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  1. I recently had the pleasure to visit Robert Cauer's shop in LA. My friend, Jonathan Rubin took me through the whole place and let me play a lot of the violins they had there since I'm looking to up upgrade the instrument I have. First of all, I have to say that the violins there are so expertly setup with regard to sound that I was very impressed. Previously, I had been to many shops elsewhere, and with this visit to Cauer, I have to say that the violins there are setup so well, I was quite impressed. I also liked the fact that Jonathan listened to my personal requirements as to what I seek in a violin...its sound, etc. Also, I like the fact that the approach there was logical and not biased as to the cost of the instrument since I was seekind a "sound" not "venerability". My thanks to this highly professional organization.
  2. I looked at the one on theviolincollector.com. Mine looks very similar to that, but does NOT have that wedge under the fingerboard. It also has a one-piece back cut on the slab. Here's a link to a photo (The photo is very "washed out looking compared to the violin's actual warm color.): http://www.kirkhunterstudios.com/KlotzTriple.jpg
  3. I have one. It's served me VERY well over the last few years with its very sweet silvery, yet projecting tone. But I'm getting a house and am likely to sell it. But I have not decided for sure. I have some pics if you want to see.
  4. With regard to Raymond Wise, what exactly do you mean by his bad bedside manner? I used to be in LA, and was very pleased with Studio City music. So I'm looking for something at that kind of quality.
  5. I'm new to the San Diego area, and need to find a good repair place for my violins. Anyone know any?
  6. I do a LOT of recording, and have used all kinds of strings (Dominant, Helicore, Infelds, Eudoxa, and others) and my FAVORITE so far are the Evahs. They really bring out the complexity I want without losing focus or response. On my fiddles, the strings seem to last QUITE long and have still not lost their edge after 6 months. Bravo!
  7. This is all very fascinating indeed. Here's my experience: A couple years ago when I decided that I needed a "good" violin, I finally decided on a gorgeous Sebastien Klotz. It was pricy, but worth it for the price range I was looking in (10-20k). Then about a year later, a dealer from Chicago contacted me with some REALLY expensive instruments such as Stradivari, Guaneri, Bellistreri (sp?) etc. Anyway, I played them all, but didn't think they had a major difference in sound with regard to overall quality/projection. And this was after taking a few of them home with me on approval. Then, many months later, I was with a friend walking around and I spotted a violin in an old antique shop. I Decided to go in and play it for fun. It sounded just amazing, and even my friend thought so! It was priced at 500 bucks. I offered him 350.00 and took it home, and now play stuff on it that I could never play on my Klotz. Plus, it records better and projects like a cannon! Talk about sound value. So at this point, I tend to use this old LionHead way more than my beloved Klotz. Just goes to show that it's not always about price.
  8. Hi Staccato... Yes, the composition was one I threw together to demonstrate a bit of what a sampled solo violin could do. As far as getting the other stuff to sound realistic as well? The string samples are from http://kirkhunterstudios.com and the sequencer I use is Digital Performer. Does that help? Thanks, Muzk
  9. I hide nothing. I told Lydia that one of the pieces was indeed a midi piece. However, the other one is actually me playing...the one without the "orchestra" in the background. You guys have good ears for sure! Actually, if you really want to hear the rest of the string samples, you can go to http://www.kirkhunterstudios.com However, I'm NOT trying to "sell" y'all on anything...I'm still a violinist/composer above all else. Kirk [This message has been edited by MuzkGuy (edited 10-29-2001).]
  10. ok, count me in. I'll post today (10/25/01) a couple. One is really "schmaltzy" and the other one is a piece recorded with orchestra. Thanks! P.S. I just went to listen. you guys are ALL GOOD! Lymond...Yikes, that's a nice warm sound you get on that viola! [This message has been edited by MuzkGuy (edited 10-25-2001).]
  11. Nice shots. Very good lookin' fiddle TOO! Ok, here is me: http://www.stonesparrow.com/Media/BlckT.jpg and http://www.stonesparrow.com/Media/KDenim.jpg and here is the violin: http://www.stonesparrow.com/Media/KirkVln.jpg (P.S - the violin is a Sebastian Klotz in Mittenwald around 1750.) [This message has been edited by MuzkGuy (edited 08-27-2001).]
  12. DEFINITELY Studio City Music!!!! Hans and Eric Benning are very nice people and have done superb work on my fiddles!
  13. As far as listening to stereo recordings, it's certainly not a big enhancement if your "audience" is not placed in the right spot. With that in mind, I'd hate to have to listen to mono recordings in my CAR! I like having the option of hearing the realism that a good stereo recording has with regard to how the room sounds. After all, we DO have 2 ears that hear completely different sounds in the same room due to the sound itself refecting off of different surfaces, etc. [This message has been edited by MuzkGuy (edited 05-28-2000).]
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