe
  12. turpentine

    Welcome back Carlo! I have [supposedly] some terebinthe on the way. Looking forward to playing with it. on we go, Joe
  13. Gio Batta Morassi has passed away.

    A sad day.
  14. Wicked old wood, Good?

    A couple years ago a woman walked into the shop of a friend of mine. With her she had a box of violin parts and a violin. The material came from a family member who had built the violin...and others... The violin was completed in 1890 but never varnished. The box had prepared plates and other parts which eventually he made into a violin. This wood was fortunately stored in a good environment. Old is not better just because it is old. The same judgement should be used as when evaluating new wood.
  15. Wood ID?