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  1. This appears to be an adhesion failure. The spot has a distinct ring of thicker varnish around it. Joe
  2. In general this is an issue with this and similar procedures. Excess or unreacted metal salts are hydrophilic. The issue with using an excess of Cobalt drier is similar.
  3. A sticky varnish after two days would be a bad sign. on we go, Joe
  4. More details please. What kind of linseed oil. Cooked resin? How much zinc and alum? Application thickness? What ground? I'll stay tuned aka Optical Mike... on we go Joe
  5. I heartily agree with the reactions to your post. I would NEVER cook in a closed container...or in glass. Cook in a good thick pot which distributes the heat evenly. on we go Joe
  6. Stand oil is heated in a vacuum chamber which creates a polymerized linseed oil. This prevents oxidation and therefore drying.
  7. I was taught by my mentor Tschu Ho Lee to picture your instrument in a quartet, if it works there you have done well. on we go, Joe
  8. Great! And for turpentine Diamond G Forest Products...only
  9. Years ago I worked some maple that had been under water in Lake Superior for 100 years. No big difference in appearance or working properties. Joe
  10. Strad Magazine September 2018 "SCARLET FEVER " is the story of the Stradivari Cochineal Varnish. The color varnishes: Alizarin Orange, Purple, and Dark Rose, Greek Pitch Arancione and Rose, and the Stradivari Cochineal Varnish are colored using the same method. I have learned how to create a lake which is attached to the linseed oil. This gives us a translucent varnish of deep and stable color. The color then acquires the optical properties of theoil. (BTW I say translucent because no varnish is completely transparent) Otherwise I will answer...most...questions. Hopefully the va
  11. I think the experts I suggested each gave an opinion. These are not folks who would bother to argue this in a public way. That was 2 years ago..... on we go, Joe
  12. Well...this story does not go away. I was asked to examine this instrument and give an opinion. Preface: I told the owner I was not qualified to do more than observe and comment and that my name was not to be used in any public discussion of this violin. As I looked it over I thought the varnish on the maple looked interesting in color but the situation did not permit me to examine it in a way that might be more instructive about the cochineal factor. I suggested a short list of those folks could give an authoritative assessment. Nuff said. on we go, Joe
  13. Golden ground with platinum accents on we go, Joe