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  1. Mike, I think both. One can do a nice instrument if the ground is good and the varnishing isn't. One can do a nice instrument if the varnish is good and the ground isn't. However a great job is only when both are done well and work together. Joe
  2. Agreed. It is possible to isolate the pigment layer with shellac if the glaze is fully cured. There is a definite loss of translucency. Joe
  3. Tommy, This turned out very well. Whay do you want to change on the sheen? Joe
  4. Agreed. I have seen disasters related to the iron content. I never have seen that on any classic Cremonese instrument.
  5. David, One of the issues is that we don't know precisely. Though we do know they are not large. Joe
  6. Fulton Varnish. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Bill Fulton for re-introducing a way for oil varnish to be made for stringed instruments. Terpene resin and terpene resin varnish are originally common to the print industry. There are some pigments...I think some of the greens....that require a ph neutral medium to be color stable. The varnish can be used very well if applied in thin coats. It is quite protective. However it does not wear in the way we observe on old or aging instruments. It is very hard and instead of wearing off, as it ages and is used, it develops a surface of tiny but distinct scratches. On the question of iron. All contemporary scientific examinations of the Stradivari varnish indicate the presence of iron. Whether this is intentionally added or not needs yet to be determined. Iron oxides in their pure form are crystalline. As I am told, this structure can be translated into the source of the iron oxide. If the iron is amorphous, then the source is most likely cooking in a cast iron pot. I cook in a cast iron pot. on we go, Joe
  7. Greg, Give me a call and we'll make a plan to get together. More comments on Fulton varnish tomorrow. Joe
  8. I am certain that there are many jars of this varnish lurking in violin makers' varnish cabinets. Some one will share with you. What is your interest in this varnish? on we go, Joe
  9. That would contradict my previous statement. Joe
  10. Email:
  11. I ship anywhere there is postal service. Joe
  12. Yeah...but I'm not allowed to say it that way! on we go, Joe