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  1. Back in the dark ages, I was involved in establishing a sustainable Cuban Mahogany operation on the island of Palau: Blue Moon Exotic Wood. The traditional water craft were treated with a tradition based coconut oil sealant. So, if you know how, then you might be able to make it work. on we go, Joe
  2. Nick, I have an Alpha Aesar account. Call me. on we go, Joe
  3. Check out Daniel Hoffman Luthier
  4. So there are many options to be discussed about your cello. However, the most important questions are: Do you like or love it? Are the varnish issues getting in the way of your relationship with this instrument? If the answers are no, then learn to accept the limitations and enjoy your cello. If the answers are yes, then we can discuss it. In that case, pictures will help. on we go, Joe
  5. Considering the source of this thread I choose to not respond in public. I am happy to participate otherwise. on we go, Joe
  6. In my not so humble opinion: To bring out the depth of reflection without burning (that is over coloring) you need to introduce reflective material into the raw wood. on we go, Joe
  7. Many thanks to the Chicago School of Violin Making for their support of our Varnish Workshop.
  8. As there is no raw turpentine in my varnishes, I have no shipping issues. on we go, Joe
  9. joerobson

    Spike Oil

    Nick, Your assessment is correct for some making methods. My Balsam Ground varnish is 4 resin to 1 oil and is easily workable at room temperature. I find that,using my varnishes, spike oil prevents a fully cured film. on we go, Joe
  10. UNH offers a making course tailored to your needs. Taught by Todd Goldenberg. Also Brian Durrber's book. on we go, Joe
  11. I have never been able to dissolve amber in alcohol. At one point I was working with powdered amber in ground experiments.... Take finely powdered raw amber and put it in a jar. Add oil of spike lavender. Let the jar sit for a year or so. Then you have a nice paste to work with. However varnish won't stick to it. I'll see if I can find the jar. on we go, Joe
  12. I agree with Steve. Small batches are difficult to control. on we go, Joe
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