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  1. I read all the comments and your response and actually I was quite impressed with your response. I am looking for a violin in the 1800 to 2k range and am now seriously thinking of trying one of your violins. what is your return policy?
  2. thank you so much for responding to me. It looks like a very nice violin. it is certainly worth trying. thanks again for your suggestion.
  3. I have been looking and looking for a nice violin for under 2k. I would appreciate any suggestions. I'm symied.
  4. beautiful. i can't wait until i can do that. how long have you been playing.
  5. I've given all your suggestions some thought. thank you all. i looked at the website that was suggested and found it very helpful. i saw my teacher today. i see him twice a week. we worked on my vibrato and it was much better today. i am taking it much slower now. i practice it 5 minutes a day. makes a big difference. i practice it in time with a metronome at 60 speeding up incrementally. it's getting better. little by little, day by day. i can see that with constant and consistent practice, it will get better - as is the case with all things, I guess. i must have hit some kind of plateau - get frustrated and downhearted a little more easily these days. thanks for your support.
  6. i have a sohmer cabinet grand upright piano serial #26284 36 dated 1890. it has carvings and a beautiful tone. anone know value or anyway to find out? it is presently in cape cod mass. and would like to sell it. thanks
  7. yeah, i do. i'm very interested. where is the thread to follow?
  8. thanks all - that helps alot. i'm going to take it a lot slower and not be so hard on myself.
  9. i am flying to florida for 10 days and want to bring my violin - does anyone know whether it is difficult to bring violin on board an airplane. i know it will fit in the overhead compartment - but according to airline rules - the size exceeds their allowance by a few inches. has anyone had this experience? i don't want to get there to find out i have to put it through baggage.
  10. i am having difficulty learning to play with vibrato. my teacher told me to start very rhythmically, slowly and in third position. it seems to be okay when going slowly - i can get my hand to go back and forth, but when i speed up i begin to move side to side. Help! what am i doing wrong. any suggestions? maybe i'm not practicing long enough.
  11. i havn't heard her yet - but am going to hear her perform at carnegie hall in november. can't wait. she's performing with natalie zhu accompanying her on piano. next i'm going to hear joshua bell and finally maxim vengerov with lilya zilberstein accompanist. going with my violin teacher - what a treat
  12. crazyjane... thank you so much - i just bought it. you're the best. i knew i could count on one of you to solve a problem.
  13. I love the violin also. I have a fairly good student violin and a great teacher. I take lessons twice a week and practice at least an hour a day. I think progress has been fairly consistent. I am playing some Gabrielli trios with my teacher and a friend. At moments it all comes together and i'm in heaven. At other times I crash and burn. I have a fairly good ear so intonation isn't bad. have lots and lots of work to do. two lifetimes worth of practicing to catch up on. I've never been happier. What a wonderful journey. I've been playing for about 15 months now.
  14. thanks, you're right. Tomosow. anyway - that's the way i spelled it when i searched. i looked all over - but i'll check ebay again - you never know what turns up or when.
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