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  1. I have had good results with Hidersine Peg Compound. No idea what is in it but it works for me.
  2. I flat out just don't know how to draw a distinction between between the two terms. As far as Stevie is concerned, she is on key most always but I am not trying to pitch her singing abilities.
  3. Two word response to an old thread. Practice and preparation, both mental and physical.
  4. An old toothbrush or a cork. Both work well.
  5. Old time is the heart of traditional Bluegrass or at least used to be. Now with New Grass and progressive Bluegrass..???
  6. You are right about him being an excellent Bluegrass player but he was a also a great old time player as well and came from a family of old time fiddle players. He was, as you say, best known for his Bluegrass playing.
  7. Fiddler 45, Yes, from New Mexico. That area Junior grew up in, Otero County, was a hotbed of fiddling at one time. The most prominant one from there besides Junior is Hyram Posey a two-time National Fancy Fiddle Champion, also a good guy and wonderful musician.
  8. Kenny Baker and Junior Daugherty. Most have never heard of Junior but he is a great fiddler and a good guy.
  9. Anne Sophie Mutter, my choice.
  10. Yucca

    K. Reindahl Bow

    That goes along with what the luthier that restored my bow told me when I asked him about the possible origen of the bow. He said it was probably of German make and somewhere around the turn of the century. (last century for all of us old folks!) Mike
  11. Yucca

    K. Reindahl Bow

    The good thing is that we both have good bows that may be fairly rare. I do know that mine is not for a heavy hand. It is very responsive. It scares me to remember how close I came to junking it! Thanks so much for posting the pics and the info. Mike
  12. Yucca

    K. Reindahl Bow

    Thanks Jeff. Worked well. Next time I will compress them better though. They are pretty big. Mike
  13. Yucca

    K. Reindahl Bow

    Ron, there are differences between our bows. I noticed that the stamp on yours is "upside down". However the screws look almost identical. The frog is pretty well worn on mine. Your bow looks to be in quite good shape. Mine came with a badly abused Czech fiddle that I traded a $45 amp for. The bow itself was in bad shape but my luthier told me it was well worth restoring and he was right. I guess I would wonder if mine is genuine, a copy/knock off, or maybe one that Reindahl had made by someone else to go with his violins?? Judging by the frog it seems to have some age on it. Mike
  14. Yucca

    K. Reindahl Bow

    Photos at last! Here they are of my Reindahl bow. Mike