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  1. Cooking time for dark color varies a bit. Average for colophony is about 350 hours. Weight loss about 10%. Raw resin is 450 - 575 hours. Weight loss about 15%. on we go, Joe
  2. On the left side is varnish, on the right cooked colophony.
  3. There is no color added to the oil in this test. Joe
  4. Well Mike I couldn't sleep with unfinished business...I stuck this in the sun here for a long time.... Will send results.
  5. Mike, Senility must be setting in....I failed to read those as varnish samples!!!! More tomorrow....apples to apples. Joe
  6. David, The sample is dark, but the darkness does not come from carbon black....just the cooking process. Joe
  7. Here is a drop of colophony cooked for dark color. It is not burnt. It does not fade on its own. Varnish made from it is quite lightfast. on we go, Joe
  8. The "color" we get from cooking...i.e.... processing....pine based resin is a function of what we begin with and how long and hot we process the material. Mike's samples are quite blonde in terms of the possibilities. I find them workable for color varnishes and varnish that one would add pigments to. Darker cooked varnishes tend to hold their color as long as they are not over exposed to high intensity UV as they are first applied. The Gold that Jezzupe is refering to is the Aged Wood Gold color which is part of the Balsam Ground system. There is a color which is a component of the minor degradation of hemi-cellulose which occurs naturally as wood is exposed to natural light. This color cannot be extracted from wood. In order to give us this color as a tool I researched plant extracts to find a plant which produced the same color. I am able to extract this color but it comes with another color which is fortunately very fugitive. After application exposure to UV or sunlight fades the wood to the color of aged wood. on we go, Joe
  9. Eric Aceto...Ithaca Stringed Instruments. I think he is finishing the varnishing on one as we speak.