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  1. i know! i do sound like an ad dont i? haha...but im not...i just think that they could help out people who might have some pains or hand problems....im getting some next week hopefully...i dont have hand pains.....but its supposed to help with other things...cheers
  2. A long time ago, my friend showed me these two beatiful golf sized balls that were decorated with beautiful designs. When you shook these balls they made a cute little ring. Then she showed me that you swirled them in your hand to excercise some nerve points. I went and bought a pair but have since given them away. Never did the balls come to my attention again until yesterday night. I was playing pool with a couple of friends, and suddenly that same friend said "Hey, do you remember these?". She had taken two of those billiard balls an began swirling them in her hand. Then out of nowhere a thought clicked in my mind. The balls are perfect to work out the hands! The benifets for playing the violin are phenomal! I then did a little research on these Chinese Health Balls on the internet. http://www.themodernreligion.com/health/balls.html Here are the listed benifets from their use. 1 stimulates blood circulation - no more cold hands before playing the violin!!!!! 2)improves memory - i wouldnt mind making memorising my pieces easier! 3) relaxes muscles and joints - no more stiffness! 4) relieving joint stiffness and soreness - for people with arthriris and pain from playing violin! 5) relieving stress - relieve the frustration from not getting that passage right! haha 6) promoting sleep - an easy nights sleep before the big recital! So in theory, these balls could revolutionize the violin community! I reccommend everyone to try it out! Make your violin troubles go away! If you are skeptical about them, let me tell you this. They have withstood the test of time. They've been in use for 2000+ years. So what are you waiting for?.....jeez i sound like an infomercial. Im getting mine tomorrow. Get the word out! Good Luck! I hope they work for you! Cheers.
  3. asdf

    Bausch bow

    I have a bausch bow...im an intermediate player...dont know much about bows...i have a bausch bow...but its not labeled L. Bauch or just plain Bausch....its labeled M. Bausch.....does anybody have any information on this maker?
  4. good question....wondering the same here...anyone?
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