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  1. Thanks everybody. I really don't want to spend a lot, because, as I said, I don't play that much, but I have a continuo part to learn (Telemann) to play on Temple Square in Salt Lake City in March (w/bassoon solo), so I'm getting tired of packing and unpacking all the time! It's just hard to guess w/o actually trying to put the cello on. Jana
  2. Have any of you cellists seen a stand like this one before? I would like one without major expense (as I don't play often enough), but I'm wondering about the curves on the base -- it seems like they might rub in the wrong places. Thanks. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-2006-Cello-Stand...1QQcmdZViewItem Jana
  3. Thanks Yuen and Marie for your suggestions. I'll be sure to go through the master classes on the web page you gave me, Marie (though I think I need to find someone with DSL or it will take hours to load them!) Steve, as far as the suggestion to "get a teacher", didn't you read my post? In order to get a teacher, the best one I know of lives 2.5 hours from here across a two lane highway. With four kids and bad health, I hardly have the time, money or energy for that one. If I did, instead of ME taking lessons, I would be taking my two kids (oboe & bassoon) somewhere for lessons, as there are no teachers of those instruments here, either. I'm a self-taught violinist, and I have a BA in music education, so I did have some lessons in college, though not from the best teachers. I have played Mozart concertos, among other things, so I don't think I'm completely illiterate. I even made it into the Philharmonic Orchestra at Brigham Young University when I was in college. For a school of 25,000 students and hundreds of music majors, I felt that was no small feat. I also have nearly 40 years of piano experience, so I do have a good musical ear, which is part of my problem on violin -- I don't have the patience to make it sound like I know it should! (You know, I think it should just happen!) I almost gave up violin completely, as I had a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted 3 1/2 years ago, and playing is kind of painful with that little device right under the shoulder rest. I also have severe anxiety after being "struck by lightening" (the defibrilator) while performing one night. However, I'm getting braver and decided maybe I should try to improve just for me, even if I'm too scared to play for anyone else (I do play at a care center every now and then. Low pressure from those old folks!) So, now that you all know my history, maybe some of you won't be so quick to judge in the future. Nothing would be greater than to be able to have lessons from a wonderful teacher and actually have the time to practice sufficiently to make it worth the time and money, but it's just not possible at this point. Kids come first! Jana
  4. Okay. I was just looking at this for the first time last night. How in the heck do you play all those 8th notes on one bow w/staccato??? Is it really necessary, or could I just play them "normally"? Problem: I run out of bow after one measure, let alone three! And, to answer your question, NO, I don't have a teacher. To be exact, other than one other girl (who I used to teach), I'm the most qualified teacher in the county:) (scary, I know) Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks. Jana
  5. I had a friend in H.S. who named her violin "Fidelity". I assume it was male, because I named mine "Matilda" and they shared a locker. We were hoping for little violins, but it never happened:) When I bought my cello, I asked her what I should name it. She said "Brunhilda", because "it sounds like Matilda, only a much larger woman!" Never named the violin who has viola strings. It's too ugly to be worth the effort. Jana
  6. Gosh. You mean I shouldn't bid? After all, his feedback is unprecedented! Jana
  7. I believe it's muh-JEAN-ee (unless the double "G" gets a different sound in Italian.)
  8. I was in the "city" yesterday, so I had my Artur Teller violin appraised. He gave me a written appraisal in the amount of $3,000 (I paid $700 in about 1978)!! They were also having a huge sale and had all their violins out for trial, so I was trying theirs, and having them try theirs vs. mine. There was one $5,000 one (don't know brand) that sounded better than mine from afar, but when I played it, it was much too loud for my ears that close. The store people (who were REALLY good) loved my Teller. So, needless to say, I walked out a very happy woman! So, I got looking at an old bow I have (which I bought with a violin [now strung as viola] at a thrift store.) I've been going to toss it, but as I examined it closer today (and after reading so much lately), I noticed it's a G.A. Pfretzschner (at least the frog is). Aren't they supposed to be pretty good? I rosined it up a bit (the hair is filthy) and it seems to respond fairly well, in spite of being slightly (okay, maybe more than slightly) warped. Could it be valuable, and is there a way to sort of "wash" the hair to get a better feel for sound and response before I spend money to have it rehaired? (I did try some new bows there -- one was TO DIE for, but the price - $1750 - is a little out of my range at the moment!) Also, is there a way that a luthier could "unwarp" it a bit? Thanks for all your helpful suggestions. I'm learning lots. Even halfway considering buying a couple of cheap "fixer-uppers" for fun, just to see what becomes of them after they're worked on a little. Jana
  9. I guess the dealer thing makes sense! (Okay, I'm still learning.) Jana
  10. I just noticed this case: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...ssPageName=WDVW #1 -- Why in the world would you want to pack around 4 violins? #2 -- Doesn't it look like the violins would "smash" together, thus breaking bridges?? Has anybody every seen one of these in real life? Jana
  11. Thanks for a good laugh! I liked the shipping stuff, too: Shipping: $3.00 (is he folding the front and stuffing it in an envelope, or what?) Then below, it says: PAYPAL ACCOUNT. SHIPPING DISCOUNT 1/2 PRICE OF $8.00/ $4.00 THANK YOU. CHAR6N@AOL.COM BUY THE FRIST 2TH ONE FREE. So, shipping is $3.00, but if you pay with paypal, you get it for half of 8 which is 4?????? Boy, am I confused!! Jana
  12. Thanks. Having to take the top off if the crack needs repair scares me, as I was thinking I'd try to see if I could do everything myself. Not really interested in paying somebody big $$ to do it! I did adjust the bridge and take the chinrest off my Teller, and I believe it is already sounding better. I'll add some new strings and go from there. Do I dare mess with the soundpost, or should I just leave it be? (I do have a setter, but I'm sure it will take me hours to get it back in if I slip and tip it over:) Jana
  13. Look at this violin. Notice the crack on the front. I was wondering if it would be worth $75 to try to fix it up and just see what I get. The crack is what worries me, though. Any thoughts? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...ssPageName=WDVW
  14. Andres -- You're right! I have everything backwards, don't I? However, if you look at the time of my post (2:14 a.m.), you'll see why I was a little nuts! (To be honest, I'm always a little nuts, as I have no short term memory whatsoever. I was seconds away from being dead 3 years ago, so from what they tell me, I'm lucky to even know my name!) So, just translate (which I think you all have:) Thanks for the info. That was very interesting to learn! (I'll see if I can remember it.) Maybe I'll try going without a chinrest and see how I like it. If nothing else, it will make everyone else ask questions, right? Jana
  15. First of all, by "right" and "left", I just meant when the violin is facing you, like in the pics (I didn't think of treble or bass side!) So, Glen -- you're saying that chinrests aren't really necessary? Would removing it get rid of that nasty "hicky" we all get? Jana
  16. I've noticed that several of the old violins for sale on ebay have chinrest "stains" on the left side, with the chinrest on the right (such as the one that paddahhound currently has for sale). Did players used to place the chinrest on the opposite side? Jana
  17. So, after looking all over the Internet for various violins, I decided to take advice (sorry, I don't remember who gave it) and try new strings, etc. on my Artur Teller. Evah Pirazzi's didn't exist back when I used to play a lot, so I was just wondering what everybody thinks of them. I used to love Pirasto Gold Labels -- now have Dominant. Another question about them -- they come in "weich", "medium" and "stark" (the Es also in 26 and 27). What does all this mean, and how do I best choose? Starks are all backordered at SW strings -- is this an indication of popularity, or just bad stocking? Also, any suggestions as to other stores to look at to compare prices (I know about discount strings, but that's about all.) Thanks. Janabanana
  18. Question: How do people on ebay do private auctions? I thought everything had to be open to allow bidders to really know what they're getting into? Jana
  19. I'll see if I can borrow a digital camera and try it. (I do have a digital movie that takes snapshots, would that work?) If you go to this link: http://www.elderly.com/vintage/items/110U-4489.htm mine is very similar, except with tighter grain (and a few dings on the front, since it went thru my high school and college years -- even got stolen from the music building once.) Are you saying that a luthier could adjust little things like the bridge or soundpost and help the sound? Also, do different strings work better on different violins? (You can tell I'm violin illiterate, huh?) I used to love Pirasto gold labels, but have since been talked into switching to Dominants. Anybody know the difference or if one or the other works better on a Teller, or is it just trial and error? One other thing. My label reads "Arthur", where the link I posted says "Artur". Is there a difference? Is mine a fraud? My label also says "Gaugenbaumeister Bubenreuth Uber Erlangen". Mean anything? Thanks again.
  20. One more question -- I was always told that the grain had a lot to do with quality, but as I view photos of some of the instruments for sale in the $150,000 range, the grain isn't really impressive. So, is the grain thing a farce? Jana
  21. Hi. I am the used to be proud (and not so proud anymore) owner of an Artur Teller, model 100, 1976, violin. My mom paid $700 for it in 1977 or so. I was told once that it was worth around $2,000, but I now learn (just by what I can find on line) that it's more like $950 or so. I'm also the owner of a Gliga Gems 2, which I bought on ebay for my daughter a couple of years ago for $200. I now have two opinions (me and my daughter's teacher) that the Gliga actually sounds better than the Teller. It seems to "ring" much better. As far as response and stuff goes, I couldn't tell you, because I'm a self-taught violinist and have never learned that sort of thing (although I do play pretty well, considering!) I can play it a little easier because it's a 7/8 size instead of 4/4, and I've never been able to reach octaves very well... I guess my question is, do you think I could sell the Teller, and, what are others' experiences with Gligas? I'm thinking that if a Gems 2 sounds this good, then a Gama or Maestro should be heavenly. Any opinions? Also, when considering purchase, know that I'm the mother of 4 kids and married to a school teacher, so a ton of money is definitely out! (Besides the fact that I just play on occasion, as I live in podunk Utah and there is no orchestra within 75 miles of me!) Any help would be appreciated (or other suggestions...). Thanks. Jana
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