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  1. All sellers should post such honest auctions as #2. The violin looks like a mixed bag. Nice wood, but poor corners, purfling etc. Repairs are major. But I bet it does sound good. It's probably a player that will make a musician pretty happy for little cash.
  2. Those are some crappy violins! Her attributions are laughable. All I have seen have that poorly done german factory look, many have a new slathering of bad varnish too.
  3. You may want to take a look at this thread which sheds light on this sellers business practices. He does not have a very good reputation here. Fine String Instruments
  4. I agree, I think it is revarnished. It sure doesn't look like an Italian to me. This seller (who always photographs the violins on this shag carpet) always gives the most outrageuos attributions to common work. The corners appear to be german, the overall thick look to the fiddle also suggests it is either German or Czech. The scrolls not bad though. I'd put odds on Czech because I have seen more that have both that heavy look and the same type of flaming on the back.
  5. This isn't typical German factory work is it? Is it perhaps French? It looks like it has a bit a quality to it.
  6. Must have been made by a drunken gypsy on a boat in rough seas!
  7. The back of the first one looks kind of Italian to me, the Bergonzi (except for the birdseye)? Not typically German? There's some pretty nasty fiddles in there though. The trunk looks well-made.
  8. I got a Jacobus Hornsteiner from Ebay a few months ago. Same label. It looks like the same pattern to my crude eyes. The scroll is not as nice as mine. The finish is more glossy and glass-like then mine too (probably was worked on like mine). I suspect the one in the pictures is newer? I won mine for around $200, and was very pleasantly suprised on the quality of the fiddle when I got it. My luthier had to renew the finish because it was crackled and flaking a bit. Now it's very pretty though. It's my second best sounding violin in my collection of 8 ebay fiddles (next to a great sounding Hopf). It's a very light fiddle, well made, has a very even tone and a lot of dynamics and energy. It's fun to play. Value for these hovers around $500 I hear, but mine could probably sell for a thousand or so based on sound quality. I have not liked this sellers attributions and would be wary of many of his claims, but there would be no reason to misrepresent a Hornsteiner (unless it's damaged). If it doesn't go too high, it might be a good deal IMHO.
  9. It looks like a good violin in the same way that a drag queen kind of looks like a lady. So, you wanted scathing comments? Actually, I like the top spruce, but not much else in this fiddle is very well executed, the scroll is nice. It looks kind of heavy in the way some of the poorer examples of the german/slovak fiddles are. The corners are pretty rough and not symetrical, the purfling is not a good job. I recognise this seller from the carpet background. I have seen their auctions before, and found their attributions to be curious on other fiddles. Almost surely NOT an Italian master violin. Probably german or czech by the looks of it, probably after 1900.
  10. Looks like it was left in the rain and stored in a tobacco barn!
  11. I have played two CM from 1914 and 1924 at Ifshins. They were really nice violins in the 8K range. I would have loved to have them. The first violin in your list looks like a german factory violin to me - nothing special. The second in the list looks a lot like the CMs I played. But it's at a retail price. I think I would rather buy a CM that I have played and has the backing of a real shop if I was going to pay retail. I don't know about the early CMs in the third link, but they don't look at all like the later CMs I played.
  12. Well, maybe more like 90% fair and square!
  13. Wow! So I guess the violin is exorcised too - extra value here. It's amazing how many people are giving away a Strad, just becuase of a few noisy poltergeists. Besides, I think a lot of people would want a violin possessed by Menuhin. I know it would probably help my playing immensely. I wouldn't mind a few bumps in the night, as the violin detunes in the cool night air.
  14. Well, I think the scroll is really nice. I have never seen a picture of a Strad with varnish that dark, or this thick. Of course, someone might have put a protective coat of marine varnish on it to keep it's value. I have a beautiful smelling violin too, recently revitalized by my luthier. I guess it's the mastic used in the coat he put on it to keep the origina varnish from flaking? Do you think it's a Strad too? Next time I see a missing dot , I will assume the label is genuine.
  15. Any one have a link to the pictures?
  16. I would think the scammers in both auctions would do well to put in some shill bids. They look kind of undesireable with no bids!
  17. This violin looks unremarkable to me. Am I missing something?
  18. Come on, all you 'so called experts'! It was for the CASE. It was builit like a fortress after all!
  19. Put down the Buttoneer and move away from the Violin! It's amazing that the printing in Amati's time was able to transfer onto the vellum without any imprint of stamp or pen!
  20. Ya know, this is the silliest auciton I have seen in a long time. If it's genuine (which is doubtful) this has to be the stupidest ebayer in a long time. If its a fake, well, same conclusion. Why post these answers, basically exposing how intractable you are, and how unwilling you are to work with a potential bidder? Why would anyone trust such a performance?
  21. I don't think that's a spruce top plate. Strange varnish too. I don't think it's german either. It might be a decorative piece?
  22. Hi Jesse, So, was that pretty scroll actually on that monstrosity? Or did you do some creative marketing?
  23. This violin has none of the good Hopf characteristics. It is nothing special. I would bet it's after 1900.
  24. Solveg, that's the cracker cello that compliments Jesse's Cheese violin!
  25. Testing my rudimentary knowledge here, please comment on my comment please! The peg box walls look thin and too perfect. That's one of the things I associate with german trade fiddles. The rest of the fiddle is nice.
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