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  1. Boston Luthier?

    oh yeah! Like the softball toss at the carnival...we can add Ben and Roman and Marco and Horst and David and Stacy and .....
  2. kiln dried wood

    Agreed! Wood has 2 kinds of water: Free water and bound water. Free water takes up space in the cell lumen or other voids. Bound water is in the cell structure bonded with the cellulose. In general air drying will reduce or eliminate free water, but not effect bound water. Kiln drying removes free water and a percentage of the bound water. Loss of bound water relates to cell wall collapse and shrinkage. The issue is dimensional stability and predictability. What is most important is to understand how your wood has been with most things: mysteries get in the way of progress. on we go, Joe
  3. Boston Luthier?

    There is always a fresh crop at the North Bennet Street School.
  4. Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    The entire range of rosin esters are compatible with nitrocellulose, as are dewaxed versions of shellac and dammar. They are NOT combined by heat, but rather by compatible solvents. Rosin is added to nitrocellulose to improve gloss and ease of sanding and polishing. It is a detriment to exterior durability. on we go, Joe
  5. varnish as usual

    Color and texture: Balsam Ground + Stradivari Cochineal Varnish
  6. Musician Needs to have Violin made for him

    Barry Griffiths has made violins from exotic woods for decades.
  7. Cobalt dryer

    As Cobalt is a top down drier, do not exceed 2% by volume. Excess drier can impede curing. Joe
  8. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    Hello all, This is not a sales pitch. As there is often anecdotal discussion of the Balsam Ground , I thought it time to clarify. I have been offering the Balsam Ground System for sale since 2002. Several years of research proceeded this. The BGS seals the wood for varnishing and enhances the natural reflectivity of the wood. All in search of the effects we observe on classic Cremonese instruments. Attached you will find information on the process and application. on we go, Joe BG application sequence 1.doc header vv plus ground model.doc
  9. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    Clean the surface with alcohol....the begin again. Also #1 is not to be diluted. BG application sequence 1.doc
  10. What makes turpentine "bad" or "good"?

    1. There are good trees and bad trees for turpentine. Examples: Pine from Siberia or northern Vietnam: Bad Georgia slash pine or French Maritime Pine: good. 2. Process. Solvent or Sulphur extraction bad....including "stump" turpentine. Traditional extraction" good. 3. Storage: metal containers: bad. [just because you buy it in a glass bottler does not mean it was not stored in a drum!] Glass: good. 4. Information: If your supplier will not qualify all of the above qualities don't buy it. All criteria apply to using the turpentine in varnishing or varnish making. on we go, Joe ps I do not get any kick backs from Diamond G!
  11. Do you build Bergonzi?

  12. Violin varnishing workshop 2018

    "Practical & Artistic Violin Varnishing Workshop" will be held in cooperation with the Chicago School of Violin Making from April 21st to April 28th. If you are interested in the workshop here is the contact information: Contact me if you have questions! on we go, Joe
  13. Thinning varnish

    Well said.
  14. Thinning varnish

    It will be different each time.